"Rin, can you help me set up the lights outside?"

"Rin, can you help me vith zee tree?"

"Hey mate, can ya help me get some grub for Christmas dinner?"

"Rin, will you be a good chap and help me find presents for the others?"

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

I seriously love these girls but sometimes they really do drive me up the wall. Yet I couldn't really blame them for needing help since we were having all of our friends and family join us for Christmas and New Years and thankfully ever since the week that everyone had roomed with us with the Baal incident, Delaney has added a fourth floor to the mansion so that we had more guest rooms. So far the only people who managed to show up were Shima and his wife, Paku, Shura, Mephisto (who was only staying for Christmas dinner), Konekomaru, my brother and his girlfriend. We were now just waiting for Iris, Valerica, and Saccha's parents to show up. "Why do we have to wait for them? I want to open the presents now." Amaimon whined as his mate (Yes I said mate, they marked each other shortly after getting together, so I guessed they're married in a sense?) rolled her eyes. "Because they are family and you should always wait for the entire family to be here! Hell, I'm still surprised that you two of all people are celebrating with us; it's not every day two Princes of Hell are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ." Delaney pointed out as Mephisto laughed. "She has us there brother." He chuckled as my green haired half brother pouted. "But I want Dee-Chan to open the present I got her and I want to know what her surprise for me is!" At this I couldn't help but smirk as Delaney blushed slightly before reprimanding her lover for being impatient, it was quite amusing especially when Amaimon obeyed. Let's just say when the two decided to have a mock fight for training one day, my half brother learned that not only is the witch doctor is as strong as he is but more cunning and deadly in a fight, yet they still treated each other as equals no matter who was stronger. Suddenly the door by the kitchen opened up to reveal four more adults. "Frohe Weihnachten!" Valerica's foster dad, a man who had bright blue eyes and graying black hair, Adalmar Fleischer called out merrily before his daughter hugged him. "Merry Christmas mates!" A very tan man said with a silly grin; his arm wrapped around his wife's waist. This was Hunter and Talia Nguyen, both very friendly people. Saccha's dad is a bit of a goofball while his wife was nice and calm. "Merry Christmas, sorry that we are a bit late we had to pick up the Nguyen's." Bryan Hughes explained as he ran a hand through his brown hair, green eyes dancing with mirth. "We keep forgetting that they don't have a bloody key to get here." "No we do, it's just my husband keeps misplacing it." Mrs. Nguyen huffed as said husband grinned sheepishly. "Here, let me show you to your rooms." Delaney suggested while guiding the parents up to the fourth floor. "Well now I see where Saccha gets her looks from." My boyfriend said with a chuckle. "And her goofball antics." I added with a laugh but let out a yelp when my Aussie teammate threw an onion at the back of my head. "Can it you bludger and help me with dinner!" I just rolled my eyes and started to help prepare the meal.

Once the both of us were done Bon, Shiemi and Delaney helped set up the table before the entire household was eating and it was pretty funny. With so many people in the small kitchen/dining area, people were sitting on either the ground, the couches, or if they were lucky the actual table (which Delaney said the parents and Mephisto could claim with finality so no one argued); the rest of us just stood and ate. Everyone was having a good time especially when Saccha and her dad were cracking jokes left and right while the rest of the DSS and my brother's team told funny stories. Then when someone brought up the story of Iris, Valerica, Saccha and I dancing while singing Don't Trust Me by 3OH!3 Delaney disappeared in thin air before popping back up with her camera and cables in hand a minute later; an evil smile on her face as she set it up so that everyone could see on the wide screen TV. The four of us just started to turn red in the face as we watched ourselves on screen. Saccha was wearing her favorite Little Mermaid pajamas as she sang into a spatula before scrambling some eggs; Valerica was wearing a long sleeved black shirt that said "Bite Me" and black sweatpants along with a pair of sunglasses instead of her goggles as she poured drinks for everyone; Iris had a pair of Pac Man pajama pants and a black tank top on as she swayed her hips as she cook the bacon, her tail and wings twitching to the beat of the song; and me? Well I was wearing nothing but a pair of mesh shorts that hung low on my hips to the point that people could see a hint of my bright red boxers underneath; and I was the only one singing the main lyrics while the girls sang the choruses as I made pancakes.

