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The End of the World As We Know It

There was a flash, a blinding light, followed by an incoherent howl. Vegeta turned from his fight with Jeice to see Ginyu standing behind him, hand extended, smirk playing on his lips. The prince frowned; that was definitely a blast, but who was hit? The battles stilled.

"Well, Vegeta," Jeice said, making him turn abruptly. "Seems your men are pretty loyal after all."

Confused, the prince looked down at his feet. On its face lay the body of one of his guards. Jeice was laughing. Someone close-by was crying. Vegeta spun on his heel and kicked the red fool in the face, sending him high into the air, then followed quickly. While still flustered, Vegeta began to pummel him with his fists; face, chest, neck, face. He could hear the shouts below of his angered fellows, enraged by the death of one of their finest. Blasts ensued. He grinned despite himself, blocked a hit Jeice sent his way, and with a feral snarl, sent his fist through the bastard's chest. Jeice gasped, spit blood onto Vegeta's pristine armor, and a beam of light erupted from his back. Vegeta dropped to the ground.

His people had realized the truth, finally, and the ones closest had taken the opportunity to battle as hard as they could against what was left of the Ginyu Force. Guldo lay in a puddle of his own blood. Recoome's head had been removed from his shoulders. Burter was nowhere to be seen. The captain himself was on his knees, bleeding and winded, before the enraged prince. Vegeta flicked his hand and blood splattered on the ground.

"You're going to regret this, you damn monkeys!" the captain shouted. Vegeta smirked and kneeled before him. Over his shoulder, Ginyu saw two large men and a young boy in fighting stances; low-class wretches that shouldn't have even been able to defeat him. "Frieza's going to kill you all whether we die or not. He's going to destroy your entire planet. He's going to destroy everything." Ginyu started to laugh.

"Let him come," the prince growled and Ginyu fell silent. "He is one and we are many. We will destroy him when he comes, and then we will rule the known universe."

"Lord Frieza will not succumb to a bunch of inbred monkeys." Ginyu spit blood onto Vegeta's white boot. His eyes narrowed. "And I'll be laughing in Hell when you're all screaming for mercy."

Without a word, Vegeta's gloved hand spread over Ginyu's face and an explosion ripped through the air. When the dust cleared, the captain's head was gone. The prince stared at the body a moment longer, then turned to his comrades.

"Get the wounded into Regen tanks. Quickly." A few Saiyans scooped the injured soldiers up and darted inside the palace. Vegeta waved a hand, and the crowd began to disperse. Ignoring the commotion, he walked slowly towards his fallen guard.

A woman stood nearby, refusing to look at the body. A second woman was checking for vitals. The two monstrous low-class men and the young boy had approached and stared emotionlessly at the body at their feet. Vegeta frowned. "Well?" he asked. The woman shook her head.

"Nothing. He's dead."

He nodded slowly. Something like remorse pulled at his chest. "We could have used his help when Frieza arrives." The woman looked up, and something in her eyes looked scheme-y. Vegeta frowned. "What?"

"I think I have an idea." She smiled and brushed a few blue strands of hair behind her ear. "Have you ever heard of the Dragon Balls?"

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