I change with the seasons

My body shifts with the colors

Waxing and waning with the leaves and the earth

I fell in autumn

My blood red as the trees

Pierced by a silver sword of early frost

Spilling my life onto the ground

Witnessed by a burning moon

I died in winter

Wrapped in a white shroud of snow

Ice for my epitaph

As I descended into darkness

I awoke in spring

Stumbling through the damp and grey

Trying to find meaning

Trying to thaw my heart

From winter's frost

But now I live in summer

I am embraced, accepted

And loved

By warmth

By brown, and purple

And though windy storms still blow

I will always prefer his bluster

To winter's icy chill

My first poetry fanfic and also my first Descendants fic :)
I'm a huge Hisoka fan so I thought poetry was a good fit for him. I hope to do more stuff with him and Tsuzuki in the future.

And with this I publish my 20th story! ^_^ SQUEE.

Hope you enjoyed and hope you drop a review :)