Since they have a rule where 'you can't post authors notes alone' I'm going to do a little poem... I don't own DP...

Green eyes swimming endlessly

In a pit of despair

Trying to escape

To get out

But no one is there

Suddenly a light shines in

Brighter than the sun

And another pair of eyes join him

Baby blue

Gloved hand meets bare

In this connection of fate

Souls connect

The fate is sealed

One young hero has been revealed.

Heya everyone...I feel so guilty saying this- but I honestly can't write right now... My mind is literally drawing to a blank, and I can't think straight. Maybe it's the last month of school, I don't know, but I'm really sorry. Honestly. I'm sorry to say that until school is over(which is about a month) ALL my stories will be on hiatus. I might write a few oneshots, but for mUltichaptered stories, its not going to be til June...I'm so sorry, and I understand if your mad at me. I'm really mad at myself as well... Grrr... Sorry about this.

-Oak Leaf Ninja