"Blech." Luffy moved the medicine from his mouth as quickly as he'd put it there.

"Damnit! Luffy drink the stuff!" His first mate growled half-asleep. They were on their own so it was up to them to look after themselves.

"Zoroooo~ It tastes baaad~! Luffy groaned, still stinking of puke and sweat. It was rather odd that Luffy had caught something, considering his amazing resistance to sickness/disease etc.

"I don't give a fuck. Drink the goddamn fucking drink." Zoro growled louder. Luffy held his nose and gulped it down, pulling a large tongue at Zoro afterwards. It didn't help that they were lost in village the size of a tuna. They'd found themselves somewhere to camp, but the crew were miles away somewhere on the island. They figured they'd return back to where they were last seen so might as well stay there. The surrounding greenery was sickening; it reminded Zoro of the cook's shitty salad. He was staring at his captain though who was now spread out across the grass in a sleeping position. Still awake though. "You ok down there?" Zoro laughed. Amused by Luffy's stillness for once.

"Un~" He replied. Patting his feet into each other to create a nearly irritant sound. Followed by a more irritating sound of retching.

"Damnit Luffy." Zoro moved from his relaxed position to help his captain out. This wasn't the same as before though. The contents of his meal Zoro had bought him had been removed, but also a red color had mixed in with it. He held his nose at the smell, stripping him of his loosely worn jacket. He hung it over a tree carelessly, not knowing what to do in this kind of situation.

"Mmm... Sanji… Meat…" The straw hat mumbled, rolling onto his side.

"Idiot…" Zoro growled gently. Half caring about what the boy was saying. He looked at Luffy's peaceful face with a smile. His cheeks were the color of the blood coming from the sides of his mouth. Zoro could feel the sweat under his palms as he stroked the boy's hair back from his fragile looking face. This was like… Arabasta… 2 years ago… Other than that, he'd never seen his captain sickish before. He told himself over and over.

His nakama were on their way. He just had to hold on until then.

Luffy POV:

I kept yelling at Zoro, asking him to make it stop, but it was as if he couldn't hear me. Maybe he was ignoring me. My body wasn't acting on command. Oh well… I could feel the sun on my eyelids. It felt so good. Warm… I checked my fingers first then made my way up from there. Yup, all there.

"Luffy you idiot…" Zoro was repeating, followed by sounds of crashing trees. "Shit…" He retreated from whatever he was killing back to me. My eyes flew open unwillingly. Staring straight into Zoro's expressionless face. His palms were slightly wet as they surrounded my cheeks. I felt no need to say anything. His hands slipped away and he sat back onto his hands with a sigh.

"Zoro looks tired." I laughed. It felt painful in my throat though, this laugh. I choked on the remains of bloodied food which made Zoro turn to face me through half open eyes.

"Jesus Luffy…" He patted my back, helping me choke up anything I didn't want. I couldn't help but feel Zoro shake as he moved his hand from where it was slowly removing itself.

"Zor..." I turned to face the oddly acting swordsman. He stared at his hand, yet, I couldn't make out what he was looking at. I noticed red running down his fingers. That was from the trees though. Right? He picked me up by the edge of my jeans, no explanation given though.

"Zoro, what is it…?" I looked at my green haired friend. His face pale, panicked. "Zorooo~" I sang while poking at his eye.

"Stop it Luffy. You're…" He stopped, lost.

"Ne… Zoro. You lost the village…"

"I know…" Zoro gritted through his teeth. Annoyed at himself.

"Zo…" I couldn't hold onto consciousness. It felt weak to be like this.

But it was ok. Zoro was there.

Zoro POV:

My back felt wet, really wet. I felt sweat run down my face. I should have left Luffy there. He would have been ok… maybe. He was bleeding… why? It was as if someone had cut him open. No one's touched him though, apart from me. And even I can control myself that much.

I wondered for a minute. What would Chopper do? Then I figured I was hopeless at this anyway. Luffy's body just kept getting colder.

His nails dug deeper into my skin, scaring me to no end. He must be in pain. My captain. In pain.

"Damn this shit!" I managed to kick over a hefty boulder. Luffy attached to my back though meant that I couldn't kick it at full strength. So it just toppled sideways. I let my rage cool before continuing into nowhere.

"D…" A mumble from Luffy. Not unusual… But 'D'? "Da…" Oh lord, he better not call me dad. I'll kill him. I really don't care, if he says that I will kill him. "Dadan…"

"Who, the fuck." Was all I could say. What kind of name is Dadan for fuck's sake?

"Meat…" I wouldn't be surprised if it was a butcher. I also learnt many other names while Luffy slept. Yeah, he doesn't forget anyone. Not a single name. Sweet? I don't know. I won't interfere. He said some names more than once though. Like… What was it? Sabo or something... Makino… Garp? Oh the mindfuck.

"Anyone else?" I chuckled. Quite interested in the names coming at me. I suppose I could ask about them, but I probably won't, knowing me.

"Ace…" Nice. If he's contacting the dead I'll kill him. I hate ghosts with all my fucking heart. (Thanks to a certain pink haired bitch…) Maybe it's cute. Gah, whatever. He was tightly hugging me now. It felt good, somehow… Wet though. Damn it all. Where the fuck did the crew go anyway?

TBC… Maybe?