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This place is huge. I thought with awe as Mephisto, Shura, Kuro, and I got out of the car that drove us up to the old style home. Being three-stories of brick, the mansion looked intimidating up close in the dark. Suddenly the wind picked up from behind the building carrying the scent of the ocean and sounds of waves softly splashing from nearby. That's when I saw a small trail that split in two; one path led down the cliff the house resided on down to a small private beach. I then noticed two lonesome gravestones at the end of the second path in the woods. I wonder who those graves belong to… I was brought out of my musings though when the front door of the mansion opened before Mephisto could even knock. There at the door was a girl around my age that had shoulder-length Auburn brown hair and tired onyx colored eyes; she was in a pair of black pajama bottoms and an old KISS band shirt that was too big on her. "About damn time, everyone else already got here an hour ago." She huffed in English before letting us in. To say I was surprised was an understatement as I looked all around me; the entire first floor looked like a small private clinic. There was a waiting room and a doctor's office and a room to treat the patients. From where I could see, since the door to the doctor's office was wide open, there were stacks of paper and medical records piled on the desk in there. "It seems that you have been quite busy lately Doctor Galveston." Mephisto said in her native tongue with amusement as the girl led us up the stairs to the second story. She's the Doctor? Well shit! "Ya can say that again! I swear there must be another bug going around or something." She then mumbled something about stupid hospital not doing their jobs before opening the door at the top of the stairs; this time we walked into a cozy kitchen that was decorated in shades of browns, reds, oranges, and yellows; over all it felt very Autumn like. On our left was the kitchen itself, in front of us by the second stair case was the living room with a giant flat screen TV and game systems, while on our right was the dining table that was currently occupied by three other girls around my age. What, no guys? I thought as I studied the other three.

The one on the far left had long, blood red hair that was tied into a pony tail and she had green eyes, she also was a bit pale; she wore black slacks, a purple polo shirt and a black scarf around her neck. She looked absolutely bored out of her mind. The girl next to her though was quite different. She had mocha colored skin, black eyes and short black hair; she was wearing jean shorts, a black tank top, and sandals, she also wore a necklace that had a shiny sea shell as its pendant. The last girl was the palest out of the three. She wore a long sleeve, gray shirt, and a worn out pair of jeans; her short black-brown hair was styled so that her bangs were swept to the right side of her face and she had ruby color eyes. What really stood out about her was the pair of pitch-black goggles that hung around her neck. What the hell is going on here? Is this my new group? On the way here Mephisto and Shura explained to me that Mephisto had asked the Vatican to create a special group of teens who were half demons and that he was in charge of it while Shura would train us, but so far I couldn't tell what the other girls in the room were demon-wise. "Now that we are all here, how about we introduce ourselves? I'm Johann Faust V in public but you all may call me Mephisto~" The older demon said with a slight bow as he took off his top hat. "You are zee Principle of zee True Cross Academy." The girl with the goggles said with a German accent mixed with a little of something else. "That I am Miss…?" "Valerica Fleischer; I am half vampire." She answered simply, smiling so that we could see her sharp fangs. "The name's Saccha Nguyen mates and I'm half mermaid and not the wimpy kind either!" The girl with light brown skin said with a wicked grin. "Aren't you full of beans there?" The girl with the red hair laughed at the raven. "My name is Iris Hughes and I'm half succubus." She added with a wink as she revealed her pointy arrow tail and small bat wings. Everyone then looked at the girl in the pajamas. "My name's Delaney Galveston, I'm a solitary witch, not a single drop of human blood in me meaning I'm a full blown demonic being. Welcome to my humble abode." She yawned casually while levitating a mug and a coffee pot; the coffee pot pouring some of the brown liquid into the cup before she grabbed it physically after sending the coffee pot back to the counter. "The name is Shura Kirigakure; I'm going to be trainin' yer sorry asses but most of the time yer on yer own when I'm on missions." The Upper First Class Knight smirked. "And I am Rin Okumura and this is Kuro my familiar." I explained while patting the two-tailed cat that was perched on my shoulder. I then hesitated about telling them of my nature.

"Well what are ya dude? If we're going to be a team we need to know everything about our comrades." Delaney stated before taking a sip of her coffee. Knowing that she had a point, I let out a sigh as I let my tail unwrap from my torso, the girls eying it with interest. Please don't be afraid of me. I pleaded silently before unleashing Kurikara from its sheath, revealing my true form to them as blue flames engulfed me. Since she was the closest, Valerica nearly jumped out of her skin and backed away from my flames as far as possible when they appeared while saying something in German. Iris and Saccha looked at my flames in awe while Delaney nearly choked on her drink. "I'm the Son of Satan, my mother was human." I said softly while putting away my sword, the blue flames instantly disappearing. It was then quiet among us as I looked away in shame. "Well damn, didn't see that coming but I have to admit that was pretty awesome." Delaney said at last with a small chuckle. "Vow, I haf never seen such a blue before." Valerica gasped. "Blimey, that was blinding! I mean awesome!" Said Iris. "Well aren't those flames a beaut!" Saccha said with a cheeky grin. I just looked at them as if they just lost their minds. Here they were, complementing my flames and not disgusted or terrified of me at all. "You don't hate me?" I asked with awe. "Because you're one of Satan's kids? Nah, we can't hate you for something you had no control over. We would be a bunch of hypocrites if we did." Delaney smirked. "Now c'mon, I'll show you guys to your rooms and later on I'll show you around town." "Well then I'll be taking my leave, coming Shura?" Mephisto asked while pulling out a key. She only nodded her head before they left via magic door. As Delaney led us up to the third floor, I couldn't help but feel for once in my life that I belong…

Yeah for this story there will be a lot of British and Australian slang and weird spelling when Valerica speaks. Don't worry Bon and them will be in this story too! :D