Title: Biological Destiny

Author: Wereleopard58

Pairing: Clex

Rating: FRAO

Spoilers: All of Smallville.

Summary: Oliver finds a pregnant Lex what will he do about it?

N/B Moreithel thanks for the tweets and conversation on twitter. If you do contact me I do tend to do those chapters quicker as it is the forefront on my mind. As discussed the in tweets an image I hope you will appreciated and will start that other story just a teaser for you g.

Chapter One

The Green Arrow snuck in. This lab was out of the way and not overly secured. There was something odd about this. It wasn't on any hit list of theirs but he wanted to check it out anyway. That was the reason he was doing this solo.

So far he had knocked out two guards and it just seemed to get weirder and weirder. He had heard conversations about pregnancy and when the baby was due. He got to a large door that was locked. He took out his plastic explosive and put it around the edge. The Green Arrow stood back and blew it.

When he walked in what he saw blew his mind.

"Lex?" He whispered as he saw a pregnant Lex Luthor strapped to a bed.

"Who are you?" Lex whispered. "You're not one of the guards. Please don't hurt my child."

"You're father said you were missing. This is one of your own facilities?"

"No, a lot of the facilities that look mine are his." Lex paused. "My father did this to me. He wanted my abilities, plus Luthor DNA so it could be an heir and someone else DNA to make this child possibly unstoppable. He experimented on me and found out that I could carry a child as long as part of it was mine."

"So this..." The Green Arrow waved his arm around, "was not done the natural way. What would be the natural way for this?"

"Just get me out of here and I'll do my best to disappear I won't tell anyone." Lex begged.

The Green Arrow frowned this was not the man he once knew. "How are you going to do that? You have no money and once they realise you are missing all your accounts will be watched."

"I'll figure something out." Lex stuttered.

The Green Arrow sighed he knew that he couldn't leave Lex like this and he knew that he was taking a chance.

"I'll help you." He turned off his voice box and pulled back the hood.


"Yes it's me let's get you out of here I have some friends you can go to. One was once yours." Oliver smiled at the shock.

"No, you can't tell anyone about this especially not Clark." Lex pleaded.

"Why not?" Oliver wanted to know.

"Because the other DNA my father used was Clark's and with all the stress I'm afraid that something will happen. I can't lose this child it is all I have. I am begging you Oliver can it just be between the two of us."

"Ok, for now. We will see how things go. Let's get you out of here."


Oliver had an apartment in Metropolis that he stashed Lex. It was something no one knew about and was no way connected with his name. There was also a tunnel from his home that led to it. He had always had to encase he needed it. Hiding a pregnant Lex Luthor had never come to mind. Bit by bit he had things put in there to make it more comfortable for Lex and for the baby when it came.

When it was closed to the time he would bring Emil into it and hopefully Lex would have let him tell Clark by then.


Weeks had passed Lionel had stepped up his search for his son but it seemed that Lex had vanished from the face of this earth thanks to that Green Arrow nightmare.


Oliver loved coming to visit Lex. The two men had grown closer, they had gone through their histories and forgiven each other. Oliver also used Lex's brain for toys and other things he could use as the Green Arrow.

Something else had arisen because of all the time he spent talking in person, emailing or chatting too on the phone. Oliver was finding himself very attracted to this completely different man. He loved sitting their talking as he gave Lex a foot rub or would feel as the baby kicked. Oliver even told stories to Lex's stomach. Lex had once said that the kicking soothed down hearing Oliver's voice.

All these things were things that he never expected to happen and he was avoiding thinking about the future.

Other people had started to notice that his thoughts were elsewhere so someone was nominated to talk to Oliver about it.


"Yes, I promise I will bring some." Oliver grinned and chuckled. "I won't forget. I know what you are in the mood for." He looked up and saw Clark standing there. "I've got to go Clark is here. I know."

Clark made sure that he didn't listen in to a private conversation.


"Yes Clark." Oliver stood and walked around to him.

"We're worried about you?"

"Why I'm fine. Never been better."

"You seem distracted and we're concerned because the last time." Clark trailed off

Oliver glared at him. "I have a personal life and a friend that needs me. That is all. IF you need me you call and I am always there. Just because this is not 24/7 for me doesn't mean that I have gone rogue."

"I'm sorry Oliver we're just worried. So a friend huh, who is it? Is there anything I can do?"

Oliver paused for a moment and Clark noticed it.

"Nope, nothing you can do and my friend doesn't want anyone to know. Is there anything else you want I do have a company to run after all."

"Ok, we'll talk soon. If I can do anything let us know." Clark offered smiling as soon as he turned away the smile vanished. Something was wrong and Clark wasn't sure what to do about it.


Clark headed home as soon as he walked in the door Lionel came straight to him.

"Do you know this Green Arrow person?" Lionel demanded.

Clark glared at him he hated when he spoke like that, and he still didn't trust the other man.

"No why?" Clark hoped he managed to look like he was telling the truth. Lying was not his strong point.

"Ohh." Lionel stared at him for a little longer, knowing that he couldn't push or tell the younger man the whole truth. "He stole something very important from one of my labs."

"I'm sorry I can't help you Lionel." Clark turned away as Martha walked in. "I'm just going to get changed." What mission? What the hell was Oliver up to?