Title: Decisions and Newly instated idea's for Eclipse and that of Destiny Hearts

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or Rosario + Vampire; they belong to Akihisa Ikeda and Tite Kubo. I am doing this for my own amusement and I do not gain any profit by doing this... I do gain some good reviews and satisfaction.

Pairings: IchigoxMoka, and many more

Rating: M

Author Notes: Okay, as you can see, you might thing that since this is not a chapter that I plan on ending everything there is with Eclipse and not even finish it. Well, before you even start to think something like that, I want to tell you that I'm writing something like this just to say something like that. No, I have even better news that I think all my readers will like with my most popular fanfiction Eclipse. Since you already know it's been a couple of weeks since I last updated Eclipse or anything. Well the true is, since that last time since I updated anything, I've been thinking about a lot of things I have done with Eclipse since I started it last year in May.

It has done well, far better than I even thought it would when I posted the first chapter on this site. Yes I got a little criticism for every chapter I posted, and I'm sorry to say that I was a bit angry about it. I've been thinking about this a lot, going over reading Eclipse and seeing the major problems it as, and to be honestly I have found a hell'va lot of them while doing this. The criticism I got from some of you was actually good ways to make this better! I finally see that now. I have a lot of things to do with this and to my joy, and like other people have said, this fanfiction really as the potential to be something very good.

I grasped a bit of it, I just didn't take a hold of it more to make this fic fantastic.

Previous Chapters of Eclipse: Yes, they were very good to me in the beginning, and I was a bit proud that I was getting a lot of reviews each time I posted a new chapter. But, now since I reread each chapter so many times since I last updated, my mine has come up with a whole lot better idea's to make each chapter far more better than what they were. I wanted to tell you all that I plan on rewriting everything! Not just changing things on chapters, but I want to rewrite the whole damn thing to make it even better than it was before, to something that will have each reader coming back for more. Just, I've been thinking about this for a while now, and many of you that have email me (you know who you are) have help me realize that I can make this much better than it is. So I really would like to thank you all for that! I final found a way and many other things to make this fic a hell'va lot better than I've had it before.

Yokai with Zanpakuto's: Okay I fucked up badly with this. And anyone that said I did, I would like for you to applaud yourself greatly for this. I should have taken a better approach for this, doing something better than just given the Yokai of Fairy Tale zanpakuto's due to Aizen's experiments on them. I have a better plan for this, something even greater than what I had previously. So no, if any of you are worried about me adding this back into the read rewriting part of Eclipse then don't worry, because I won't be doing it. If I do, do it, then (and it's highly unlike to happen) I would do a far better job than what I did last time to introduce it into the storyline.

Hell Powers: Yeah, this I have to say was a very good idea I put into this. I think with everything that happen to Ichigo within the Hell verse chapters, I think it was a great idea to think that the power of hell still lingered within his body, even after he got rid of its power. If I do still add this into the story, which I might not, I might put it into the story a very different way than I did the last time. It's really a high chance that I might not add this at all, might you the same way to add something different, but I might cancel out the hell powers for something different that I would like a lot.

Memories and other things in Eclipse: This, from what I could see, was a great idea that I added to make Tsukune and the others see the pain that Ichigo has gone through to protect the people he cared about since he gained his powers. I hated to add this in the beginning, but it changed a lot when I really started liking this idea. It's a way to make Tsukune and the others see his pain, and look at it a different way on the things he has gone through. It's highly unlikely that I might not add this into the mix at some point, but know that if I don't do it the same as I did before, I'm going to change it into something far better than what I had before.

Mumyo Jinpuu Ryuu Satsujin Ken, Mibu Clan, and Tenro: To me, and probably only me, I loved this allot. Well, this might have something to do with me liking the manga Samurai Deeper Kyo, due to this be a manga that deals heavily with samurai's and famous era's within Japan's history, along with names that made themselves famous during those times. I wanted to add this because I wanted Ichigo to have other techniques other than that of Getsuga Tensho. Unlike others, and I may be highly wrong about this, but I loved that technique, no matter how many times I see it I will always love that damn move. To get to the point, I added it because I wanted Ichigo with other techniques other than that of Getsuga Tensho. Tenro, the blade I'm having him use in the previously section, well he want be using it, he will absorb that blade into Zangetsu just to let you know.

Masaki Kurosaki and the past I created for her: Well, in the beginning since I didn't know anything about Ichigo's mother, I created this one for her to make her badass since she was a major role in why Ichigo as always wanted power. Since the manga as progress a lot since I created this past for her, I finally know that she was a Quincy like we kind of had a major way of knowing already. This might piss some of you off, but I plan on keeping this in it as well, since I really kind of like Masaki a lot, even though she was barley within the manga. Unlike last time, when I have her only tell Ichigo about her past and everything, I'm going to make her tell Ichigo about her being half a Quincy as well. This helps me out a lot I must say, since she something like Ichigo.

