Lies that Destroy

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A/N: This idea was set to be a oneshot inspired by the episode in which Gabe went to the amusement park and shot that commercial. The quote "She looks more like my mother than you do", along with the similar features, made me look it up and I found out that the actor playing Gabe, his actual mother played the mom for that commercial. The oneshot idea has turned into a story, which I am certain has never been done before, I know you'll enjoy it! Starts out, a dream.

Chapter 1 (Disconnected)

The moon shone down upon a baby's wide-eyed face, just days into the world. Beside the baby, its twin rested in its own crib at the medical hospital. The infant pressed its hand against the glass, making eye contact with its twin, who also placed its hand upon the glass. The infants that surrounded them slept soundly in the quiet nursery. The infants would make their way home the next day to be with their mom and dad, and their first time being out of the hospital.

The silent, dark room was broken by the creaking of the door, the infant squirmed and looked about, seeing only flashes of the room. There was one familiar feminine voice with an unfamiliar male voice, the infant recognized the female as someone that had been around its mommy when he first entered the world. "We already have two," the woman complained. "I know we got married, we said we'd have three kids, but…"

"Then we'll reach three. If we can't have children of our own, this has been working."

"Kidnapping? Kidnapping has been working?" The infant didn't understand what the two were saying, but he had an incredible sense of danger. The couple argued for a moment more, then the woman gave an exasperated sigh. "Fine. The woman gave birth on the 23rd. Please let this be the last one."

"Relax, it will be the last one, three's our limit, no more. I promise."

"What if we get caught?"

"We haven't been caught yet. It's risky, but this will be our final one." The infant saw his twin with its eyes closed and chest moving in and out in the rhythm of sleep. The couple made their way around the twin's crib.

"Look sweetie, so beautiful…Only one of the twins, okay? Let's leave this mom with at least one."

"Fine, grab the baby and let's go." Seeing the woman reaching into the twin's crib, the sense of danger flared up and it immediately began bawling to try and alert anyone for help. If it cried loud enough, it could wake the other infants. "Crap! The other one's started crying! Grab that one instead."

"Oh…" The infant shrieked as the couple grabbed it up out of the crib. The walls flashed past its eyes as a husky hand cupped its face. Before the couple started to leave, the twin heard one last, long, mournful cry from its sibling. The other infants in the room started to wake and cry, but it was far too late.

Gabe awoke in a sweat, panting heavily and scared out of his mind. He sat up and moaned as he ran his hands in front of his face. This was the same nightmare he had been having for years, they'd gone away until recently. He never understood them, why the nightmare was there, but it always ended the same. Someone came like a thief in the night, about to grab one of the two babies, then grabbing the other baby to silence it, and finally running off.

His heart was shooting off every pump like a gun blasting off a bullet, he was almost certain that he would die of a heart attack. When the nightmare started coming to him after Charlie's birth, he would always check to make sure she was okay. The nightmares went away again, so he thought he was in the clear. He turned his eyes to the nightlight beside his bed and wrapped his blanket around his shivering body. He'd been afraid of the dark since before he could remember. Hell, his oldest memory was being pushed on the swing by his older brother whenever he was four, PJ would have been nine. In that memory, Teddy was playing with her dolls in the dirt nearby.

For some reason, he trusted them more than anyone else, including his own parents. However, he seemed to have more of a reason to not trust them than he did before, and that was a reason he just could not explain.

"Hey, you look more like my mother than she does…"

Gabe clenched his eyes shut and groaned as he threw his blanket off. He slowly rose up and moved into the bathroom. He stared at himself in the mirror, his eyes had dark circles beneath them, and his face was pale and clammy to the touch. He grasped at his sweat drenched brown hair and breathed in slowly. "Why don't I look like them?"

He never gave any thought to it until the trip to Super Adventure Land, which he wasn't sure if he regretted or not. They had to do a commercial, in which his mother was going to be a participant in, but she was too attention-craving, and was replaced. That's where the strange part began.

His mother started acting more dramatic than usual, as if she were trying to distract him, or the woman, from something. When the woman they replaced her with came up, Amy seemed to recognize her from somewhere, while the woman kept looking at her, as if trying to place a face with a memory.

That woman truly did look more like his mother than Amy, though. She had the brown hair, which only he had in this family. Although, Teddy's hair was nowhere near as blonde as their mother's was. He also noticed several remarkable features.

