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Chapter 1 Meeting Him

It was only Monday and sitting in Math class Kanda wanted to seriously hurt everyone there. Not that they'd really done anything to him, they were just so freaking annoying. The girls kept looking his way and giggling their heads off as though he hadn't told them a million times to shut the heck up and leave him alone. Then there was Lavi, the stupid kid wouldn't shut up and kept calling Kanda by his first name, which set his nerves on edge.

Running his fingers though his long, dark, almost blue hair he looked out the window trying to calm himself down so he could pay attention to the teacher. It was such a nice day out and all Kanda wanted to do was go home so he could train with his sword, Mugen, alone in the sunshine. He was abruptly brought out of his thoughts, because Lavi was throwing papers at him, trying to get his attention for one reason or another. Just as Kanda was about to punch the annoying red head in the face, there was a knock at the door.

Every head in the room turned to the door, as principal Lee walked in with a new student. The new kid honestly didn't look like a high school student, with a mop of completely white hair on his head, and round silver eyes that hinted at seeing more than Kanda could imagine. The scar on his face that ran from mid cheek to above his eyebrow made him even more of an oddity. He stood there nervously, fidgeting with his jacket, one gloved hand messing with the zipper, the other pulling the bottom down to rest just below his slender waist.

"This is our new arrival," Principal Lee stated, "I do hope you'll be nice and give him a warm welcome. Oh and would any of you be kind enough to escort our newest student body member to his classes?"

There of course where people in the class who would usually do something like that in a heartbeat, just to scout the new kid for gossip purposes, but the kid was just too weird to be seen with, so everyone stayed silent. They all looked at each other, then back at the new kid, making the boy blush all kinds of shades of pink.

Kanda couldn't care less who was stuck with the duty, as long as it wasn't him. He didn't work well with people, in fact he actually hated just about everyone in the room. This little fact was known by everyone, everyone but their idiot principal.

After a minute passed Principal Lee gave a huge sigh, "Well if no one's going to volunteer, Kanda, would you be so kind as to show this boy around the school?"

Well then, why did it seem that Kanda always drew the short straw? This made his day ten times better, not, it made the day so much worse. He had actually been looking forward to getting the day over with so he could go home and train, just like he always did, but because of this new duty the day would drag on for forever. If only he could get out of it, but no one was going to step up, so it looked like he was stuck with the job.

"Fine Principal Lee, whatever you say," he shot the man a very nasty look as he said it, clearly showing he was not fine with it.

"Great, I'll just leave Allen in your hands then," he seemed totally oblivious to Kanda's anger.

As soon as Principal Lee was out the door the math teacher grumbled loudly, something about not knowing there was going to be a new student, and asked the new kid to introduce himself and take a seat.

"Hello, my name is Allen Walker. I guess I'm in your class now," his voice was pretty high pitched for a boy, it almost sounded like a girls. He gave a sheepish grin and just stood there looking for an empty seat.

The class said hi in unison, everyone but Kanda. With introductions finished Allen took the empty seat he had found, the only empty seat, right next to Kanda.

"Hello, I'm Allen,"

"I already know that, you stupid Moyashi," Kanda said with disgust, did he really have to show this stupid moron around?

"What's a moyashi?" Allen was totally puzzled. Kanda knew that moyashi meant beansprout, but he wasn't going to let Allen in on that little secret. Kanda's nickname for the new student fit surprisingly well, at least in Kanda's mind it did. The kid was pretty short compared to the tall Japanese teen, and he was really thin.

"If you want to know so bad, go look it up. I don't have time to explain it to you," Kanda turned back to the board that the teacher was now writing notes on.

When the hour finally ended Kanda stood up and none to patiently waited for Allen. When the kid was finally ready, the both left for their next class.

"My next class is World History," Allen said as he eyed his schedule, "Could you show me where that is?"

"Whatever, just follow me Moyashi," Kanda said it none to nicely as he continued his walk down the hall. As Kanda passed most of the students avoided making eye contact with the moody teen, they all knew that Kanda could snap in an instant.

This was a fact that Allen didn't miss, "Why don't people look at you Kanda?"

"I was given the task of escorting you to your classes, not explaining every little thing to your tiny Moyashi brain," as he said this Kanda shot Allen a death glare that quickly shut him up.

They walked down the hall in silence until they made it to the History wing.

"It says I'm in room 201. Which room is that?" Allen asked, consulting his schedule once more. Kanda froze for a second, the stupid kid was in another one of his classes, this was turning into a really bad day.

"Just come with me," Kanda growled, he was really not enjoying this at all. Allen followed him into their class and was immediately stared at by all the kids in the already started class.

