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The Forces of Nature has finally reached Skyworld. Pit, being five months pregnant, had to stay behind next to the goddess until he gives birth. Pittoo looked at the sky to only see the Nutskis shooting their ammo to the barrier. He heard Pit's footsteps coming to him. Despite that he's going out to fight, Pit and the baby were the only two that keeps Pittoo fighting every day. He came back with a broken wing, leaving his wife in tears and emotions of a regular pregnant woman.

"Oh my god! What happened to your wing? How long you're going to be out? Are you ok to-"

"Enough Pit," Palutena said touching the dark angel's broken wing to see Pittoo in pain. "A broken wing. Pittoo, you must rest until your wing heals up. At least you two get more time together."

"But, but," Pittoo had to argue. "The Forces of Nature...want about them?"

"I'm sure that Pit's troops will help take care of them. You're out for about 5 months."


"That's enough time to see me giving birth to our child!" Pit said hugging his husband. "Wouldn't that be great?"

Pittoo face went green for a second before looking at his love. "Yea. I would come and see my child born with or without a broken wing."

Palutena left the two alone. Pittoo went to the bathroom to treat his wing before he felt Pit's hand rubbing the broken bone.

"What happened?"

"Damn Urgles cornered me and broken the wing with their claw attack. I swear when it gets healed, I'm going to clobber them!"

Pit put his weight to his love. Pittoo felt like the angel was getting heavier every day. With his wing bandaged up, he went to the hot spring to let the steaming water does it thing. His left wing was flapping off all the leaves stuck in its feathers. How he hated the Forces of Nature. He went to the bedroom, letting his wounded body heal naturally before Pit looked at his reddish eyes.

"What's a matter? Talk to mama Pit."

"Why? All I'm just going to do is wait until this is over."

Pittoo lay on the bed, letting Pit next to him for comfort. He had to find a way to fly without putting more pain in his wing. He slept through the night, until he felt Pit on top of him.

"What the?" He had to ask seeing Pit kissing his ear.

"What? Can a pregnant angel have a little fun with his husband?"

Pit kissed him on the lips. Then sliding down to his dick. Pittoo moaned in discomfort. Pit giggled to see his love in pain. He went to his knees and soon Pittoo was behind his love.

"If your experience discomfort let me know dear."

The dark angel kissed behind Pit's neck. The moon was shining from the south window, near the hot spring where Pit will give birth through Palutena and Pittoo's watch. Pit rested his legs down to the end of the bed, and the dark angel was pushed off. Pittoo kissed the base of Pit's foot. The light pregnant one giggled before he felt his dick inside Pittoo's mouth. The warm wet cavern were once beckoned Pit before, but he had to pull him to put their own child at risk. The dark angel retreated. He went behind his love again and decided to enter. Lunging himself about half way, he looked at Pit's face to see a few tears running down.

"Are you ok? I can stop if you-" "No, go...on."

The dark angel went all the way. Pit was now moaning, but he was moaning in love. Pittoo grabbed both of Pit's arms and he crossed his legs to prevent the other leave. His hands slide from Pit's breasts to the large stomach. The wooden stake that was clamping his broken wing was wiggling its way out. He saw it, and removed it to place it near the bed frame. His hands went lower, down to Pit's thighs. He was surprised to see his love still fighting not to pant heavy. Pit was about to reach his climax. Pittoo kissed his love's shoulder. Maybe this was a sign. A sign that Pittoo can please and support his wife in difficult times. The war against the Goddness of Nature and Goddess of Light wouldn't last. Well, Pittoo hopes so. Pit gave up; he started to reach his climax. He started to pant heavy, and cum was spilling out from under him.

"Stop! Stop!"

"What's wrong?" Pittoo started to release his grip to his wife.

"I'm...cumming, and...reached...there."

"Hang in there!"

Pittoo could also feel it. He started to pant heavy down Pit's neck. He was clawing the stomach, leaving marks on the sides. Pit felt something magical from their love making. The two stopped. Pittoo had also felt the moment. The two looked around to see no one but themselves in the bedroom. Pit suddenly felt it again. He knows what's the moment was. The baby's first kick.

"Did you felt that?" Pit asked seeing Pittoo's eyes glaring at his stomach.

"What are you talking about? The baby isn't ready to be kicking yet!"

"Well, I was kicking when my mom was five months. I'm guessing that our bundle of joy got that from me."

Pittoo laughed when he released himself out of Pit. The two lay down with the silvery white sheets covering them. Pit slept on his side, next to his husband. Before the window was slightly opened, Phosphora climbed into the bedroom with a parashooter with a leaf as a transport for a curtain pregnant angel.

"Oh, Pit is cuter when he's pregnant with Viridi's newest commander. Oh well." She said seeing Pittoo taking most of the sheets for himself. "Don't worry; I'll take good care of him."

She placed him in the leaf and was teleported to an unknown place. The next morning, Pittoo woke up rubbing his eyes and hair to see that the bathroom light was on, along with the shower.

"Hey Pitty~" Pittoo said lovely enough to be his voice similar to Pit's. "Are you taking a shower without me- oh my god!"

He finds that the running water was from the goddess almost naked in front of him. He remind himself that he's a married man to the lady's captain. He saw a note taped on the window. He opened the note to see handwriting from a certain lightning warrior.

Dear Dark Cute,

Might as well give up hope, the child's future is in the hands of Viridi now. When Pit gives birth, then I might give him to you.

P.S: If things don't work out between you two, I'm single~

He ran to the goddess and reports it to her. He started to sweat bullets on his forehead. Palutena found out before him, but they have to think about Pittoo's broken wing. They have to think about a plan.

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