Tengoku Senso no Geto (Four Gates of Heaven War): I like this, no I REALLY like this. I know it took me a very long ass time to explain everything I wanted, but I think I really did a good job with this. So I decided after a while to keep it, but like everything else, you know that you can make something even better than it was before. We know that a major of the Quinces' were killed over two hundred years ago, we've known that since the beginning of Bleach itself. Well with this war I created, I just wanted something done and created to make it better than just a straight massacre of Soul Society's part. I hoped you liked this, since I really plan on adding this again into the new rewritten part of Eclipse.

Tsukune and his band of girls: Yeah I must admit that I fucked up on this. From what I could see, I could have made this a hell'va lot better than what I had before. So, and fans out there of Tsukune and the others out there, I'm really sorry for making your favorite characters looking like dumbasses through the whole fic. That was all my bad, and I really hope you can forgive me for that (lol). Well, from what I planned on doing with them, then you might just hate me even more so them you did. I read it over in each chapter, and yes it was stupid them more time I read it. Well, I plan on having Tsukune develop and annoyance to Ichigo in the beginning to sheer hate when the story progresses. It's not going to be nowhere near the same I had it the last time, I want to have it a lot better than what I had it last time so make it look like development on that part.

Tsukune: I'm not going to lie about this at all, since I started rereading the manga from the beginning (season two actually), I've started to like him just a bit. It's not that he's a bad antagonist or anything, because he's a pretty good one if you see all the things he has to go through in Youkai Academy. So I feel for him just a bit, something I never thought I would do. But what turns me down about him, and I'm sure it's with a lot of other people, is that most of the story since part one is that he relies on Moka and the others far too much for me. I don't know, maybe that's a really stupid way to look at things on his point of view. It's not like he's Ichigo or something, he's a hundred percent human, and the only thing that makes him different is that vampire blood that was pushed into his body my Moka.

From the first Eclipse, he's going to change into something different from what I had him from the beginning. It's not going to be a world change, but it will be progress for him to have some type of hate/rivalry with Ichigo for Moka's love. When the time comes, he will train far more than what he did within the manga. I might be wrong about this, but I think he only train with the powers he got for about a chapter or two, or it was three. Really I just can't remember right now while I'm writing this, just know that it will be far more than what it was in the manga.

Mizore, Yukari, and Ruby: Just like Tsukune in the first, I'm going to be changing a bit about them as well. Let's face fact, the way I had them in the beginning, they were nothing more than a damn band wagon that followed Tsukune around like he was their god or something. I already know what you're going to say, that act like that mostly in the manga as well. I'm going to change it more than it was; I'm going to have them doing more and acting better than I had them in the beginning. It might take some time to be able to do it, but I'll try my best not to have them like I did before.

Kurumu: This may come as a shock to many of you, but I actually like her character a bit after reading more into the manga then I did before. To me, from what I seeing, she loves Tsukune more than the others do. I have something planned for her that might my readers might actually like better than what I had her doing in the first Eclipse. She was nothing more than a bitch! I wrote her really bad in the last one and I'm pretty sorry about that. Her progress will be good, and from what I have planned in my head, I really hope you like it once I get everything really started.

Ginei: Okay, as you can see, I really like Gin better than I do that of Tsukune. The way he is in the manga is cool, and it's pretty typical in manga to have one major pervert in the group to have. But I really think Gin as more potential than that, since I like his character when he really gets serious. I think I did pretty well with him in the first, but I think I can have his personality and style a bit better than I had it previously. I have a lot planned for him, since I think his werewolf abilities can progress far more than what they have in the manga.

All the movies I have seen, along with the thoughts I had in my head since I've liked this supernatural stuff, I always thought that a werewolf was stronger than that of a vampire. NOW this is just my thoughts, so don't get pissed at me for this. But in the manga, they have strength, but it's nowhere near that of a vampire. To me; that kind of sucks badly for me. I really like werewolves, since I really find them to be really badass to me. Well enough of that just know that I have plans for him to be more welcome and far stronger than he was in the manga.

Four years: You should already know what I'm talking about with this, so don't ask since I plan on telling you about it anyway. At first, I thought this was something that was really good, but know that I think more into it, I was wrong. With what I've had before, with both Moka's knowing Ichigo well enough; it messes up a bit with the timeline and the things that happen with Moka's mother Akasha. So I'm changing it into something different, which I really hope worked better than the previously. I thought about this a lot, working over several plans in my head and I finally came up with one that I really think going to work.

Just tell me what you think about it.