Gabe ran his index finger along his jaw and scrunched his eyebrows together. That woman had the same flat jaw, the same dimple in her jaw and her cheeks. His eyes were the only brown eyes in the family, though Teddy's were hazel and PJ's were blue. The woman he saw had brown eyes, like his, as well as the same cheekbones, and the same eyebrows. Even her nose was pointed in the same way as his! If he didn't know any better, he would say that woman was his true mother, but that didn't make any sense, did it? Amy was his mother, they would have told him if he were adopted.

No, there had to be a relative with brown hair somewhere in the family. Then again, what of that nightmare? Did he have a twin that was abducted from the hospital?

"Gabe?" He jumped back at the sound of his sister's voice, and moved out of his bathroom. PJ and Teddy were standing side by side in the doorway, both in their sleepwear. Or at least, PJ had thrown on a black robe, as he usually slept in his boxers. "Are you okay? We heard you screaming."

"How? You're all the way in the basement."

"I was in the kitchen, getting a snack. I heard you screaming, rushed up-"

"Nearly knocked me off the stairs," PJ interrupted in a perturbed tone. Gabe chuckled softly and moved to his bed, so they both heard him screaming in his sleep. Teddy sat beside him and PJ walked over, still standing. He ran his hands along his face while Teddy moved her arm around his shoulders.

"Was it that nightmare again? I thought you stopped having those…"

"I did. Until that commercial. You guys remember the woman they replaced mom with?" Teddy nodded and PJ hummed, they talked about her before, noting how similar her appearance was. When their dad heard them talking about it, he took the disk from the DVD player and walked off. "Where do you think dad took the DVD?"

"Probably put it back on its shelf," PJ answered. "If anything, it's with all the other home movies we've got on DVD." Gabe curled a finger beneath his chin and stared down at the floor, he wanted to see those home movies. None of them ever saw the really old ones, they just assumed that there weren't any of those. "What are you thinking, Gabe? You're not adopted, I think we would have remembered that."

"PJ, you were only five when I was born. How could either of you remember if I was adopted or not?" If he was, why did the woman give him up? Why didn't she want him? "I have to talk to mom and dad about it. I have to know if I was truly adopted." He fell backwards on the bed and put his hands behind his head, staring up in silence at the bumps running along the ceiling. Teddy glanced back at him with a frown and PJ shook his head.

"I don't know why, but they always seem so careful when it comes to the subject of us as babies. Remember the whole birth certificate thing?" Even the official certificate looked fake, but PJ hadn't given any thought to it. Yes it was signed, but it wasn't stamped, nor did it look like the type of certificate used in 1993. "It's like they're hiding something."

Teddy laughed and brandished her hand in the air. "Yeah but they wouldn't be hiding anything so malicious." PJ affirmed her statement and Gabe lifted his shoulders. He had an empty sensation in his stomach, for some reason it was making him very hungry. "Anyway, Gabe, are you going to be all right for the rest of the night?"

"Sure, you guys can head back to bed now. Thanks for checking up on me, I guess." Teddy hugged him and PJ pat his shoulder, after a few comforting words, they left his room. He curled back beneath his covers and hoped he wouldn't have that nightmare again.

The next day, after pushing himself from the bed and getting dressed, he started downstairs to where his parents were talking on the couch. He stopped on the last step and put his hand to the post beside him, listening in to their conversation. "I found the article online, Bob. She killed herself back in 2000. It's our fault!"

"Amy relax, we didn't do anything. We shouldn't talk about this here."

"You never want to talk about it!" Amy glared at him and he quickly lifted and pushed his hands out through the air, chuckling softly.

"Only because it's all behind us. It's the past. Besides Ames, you know what the situation is now. If we get c-" Bob spotted Gabe in the corner of his eyes, and immediately cleared his throat. Gabe was frozen in his spot, unsure of why he couldn't move. His mouth hung open and his heart was pounding. What were they talking about? Who died? What was so important that Bob didn't want out? "Gabe! How long have you been there, buddy?" Bob laughed heartily and moved over, patting his back. "Come have a seat. You look like you got something on your mind."

He looked over to Amy, who was watching nervously. What was this heaviness in his chest? He wasn't afraid of them or anything, but this feeling of fright seemed to come after every nightmare. Fortunately it wore off after a while, but only because it never made any sense for him to be afraid of his own parents. However, there was still a void, one that he shared with PJ and Teddy, something that made him unable to truly feel on the same level as his parents. It was almost like they were the parents he loved on one hand, but then on the other, they were complete strangers.

