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'WAKE UP SUNSET!' someone yells. I open my eyes to see Ace's face. I scream then roll over and fall out of bed. Ace just sits there laughing.

'Hahaha you fell Sunset, you fell'

'Go away Ace' I mumble.

'Good sunset your awake' Claudia walks in carrying in some clothes for me to wear. 'Hurry up and get ready were leaving in a 20 minutes' She walks out taking Ace with her who's still laughing and screaming 'You fell Sunset'.

I quickly get changed and drag a brush through my hair. It's so thick and curly I just leave it down, not even attempting to do anything with it.

We didn't get back till late last night, we all went for ice cream with Destiny's friend Jack. Mum wasn't happy when we got home. She was arguing with dad about keeping me out too late and spending too much time with Destiny's mum. I think she might be jealous.

'Sunset we're leaving!' Dad shouts up to me. I grab my notebook which has the songs I write in and run downstairs.

'I want to come' Sweetie whines clutching on to mum.

'You can't' she snaps.' We've got to get your hair done for your photo shoot this afternoon'.

'Bye mum' I call out leaving her to argue with Sweetie then run out to the car to join Dad, Claudia and Ace. We're going to a recording studio today to work on some songs for our album.

We drop Claudia and Ace off at a park and then meet Kate and Destiny outside the studio. Destiny runs up and hugs me when she sees me, like we haven't seen each other for ages even though we did yesterday. I sometimes wish she land Kate lived with me.

I hug Kate too then follow my dad inside. It looks funny in the actual studio there's buttons everywhere and 3 different microphones.

I show Ted, the guy who's helping us with the album, the new song I'm working on. He reads through it points out the odd note that should be changed.

Three hours later I'm exhausted. We've almost got one song recorded.

'I think it's time for a break' Dad calls to us. Me and Destiny don't need any persuading. We run out and head towards the small cafeteria they have while Dad and Kate stay behind to talk to Ted.

We run down the hallway laughing and giggling. I tell her about Ace waking me up this morning which makes us laugh so much that we almost walk into someone.

'Whoops sorry' Destiny says to them but when I look up they look familiar.

'It's okay' He says to us, 'Your Destiny and Sunset aren't you?' We grin nodding. 'I'm a big fan of little Darlings' he continues. He only looks a few years older than us and then it hits me where I recognise him from.

'Your Davie, from Milky Star!' I gasp, nudging Destiny. She realises too and starts talking to him.

'You were amazing in that film!, and I love your new single star time!'

'Thanks and I love your song Believe me. Our manager played us the sneak preview this morning, I can't wait to hear rest'.

'Thank-you' I say to him still grinning.

'I don't suppose you two ladies know were the cafeteria is do you? I'm starving'

'Yeah were just heading there now' Destiny tells him. We show Davie the way and he tells us that him and the rest of Milk Way are here to start recording there new album.

'Only don't tell anyone, were not announcing it till next week'

'We promise' I reassure him.

'Davie where you been?!' One of his band members shouts over to him when we walk into the cafeteria. 'We ordered you a burger'.

'I got lost' He shouts back.

'Would you like to join us' He says turning to me and Destiny.

'Sure' We say at the same time. Grabbing a sandwich first, we sit down at the table and Davie introduces us to everyone, even though I already know all of their names. I have a big poster of them up on my wall.