'Okay girls smile' , the photographer tells us.

I smile widely not worrying about my teeth. I've got braces now, so has Destiny. There the clear kind though so there not too visible.

'Okay now pick up the guitar'

I reach for the guitar and start to look like I'm playing while Destiny pretends to sing. I can play the guitar now, and I'm learning to play the piano.

'Great that'll do for today', the photographer dismisses us. She's a young friendly looking girl, with her hair pulled back into a loose ponytail.

I grin at Destiny as we make our way out of the studio which has been specially set up for us. It feels weird people noticing me and wanting to take my photo.

Mrs Williams pulls us both into a hug when where out of the studio. Dads over talking to Rose May but he winks at us both. Both of them are our managers now. Dad finally agreed that his career was over and he should accept it. So much has happened in the last year, it feels like a dream most of the time.

The whole story about Destiny, Dad's long lost daughter was all over the newspapers. Mum wasn't happy and refused to believe until they both had a DNA test which did prove that Destiny was my half-sister and Dad's daughter. Mum's getting used to it now and so are Ace and Sweetie. They love having Destiny as a half-sister.

Destiny and her mum live near us now. They have flat a few streets away from ours so Destiny gets to see Danny. Also I get to see Destiny whenever I want. I love going round to see her and her mum. It's sometimes nice to get away from Ace and Sweetie.

The TV show Little Darlings was a big hit. They showed me writing one of my songs and then Destiny singing it. It was amazing seeing me on TV! And with Destiny! We had photographers outside our house for weeks. Hi magazine did a four page feature all about Destiny and Dad. Shortly after Destiny was asked to perform at a charity concert along with other famous singers. She sang Destiny and then a song that I wrote for her. It was amazing!

'Ready to go girls we've got a tight schedule' Rose May starts bustling us towards the door. We really do have a tight schedule. There doing a documentary on Destiny's life leading up to when she met dad. It's going to be big promotion for the concert that where going to be doing in a few months. We're driving down to Destiny's old school today to get some footage of where she used to live and to interview her old teacher. The photo shoot we did today is going to be for the front cover of our new album that we're currently working on.

Claudia and Ace are waiting for us in the car when we get outside. Dad rehired as she was the best nanny we'd ever had. Mum and Sweetie are at another photo shoot. Sweetie's started modelling clothes for a popular designer clothes shop for children.

We sit in the car laughing and joking round, Dad turns the radio up when Destiny comes on. They rerecorded it as a duet with Danny and Destiny. It's currently in the charts. Ace starts pulling funny faces which makes me and Destiny burst out laughing. She squeezes my hand and I squeeze back.