Well, in the past when the two have met will be different, it will be around months after the incident that happened with Akasha being absorbed into Alucard and the seal being placed on Moka. I don't care how old she was when it happens, I changing it around so she will be around the age of thirteen. I think after that happened, she started to go to school in the human world. If I'm right then tell me, so after a couple of month of going to school in the human world she's going to meet Ichigo, who I'm making two years older than what she is. This will be around a month or two just before Ichigo meets Rukia and gains his powers as a shinigami.

Yeah I already know if I planned on doing this then Moka must have some past with that of the Bleach cast. Well she won't, the only one that she might know well is Chad, since Ichigo and the giant hung out a lot together around this time. Their relationship will progress through the times, but Ichigo kept her a secret from both his friends, and that of his family. When he turn seventeen, during the one year time skip I think, I'm going to have that around the time Moka ends up getting pregnant. Do to the Thousand Year Blood War happen around the time (and an idea I got from the new Sotaicho), he vanishes without a trace. This will lead to Moka thinking he hates her due to her getting pregnant, along with her hate for humans coming back after that event. I hope this is a bit better than the last.

Ichigo and Moka's past along with the progress: It will be slow a bit, due to both of them trying to get over the part of them splitting apart from each other, and both of them thinking that its each of their faults that it happen. I liked what I did in the last, but I was going over the same thing to damn much until I really started to hate the shit. In this one, I'm going to try and make it far better than I had it before. I'm going to have progress and things that need to be a hell'va lot better than I had it last time. Their progress will start to get better, than overtime they will start to fall in love again, this will lead to the Tsukune thing.

Kurosaki Ichigo: Yeah, I'm going to admitted to this, I fucked up royalty with Ichigo's character in Eclipse. I reread it several times, and from what I can see, I made Ichigo into nothing more than a big ass child that did nothing but threw around his anger. In every chapter I had him fought in, it always ended up with him throwing around his reiatsu, shouting in anger, or other things that just started to piss me off. I'm going to change a lot about the way I had him before; I want to make him into something that can be dark and far more feared for a reason, better than what I did before. Hope you enjoy it when I do get everything ready and in for a go.

Both Moka's and Isanami: Since most of you haven't read the revise chapters I did, then I will tell you that I have changed Kumiko's name into that of Isanami. They will all be the same a bit (only that Isanami will be the age of three not that of four like in the previous one). Planning on making the Moka's a bit better, along with Isanami acting a bit more childlike with the same smartness she had that goes a bit beyond her age.

The Vengeance- Yhwach and Sosuke Aizen: It will remain the same a bit, but I will change a lot more things than I did in the previous.Since you read the last, you have notice that I barley put any real enemies that gave Ichigo a challenge or anything. I'm going to change that as well, to make real and better enemies appear far earlier than what I had them in the last. Might has well say this now, both the people Ichigo wants to kill with not work together in this one, they only have a mutual agreement with one another that allows them not to want to attack one another. They will work together on some points, but it will only be to further their own goals and the plans to kill one another when the time is right.

Fairy Tale: They will have a major role in this as well, better than what I did in the last as well. But unlike the first time, I'm going to have Sosuke Aizen the soul ruler over this group, since it was him that took it over after that of the soul Society's destruction. Not saying anything else since I really don't want to destroy it.

Eclipse's newly improved Summary: 'Might controls everything- and without strength, you cannot protect anything; let alone yourself.' Those silent hungered words were now burned into his mind. After everything he fought for, after everything he had sought to protect was gone, he now had nothing left but vengeances. Those words were now his pledge; the silent creed he now followed was his life. The two that took everything away from him will pay, and until that day comes. The world and anyone that stands in his way WILL know hell.

I hope you like it! Don't expect this so soon because it might take me a full month to gather everything I need to make it better. When it does come out, I hope you enjoy it a lot, since I will put a lot of work into it. I plan on just posting the new chapters in the Eclipse I already have up, just read them when I post them up. Tell me what ya think, and leave a review discussing the things you would like to see in the rewritten Eclipse. Thanks again!




Not done yet.

Destiny Hearts: You know what I'm talking about; this was one of my great fic's that many like. I've been getting many p.m.'s about people wanted me to update this fic, well I' sorry to say that I will not be doing this. It pains me a little to say this, but I'm abounding this fic for good reasons. I reread over this fic many times, and even though I like it a lot, I think I can make it into something far better than what I previously had it. I've been thinking about to for a while now, and I've also been watching a lot of videos about Kingdom Hearts to get more data on what I've already knew. It's going to take a while, but just like Eclipse, this is going to be a main fic I'm going to be working on until I'm finish with it.

I've been writing new fanfiction's only because I was only stuck on what I wanted to write for the next chapter of Eclipse, but now I decided to stop that. I've been tossing these two fic's to the side for too long (especially that of Destiny Hearts).