"Kanda, why are you late to class? And who is this new student?" the teacher asked clearly surprised.

"If you want to know why I'm late ask him," Kanda pointed with his thumb back at Allen, who was standing awkwardly behind the brooding teen.

"Hello, my name is Allen Walker, sorry about being late, I'm a new student," Allen said sheepishly as Kanda mumbled grumpily on the way to his seat.

"Well this is wonderful," the history teacher said, "I'm sure you'll all give our new student Allen a warm welcome. You can sit in that empty seat Allen." Of course the only empty seat in the entire room was right next to Kanda.

"Why do I always get stuck next to the Moyashi? His stupidity is annoying enough without sitting next to him," Kanda thought as he sat down in his seat in the back row. As Allen took his seat next to Kanda, the teacher started up class once again.


As he walked into the math class Allen could already tell that this was going to be just like all the other schools he'd been to. The students would stare, a few of them might be brave enough to ask him about his scar, but really no one would welcome him. He had gotten used to it, the other kids being afraid of him just because he was a little different. Okay that's a lie he was more than a little different, but still everyone just treated him like a freak.

At that point the principal had informed the class of Allen's new student status, and had assigned a student to be his escort for the day. As the principal pointed out the kid, Allen was very happily surprised. The teen had only glanced his way, he didn't stare the way the other kids had. Allen could tell right away that he and this Kanda kid would get along.

After introducing himself to the class Allen sat down next to the teen that was supposed to show him around for the day. When trying to make small talk failed, Allen gave up and tried to pay attention to the teacher, who was actually teaching material Allen had covered weeks ago at his other school.

This of course gave his mind some time to wander, which was a very bad thing in Allen's case. The first thing on his mind was the thing that Kanda had called him, he couldn't quiet recall it, but it was something like 'moyoshi' or 'mayashi'. Anyway Allen was very perplexed by the nickname, and vowed to look it up online the minute he got to a computer. Beside that thought Allen was remembering his old schools, and all the problems he had had with each and every one of them.

In one he'd been in so many fights in the first week that the school had actually suspended him. In another Allen had too many problems fitting in and he'd ended up an outcast, no one would even talk to him. These were actually pretty normal occurrences, in terms of Allen's life. Allen really hoped that this school might be different, although he really doubted it, except, perhaps when it came to the people.

As Allen pondered this the bell rang, bringing him out of his thoughts. He tried to get his things together quickly, but failed because Kanda's angry glare was making him more than a little nervous. When he finally got all his stuff together, Allen walked over the where Kanda was standing, waiting for him. Kanda practically growled at Allen to hurry up so they could get to class. Allen, ever dutiful, followed him while informing the older teen that he had History next.

While they walked down the hall Allen pondered about the older teen. Allen didn't understand what the long haired teen's problem was. All he had to do was show Allen around the school, and maybe be a bit nice. Apparently that was a little too hard for the grumpy kid to do.

"Oh well," Allen thought, "Take it in stride." That is what he had done his entire life. He walked into History just behind Kanda and had to go through the painful process of introducing himself again, something he knew he would have to do many times during the day. He sat down next to Kanda in the only open seat as the teacher went back to his lesson on The War of 1812, which Allen had learned about weeks before.

As he tried to pay attention to the teacher, who was very boring, he found himself taking peeks at the brooding student beside him. From what he could tell, his escort was fit, judging by his toned body and lean appearance, giving Allen some insight on Kanda's motivation and determination. Allen also noticed the beautiful complexity of the Japanese boys face, strong, but subtle features, all framed by his flowing blue-black hair.

Allen shook his head, he should not being having thoughts like this on his first day at a new school, he should be focusing on the teacher and the material they were learning. At least that's what he told himself, but in all honesty, he shouldn't be having those kinds of thoughts because it was dangerous, both to him and the subject of is musings. Any time he'd make a friend at a new school, that friend usually ended up getting beat to a bloody pulp, just for being friends with the freaky new kid. Allen could take care of himself, but when it came to others he seemed to have no control, so he distanced himself, all in the hopes that no one would be stupid enough to befriend him.

Allen tried to mentally refocus himself, not for his sake but for Kanda's, but ended up failing miserably when Kanda began playing with one of the long strands of hair that framed his face. The motion was so enticing that Allen felt the urge to reach over and start petting the teen's gloriously long hair.

He shook his head again, trying to rid himself of what he just saw, trying in vain to find a way to ignore Kanda. Thankfully Allen was able to restrain himself throughout the hour, but he didn't know if he could manage one more class of sitting next to Kanda, the other boy might drive him insane.

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