"Mom, Dad, we've probably had this conversation before, but…am I adopted?" Amy started to pale and Bob coughed a couple times. He sighed and leaned forward. "It only makes sense that I would be, right? I mean I'm so different from you guys! I have brown hair, brown eyes, I'm short, and my features don't match either of you. It's like I don't belong in this family."

Amy reached forward and hugged him close. "Oh baby, you do belong in this family." Her attempt at consolation feel short, as he just couldn't feel the complete love coming from it. He squirmed from her arms and slowly rose from the couch. "Gabe?"

"I'm just thinking…" He began pacing, tapping his finger on his chin. "I'm not even slightly bulgy, I'm skinny! Look at Dad, I should at least have a gut…but just like PJ, no matter how much I eat, and eat, I never get fatter."

"Adolescents have good metabolism," Bob replied with a stern voice. "Gabe put that adoption nonsense out of your head, you're going to give your mother a heart attack. You were born on November 23, 1999 at St. Paul Medical Center." Bob crossed his arms and chuckled slightly. "Just ask your mom, she was there, obviously."

Then why did something feel off about the story? Why did he feel like there was something, or someone missing from his life? As he thought on the story, the vision of the twin baby in the nightmare came back to him. That shrill, mournful cry that awoke the rest of the infants, it was the one thing that never left him even after the nightmare was long gone. PJ and Teddy both had nightmares too, similar ones, but they stopped having them years ago.

"Maybe it's just the nightmare I've been having." Amy gasped and stood up. She ran her hand through his hair and looked into his eyes.

"I thought you stopped having those, sweetie? The scary one, right? Baby gets abducted from the hospital?"


"Baby, it was just a dream…I can assure you it is nothing more than that." She hugged him again, but this time he felt like he wanted her to back off. He remembered that mournful cry and tore himself away from Amy's hold. She stared back in great distress and sadness. "Gabe? Honey?"

"Sorry Mom, I just…I need to think." He obviously wasn't getting any answers from them. Their straight up denial was almost convincing, at least it made him question whether he was adopted, but at the same time, the disconnect he felt towards them was frightening. Why the hell was this happening?

He scurried towards his room, where he heard his cell phone blaring out at full blast. He grabbed it up and answered it, pleased to hear Jo's voice on the other end. The two had started dating recently, or well, hanging out for the most part. They couldn't exactly 'date' since they were barely thirteen. "Hey Jo."

"Hey Gabe, I saw that commercial you did just last night. It was great, you and that woman really have a knack for being on camera." He felt his heart lift out of the muck, just a little compliment really would go a long way. He wondered if she saw what he saw, though.

"Thanks. I have a question, did you get a look at that woman's features?"

"Features? Oh! Yeah, mom and dad had to play it over and over again because the similarity was so uncanny. If I didn't know you, I would have thought she was your mom."

"You don't say…I've been wondering if I was adopted. I've never seen my birth certificate, can't remember many baby pictures, and I definitely can't figure out why I always have this disconnected feeling towards mom and dad. It's like…it's like they're hiding something from me, and I don't know what. Whenever any of us ask about our births, they're always trying to avoid the subject."

"Well maybe you are. If you can't get a solid answer from the people that ought to be telling you, then go directly to the source." He froze and stared ahead at the wall in front of him. Go to the source? Did she mean find the woman? He didn't even have a name.

"How can I possibly do that?" Not only that, but he had a feeling his parents would never let him find her. He may have to do it on his own, but he didn't have a car. "Besides, mom and dad drive me everywhere, they wouldn't even shoot for something like searching out that lady…"

"Well…Maybe I can have my parents take you down to find the guy who did the commercial. He would have had to get signed waivers from everyone involved, including that lady."

"You think so?"

"That's what Dad said. Do you think there's any type of connection you have to her? I mean seriously? What if you wind up at her door and there's nothing there?" He glanced out his room and heaved a heavy sigh.

"Well then at least I'll have an answer."

So there will be three main perspectives-Gabe, PJ, and Teddy. This story's going to have quite a bit of drama, and those of you who've read my other GLC stuff (Or any of my works really) know the reason I do drama so well is cause I love it ;). Tell me your thoughts, and enjoy the ride.