Rewrite of Destiny Hearts- The Sealed King's Summary: Twenty thousand years ago, he sealed himself away to save the worlds, which created a legend of his return one day. After 19900 thousand years, the fighting of his soul will stop. After another 90 years, the chains which bonds with to the darkest pits of the Realm of Darkness will break. After another 9, several unique hearts will awaken him fully to save the world again.

The Plans I have for this: I have many plans for this that I thing will be far better than what I have in the last. To tell you the TRUTH, I'm still surprise that a lot of people like Destiny Hearts. It had a lot of typos and grammar problems that even I have trouble reading over. But you really don't have to worry much about this, since I know have a beta reader that will help me out will making sure that my chapters or better than what I had them before.

Ichigo's Wife's: Yeah, probably my first one, but I plan on having this as a somewhat harem fic. I try that with Destiny Hearts, but I didn't do has well as I thought I was. I thought a lot about this, since I really don't like harem fic's like most guys and people on this site. I think you should honor the woman you love by only having her, but as I said before, I thought about this a lot. At first, I plan to have this nothing else but that if Ichihime, since I thought this would work well with them. But as I thought more along the lines, I thought things could get even better if I had more on the lines with this.

First u, my girl Orihime: Come on, anyone with a fucked up mine could tell that this girl really loves Ichigo a lot. It not only that, but she would do anything, even if it hurts herself, to make sure that he's not hurt or sad. She also as a lot of progress and development with him as well (unlike Hinata with Naruto), and Ichigo really cares about her a lot. And her abilities are the purest form of light to me. If ya think I'm wrong about this then please tell me.

Choices for the children I have for her: Well, I thought of Kari as a real good choice for her, since both of them act a bit of the same. But I also have a choice of having Sora as her child other than Kari, like and heir of both Ichigo's will and strength, and the light side of Ichigo's power. That all I got but tell me which one is the better choice. But to be honest with you, I would really like to do Sora, since I think this has NEVER been done before. Think about it.

Second up, my girl Rukia: Yeah, just like Orihime, she as some serious development and progress with that of Ichigo, more so than that of even Orihime does. I like her on the same level I do that of Orihime, which is a lot, unlike most that want to put a damn dispute about this. Off topic, I think I must applaud my man Kubo with this one, when it comes to furthering relationship, I think he does a far better job than that of Kishimoto, with that crazy shit he has going on with Naruto, Sakura, and Hinata. Enough of that, but you see where I'm going with this with Ichigo and Rukia.

Children for her: Well, this wasn't as hard as I thought it was, but after planning a bit, I'm going to choose that of Aqua for a perfect choice for Rukia. Don't ask me why, but I think it will go along nicely with everything I have planned. If you think I have chosen wrong, then please, by all means, tell me and give me a better choice than this.

Third up, my girl Yoruichi: Yeah, forget all of you! Lol. This choice was a bit hard, but after thinking about it for a couple of days; I think this will do really well. Both her and Ichigo as some history together with one another, do to her being the ones that trained him. I don't want to say much else about it, but do to a promise from someone, those two got together. I'm not saying much else about it.

Children for her: Tifa, I know it might not be hard to think this, but after seeing the way she fought in KH2, and some scenes from that badass Dead fantasy or whatever the fuck its call, I think she would go perfect as a daughter for that of Yoruichi. I have another, but this might turn you off, but I think with enough planning, I might be able to make it work. Erza Scarlet form Fairy Tale is another choice I have, but she will be the second daughter he had from Yoruichi. Think about these choices as well, but I might just go along with this.

Fourth up, my girl Nelliel: Yeah, progress and development, not as much as the others, but enough for me to put her into this. After some things that happen to get her back into her full grown body, she falls in love with Ichigo and marries him later on. And just like the other, she has a child for him as well.

Children for her: This may come as a surprise, but I'm having Riku as the kid that she has for Ichigo. Yeah I know, in the last, I had Ichigo 'kill' him. But I actually like Riku, almost more so than I do that of Sora. I think this will work well, do to him having a similar part to Ichigo's darkness, and problems with it. Just like before, tell me what you like about this.

Last but not least, my girl Tier Harribel: Yeah I'm having a hard time with this one, but with enough work, I think it could really work. I'm going to have Ichigo the one that saves her from where she's imprison, and do to this she's going to fall in love with him. Tell me about it, help me work more with this, along with tell me how it is.

Children for her: One word, my man Cloud Strife. He has the hair to say that he's son, just something I wanted to do since I really like Cloud, even though I really don't like the fighting style of Final Fantasy as all. His darkness from what you can see will do wonders if you want this to happen. I have a lot plan for that and things between him and Ichigo. Tell me what ya think

Well, that really all I have to say tell me if you like it when you review this. Just like Eclipse, I still have a lot more data to collect on this before I even try to post the first chapter. I want to make this good, not rush it and fuck it up. Thanks again!