Ok, Hiya! This is my first Fanfiction for FullMetal Alchemist, and my first time posting a Fanfiction on a website, so bear with me as I learn! This story was inspired by Lefay Strent's The Blood Alchemist. If I accidently copy off you Lefay (If you're reading this), Please tell me, I'll fix it immediatly. Enjoy, again, please bear with me as I learn! Disclaimer: I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist. I'm kinda glad I dont, Ill leave the owning to the origional owners. XD



"Come on, Tara! Make yourself useful!"

The girl in question groaned in annoyance. Grabbing her schoolbooks, she raced towards her teacher at the front of the room. Figures this would happen today of all days. She had a report to present, and she had absolutely nothing done. Tara had tried to focus the night before, but she was quickly distracted by her favorite anime series, Fullmetal Alchemist. Ed and Al were so cool! Although Al was a lo tcooler.. Gah! Look at you! Tara scolded herself. You're doing it again! Refocusing, Tara trudged the rest of the way to the teachers desk. The teacher stared at her coldly. "Well?"

Gulping, Tara nervously whispered, "It's not done, Ms. Hartgel." Tara's unsaid plea for mercy was unheard. Ms. Hartgel leaned in close to Tara's face, her spectacles flashing ominously. "I'm disappointed in you, Rishamine. You're usually such a good little child..but now I suppose you've changed."

Tara opened her mouth, ready to angrily respond, but Ms. Hartgel wasn't finished. "You know the punishment. Detention, tonight. I expect to see you there straight after class."

Tara was left at the desk as Ms. Hartgel walked around collecting papers. Her mouth was gaping in horror. She had never received a detention before. This was bad. This was very bad. The detention itself wasn't the scary part. It was her step mom. Grades were very important to her step mother, and when they slipped, the punishments were fierce. Shuddering, Tara stumbled back to her seat. The whole way, she felt the stares of the other students burning into her skin, searing her humility until it screamed in pain. Slumping into her chair, Tara buried her face in her hands. How could this day possibly get any worse?

Unfortunately for her, Tara soon found out. When the day ended, she had made her way to the principal's office. There she had been forced to call her step mom. As predicted, the conversation did not go well. Tara wouldn't have been surprised if the 6th grade class down the hall could hear her stepmother screaming at her. No matter how much she begged, her stepmother had still grounded her for a month and promised more punishment when Tara got home.

Sighing, Tara trudged over to the small, lonely desk in the back corner. Since no one else was receiving detention that particular day, she had been sent to the principal's office. Now she sat there and waited impatiently for someone to give her something to do. The secretary typed away on her computer. The principal was nowhere to be found. So Tara fiddled with the desk. Lots of grafitti was written on it. But the one that interested her most was a picture of a familiar figure.

"I don't believe it! Someone's drawn a transmutation circle!" Tara exclaimed in surprise under her breath. Nervously, she scanned the room to make sure she hadn't been heard. But if the secretary had heard her, she made no sign of showing it. She just went right on typing. Letting out a small sigh of relief, Tara went back to examining the circle.

The lines were perfect. Almost as if.. Her hands reached for the circle.

Tara held them back. No. You're just being stupid now. There's no way that this is a real circle. Its just a drawing. Its a T.V. Show, for crying out loud!

Oh, but how do you know? Tara's conscious urged. Just try it..

Tara's hands made another lunge for the circle. Surprisingly, even to herself, she let them. She closed her eyes and let her fingertips gently touch the circle..

Nothing happened. Tara mentally hit herself for ever getting her hopes up. After all, it was all a story. No part of it was real. She took her hands off the circle and turned away.

Suddenly there was a bright flash of blue light. Tara gasped as a door appeared in front of her eyes. The door opened. Thousands of pairs of eyes stared at her on the other side of the door. She stared back at them. She knew what would happen next, but nevertheless wasn't prepared. Dozens of hands shot out from the door and securely grabbed Tara. No matter how hard she struggled, she couldn't escape their grasp. The hands pulled her closer and closer to the door. Tara took one last look at the classroom. Her eyes fell onto the secretary. The secretary turned to her..and smiled. Giving a wink, the secretary turned back to her desk, and Tara was pulled into the door, and lost consciousness.

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