Title: So Let's Set The World On Fire

Summary: How did Johnny really get his scar? And was the church burning really an accident?

(Song fic to We Are Young by fun. Got the song stuck in my head and of course the fanfic came with it.)


I stepped into the bar and saw you across it. The gang was in the bathroom, getting high off of some stunt of Soda and Steve's. I saw some guy sitting next to you.

He was asking you about your scar across your cheek. I remember giving it to you all those months ago.

What had started as fun for both of us ended for me when you told me you got some sort of sick pleasure in the pain when your father beat you. So I had jokingly pressed my blade to your cheek, but when you moaned in pleasure against it, I pressed it further till you bled. You pleaded with me to mark you as my own, and I would have but a noise had startled us and you turned your head towards the noise. The blade still in your skin, left a jagged line across your cheek.

I had quickly apologized and you brushed it off, but I know your trying to forget. But between that night and the next day when you were beat by the Socs, you know I'm still trying to take it back.

I know you've had few to drink, and you know that when we leave if you feel like falling down, I'll carry you home tonight.
But we planned on watching a fire. We planned on burning big. Maybe we can burn something brighter than the sun.

I know you've got Pony to look after you if you get in a mess. But I want you for my own even though our differences often force us apart. The gang came back from the bathroom laughing and joking. Then Two-Bit made a toast, and we act like every thing is normal.

After we left the bar, you said you wanted to drive and watch the world turn. I agreed and we left town. I had heard about this place that would make for a great hideout, but the Socs weren't too much trouble so none of us needed a hide out. We drove for a few hours until we got to the town I had heard about. You spotted the church and told me to go there.

We tossed a few matches at it and watched it go up in flames. It burned brightly and we were certain it was brighter than the sun. I watched your smile darken in enjoyment as there were screams coming from inside the church, but I knew we were drunk and probably imagining things. I picked you up before you fell and carried you home tonight.

(This ended differently than I was planning it too, but then again it strayed from the beginning as well. Hope you enjoyed anyway. -Luvs Cassy.)