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Chapter 1: The wishes

My name is Matt, I'm a young adult British male that lives in the country side with my Mum, Dad and sister.

It was a peaceful day in England as usual, I was walking down the garden with a bucket full of chicken feed, it was time for me to feed the chickens we kept in a small pen.

When I entered the chicken pen, all the chickens were waiting for me to pour the food out. Once I was done with them, I stepped out of the pen and went straight to the outside feeding tray where a runt cockerel ate alone. I liked this cockerel because we are so much alike; we eat alone, we wonder the area in circle's, and we were completely alone.

I mean, I have a good life, a loving family, and everyone in the neighbourhood liked me. But there are times where I wished my life could be better.

My school life sucks, I don't have a girlfriend (hell, I haven't even been on one date) and the job I have gives easy money, but it's dirty and smelly work, but I'm grateful for what I have.

I walked back up to my house and went inside. My Mum, Dad and sister where gone and I had the entire house to myself.

"Well, time for me to do my faverate thing." I said in a happy tone. I walked into the front room and closed the curtains, I turned on the TV before I played on one of recorded episodes of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. I loved this program and only my family knew about it. If I could have the perfect life, I'd have it there.

That night: My room

While I was sitting in my room, I sat on my stool while listening to songs on my IPod. But instead of focusing on the music, I was staring out the window looking up at the stars while in deep thought about the show.

I then saw a star in the sky; it shined brighter than any star I've seen before, than a crazy idea hit me.

"I must be out my mind." I muttered to myself, I then let loose a big sigh and decided to get it out of my system.

I looked up at the star "I wish I could live in Equestria." I said with my hands wrapped together.

"I can't believe I just did that. I mean, it's not like its real or anything, even though I wish it was." I muttered to myself, I then shut the curtains and went to sleep on my bed. Unknown to me, the star I wished upon started to sparkle even brighter.

Meanwhile: Equestria/Ponyville

The bright stars filled the night skies of Ponyville and all the houses were dark, excepted for the library. Where the young unicorn pony Twilight Sparkle paced back and forth in the living room.

"Twilight, it's the middle of the night! What are you doing?" A half-asleep Spike moaned as he stormed down stairs.

She turned to face Spike with a worried look on her face "Because Spike, I have a lot of work to do. I have to make a to-do-list for tomorrow, make a schedule for the next day and finish a report for the Princess. I have no time to lose."

Spike rolled his eyes "you seriously need to relax and get a life."

Twilight gave him a slight glare "okay one, I DO relax, I go to the day spa every Thursday with Rarity. And two, what do you mean get a life?"

"I mean, you need to stop focusing on to-do-list's & schedules and have some fun." Spike said hoping she'd agree.

"I DO have fun." Twilight protested. "Remember last Saturday at Applejack's birthday party?"

"You call that fun? I call that a massacre. I mean, you basically attacked that piñata." Spike argued.

Twilight rolled her eyes and turned back to her work "I don't have time for this Spike, I'm very busy."

But Spike kept trying to think of idea's until he came up with one which (somewhere deep inside himself) he knew she was going to disagree with.

"Why not try and find a coltfriend?" he suggested.

Twilight turned from her work to face Spike with a confused look on her face "What?"

"You know!…like a colt to date. Because not only will it get you to take a break from all the studying, but it'll give you the chance to be with the one colt that'll make you happier than you already are. I mean, you do deserve it. " Spike said kindly.

Twilight let a small smile crawl on her face "Awww Spike, its sweet of you to think that. But, I'm far too busy to have a relationship right now. Besides, there's nopony I like here anyway."

"Don't knock it 'till you try it, Twilight." Spike said as he walked back towards the stairs.

Twilight smirked slightly "How would you know? You've never had a girlfriend before."

"I'm working on it." Spike protested as he made his way up the stairs.

Twilight's smirk grew larger "I know, I've read your love poems to Rarity."

Spike went wide-eyed and froze on the stairs. He then span around to face Twilight "YOU READ MY POEMS?!"

"Yeah, by the way, under your pillow is NOT a good hiding spot." Twilight said turning back to her work again.

Spike's blushed until his face was completely red, he then let out a small grunt and marched back upstairs and into their room "I've gotta hide those in a different spot." he thought as he curled up into his basket to sleep.

When Spike was back to sleep, Twilight was left alone with her work. But thoughts of what Spike said began the flow through her mind like an ocean, cursing her to stop her work.

"In a way, He's kinda right; it would be nice to have a coltfriend. I mean, I have my friends and I'd never think less of them. But it would be nice to have somepony to share Those Feelings with." Twilight said to herself.

She suddenly lost interest in her work and decided to go up to bed. After climbing the stairs and entering her's and Spike's room, she climbed into bed and looked out the window. "But like I told him, there's nopony I like here…. unless I haven't met him yet." Twilight wondered.

She then looked up to the night sky to see a star that shined brighter than any other she'd ever seen before.

"Well, here goes nothing." Twilight thought as she took a deep breath.

"I wish I could meet the perfect colt for me." Twilight said in a silent voice.

She then got under her covers and went to sleep; feeling that wishing on a star was pointless.

While she slept, the star began to shine brighter. But this one was different; this time the star shot off like a shooting star and disappeared in the sky.

To be continued

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