Chapter Twelve

Clark paced inside the private operating theatre that Oliver had arranged. He couldn't believe that Lex was going to have the baby now. He was going to be a father. It wasn't long before Martha and Oliver had both joined him.

They all knew that it was going to be a long night. That just wanted to make sure that everything would be ok. Oliver turned and walked over to the door and stared out. He had some of the others around watching. Oliver was worried what Lionel was going to try and do. This would be the perfect time to try something with Lex in surgery they would be all distracted by that. The blonde billionaire was not going to let anything to happen to Lex and his child. Lex and he may never end up together, but they were still friends.

Clark sat with his mother, but he watched Oliver walk over and stand by the door. He smiled at Martha, and went over to join him.

'You think Lionel, might do something don't you?' Clark asked.

Oliver turned and smiled. 'Don't worry Clark I'll make sure you, Lex and the baby will be fine.'

'Oliver.' Clark frowned at him.

'Promise me that no matter what happens tonight you have to make sure Lex, Martha and the baby are ok?' Oliver waited for a moment, but Clark never answered. 'Promise me Clark. They need you.'

'Lex needs you to Oliver.' Clark could see how Oliver felt about Lex, and he hated the fact that he was hurting him. He could see that the billionaire would not change his mind. Clark sighed in defeat. 'Ok, fine I promise.'

'Good.' With that Oliver walked out of the building to help keep an eye on things.

'Thank you Oliver.' Clark whispered grateful for everything that the other man had done. He hoped one day he could show how grateful he was, and even be able to pay it back. Clark couldn't think anything that would get close to what Lex, their child, and his mother meant. He just hoped Oliver would be happy to still be a part of the dysfunctional yet happy family.


Lionel Luthor checked himself in the mirror one last time and smiled at himself. This was the time to step in and take his son and grandson. Lex would be punished, but not killed.

'No Lex,' Lionel uttered to himself. 'You will be punished and then kept very much alive. I don't think one grandchild would be enough.' With another quick grin at the mirror, Lionel then turned and left the house.

He walked over to his limousine. Lionel frowned and looked around as his driver was nowhere to be seen. He reached into his pocket, but before he could do something a hand covered his mouth, and a needle bit into his neck. Lionel collapsed to the ground with a thud.


Oliver stood outside and waited, but there was nothing. Something was very wrong here. He hated this feeling because it meant something was going to come and bite them in the ass.


Emil came out and smiled at mother and son.

'The surgery went well.' Emil told them. 'He's asleep healing, we are just checking out your daughter. You'll get to meet her soon.' With Emil, smiled, nodded and at them and headed back the way he came.

Clark turned to look at his mother. 'I have a daughter.' He whispered.

'A grand-daughter.' Martha pulled her son to her and hugged him tightly.

'I have a family.' Clark's smile was enormous; he couldn't wipe it from his face.

'You always did, it's just grown now.'


Oliver stood at the doorway and looked in. He was glad that everything had turned out ok, but his heart ached.


Lionel slowly opened his eyes, but he couldn't see anything clearly. The world looked blurry and white.

'Let me go.' He choked out. His mouth arid, Lionel licked his cracked lips. How long had he been like this? 'When my people find me, you'll wish you had never heard of me.' Lionel tried to shout, but his throat was so sore it only came out as a croak. There was nothing but an eerie silence. Lionel shivered as a chill passed over his body. He couldn't see much, but everything just felt alien. There was something about this place that scared him. 'I'll pay you anything, double, triple what you were offered. I can make you exceptionally rich.' Lionel finally begged when his other calls had not been answered.

'You tried to hurt my son. You are nothing compared to him. You took his mate, and forced him to carry my son's child. Lionel Luthor you tried to keep them apart. For this, you will pay.'

Lionel frowned he had no idea what the hell was going on. 'I'm sorry I'll do whatever I can to make this right. I'll stay away from whoever they are.'

'Kal El and Lex Luthor will be left alone.' The voice replied.

Lionel's eyes grew cold. 'This is about my son. He's always been a disappointment.' His face lit up when he remember the word mate. 'You're son is the other donor. You just tell me who it is, and I promise I will protect him.'

'They do not need your protection, but do not worry you won't remember anything about this.' The voice replied and then a bright light lit up the room. Lionel's screams echoed around, but no living thing heard them.


Lex slowly opened his eyes; he licked his dry lips and looked around. He tried to remember what happened, so he could find out where he was. That was when he remembers the splitting pain in his stomach.

'I'm glad to see you awake.' Clark said from the chair where he was sitting.

Lex turned his head to look at the young man he loved, and there in his arms was a bundle of blankets.

'Is that?'

'This is our daughter Lex.' Clark replied with a smile he stood up and walked over to the bed, and bent forward so Lex could see the little cute face, with the bright green eyes.

'She has your eyes.' Lex whispered. He then frowned. 'Aren't they supposed to change?'

Clark laughed. 'I'm guessing things are different with her mutant and alien DNA. I'm not sure baby books are going to be of much help.'

'True.' Lex replied and looked up into a pair of green eyes that he fell in love with all those years ago.

Clark bent his head and gently kissed Lex on the lips. 'I know we'll have our ups and downs. The one thing that I am positive about was that we are meant to be together. We've always had this connection.'

'I believe that too.' Lex replied.


Oliver stood and watched Lionel being transferred into the hospital. Emil walked over to him.

'He's got gaps in his memories.' Emil whispered.

'What kind of gaps?' Oliver queried.

'The pregnancy, what he did to Lex, Clark. Everything that we were afraid for, it's all gone.'

Oliver turned to look at Emil in complete disbelief. 'How could that happen?'

'I have no idea, its beyond our technology.' Emil shrugged his shoulders. He knew that Oliver wouldn't give him any more.

Oliver watched Emil walk away, and then he smiled. 'Beyond our technology yes, but maybe, not for Kryptonian's. Looks like papa El is keeping an eye on his family'.

Oliver may not get the man he fell for, but at least for now they were safe, and that was all that mattered to him. Uncle Oliver would always be a part of the Kent-Luthor family.

The End