~Shush girl…

Shut your lips

Do the Helen Keller

And talk with your hips~

Dear God just kill me now. I thought as I watched myself on screen sing this with the most sinful, seductive tone and the most mischievous look on my face to an equally seductive and playful Saccha who was next to me at the time. At the corner of my eye though I saw Bon's face begin to heat up while his eyes darkened with desire. When he caught me staring at him he just smirked before pulling me closer to him. "You are so lucky that we have guests over or I would be taking you to our room to test out that sound proofing spell Delaney put on it." He whispered huskily in my ear as my entire body shivered with excitement. Yeah, after the first time Bon and I made love Delaney put a spell on my door so that every time I lock it my room becomes sound proof; since unfortunately she and Amaimon had walked into the house while we were in the middle of it and could hear us (mostly me) from the first floor. However, Bon and I never really used it since we always waited until we had the house to ourselves since it was a bit disturbing to have your friends in the house when that sort of thing happens. "Maybe later love." I murmured with a wink before kissing him on the cheek. After the humiliating video was over Iris suggested that we started to open up presents, so after the parents went upstairs to retrieve theirs' we took turns opening gifts. The girls got me a new guitar case for my Fender, Shura got me a new set of guitar picks, Yukio and Shiemi got me a scrap book and a camera to record new memories, Shima, Izumo, Konekomaru and Paku got me a bunch of CDs of my favorite bands, and Mephisto and Amaimon gave me two new swords. Bon told me to close my eyes when he went to give me my present from him and when I did I felt him clasp something around my neck. "You can open your eyes now." He said and when I did to look at what he put on me tears came to my eyes. It was a silver chained necklace that had a sapphire cut into the shape of a music note as its pendant. "Ryuji…Thank you." I said with a tearful smile before hugging and kissing my boyfriend. I then placed my present for him in his hands. When he opened it a smile broke out on his face as he pulled out my gift: a black beaded rosary with a silver Celtic cross at the end of it. "I love it." He said sincerely as he put it in his pocket before kissing me back.

"All right! Now it's my turn to give Dee-Chan her present!" Amaimon said as he practically bounced over to the tree to retrieve a small gift and an evelope; Delaney being forever amused by my half brother's rare showings of childish glee (that wasn't related to slaughtering demons). The witch doctor just took it gently from him and unwrapped it to reveal a small black jewelry box and tore open the envelope before opening the box. I could already feel the grin etching itself on my face as she opened the note and read its contents out loud:

"Dear Dee-Chan,

When I met you the first time I was a hamster, thanks to my brother, and you were the first person to actually treat me nicely even though it was quite obvious I was not a normal hamster and this made me curious about you. With every visit brother made to see you I watched as you slowly transformed from this teenager who had to deal with the harsh reality on her own to a young woman who could take on anything that came her way thanks to her friends. When I was restored to my original form my curiosity for you grew when I felt the raw power of your being through our connection with nature and before I knew it I was dying to see what your real form was like and even though you don't like what you really look like, I still thought you were amazing once I saw it. At that time I didn't know I had already fallen for you but when you said that you loved me too I finally realized it but I had a hard time thinking of a way to tell you so that you would believe me. When you first kissed me I wanted to tell you then and there but you died in my arms and I was devastated. I became determined though when my brother reminded me that I could bring you back and for two whole days I sat there by your resting place as I healed your body and for the first time ever I prayed, I prayed with my entire being that you would come back. So when you appeared during the middle of the fight with Baal I nearly cried with joy and I was beyond happy when I was able to kiss you again. From then on our relationship grew and after a few months we became official mates but since you were raised by humans I also wanted to do this the traditional way for you. So I am asking you in this note since I know I wouldn't be able to say this without screwing something up:

Delaney Elizabeth Galveston, will you marry me?"

By the end of the letter the witch was stuttering the last line, choking on tears as Amaimon opened the box to reveal a silver ring with a single emerald stone on it. "Y-yes Amaimon, I will marry you." She said with the brightest smile before he slipped the ring on her left hand. "Can you tell me the surprise now?" My half brother asked with hopeful eyes as she nodded her head. "What's her surprise?" I heard Iris asked Shura, Saccha and Valerica softly. The three just shrug to show that they didn't know either but all four narrowed their eyes on me when I couldn't contain the shit eating grin from my face any longer. Out of all our friends only Bon and I knew what the surprise was since Delaney only trusted us with keeping this a secret. The four girls then turned their eyes onto Delaney as she grabbed Amaimon's hand and pressed it gently on the small bump that was concealed by her shirt. "I'm pregnant Amaimon. You're going to be a dad." She said softly as his eyes widen with surprise. "I'm going to be a dad?" He repeated with awe before a silly grin broke out on his face. All the girls in the room started to squeal when he hugged her close to him before kissing the witch passionately. "So are you goink to vait until zee babee iz born before gettink married?" Valerica asked as the two full demons thought about it. "No, I think we should get married first before the baby comes. I'm only three weeks in." Delaney stated. "So maybe in the next two months we should set a date." "Brother would you be the best man for our wedding?" Amaimon asked Mephisto as the demon principal looked at him with genuine surprise. "Of course, it would be an honor." He said with a true smile. "Iris would you be the maid of honor?" Delaney asked as our British teammate nodded her head rapidly. The witch then whispered something in Amaimon's ear and then looked at me and Shura when he nodded. "Rin, Shura, would you like to be the godparents?" She asked bashfully as mine and Shura's jaws dropped. "Yes!" We both said in unison before we all laughed.

So when nine months went by, Delaney and Amaimon got married, Yukio proposed to Shiemi, Izumo and Shima were expecting their own child, and Bon and I were also engaged (since thankfully same sex couples can get married in New England (1)). Now the lot of us were in the waiting room of the Vatican hospital as Delaney went through labor. Exorcists/doctors were running around doing various things. However it started to piss me off when I heard some of them talk badly about my half sister-in-law and her husband and it didn't help that they were glaring at our group either from across the hall.

"What is the Grigori thinking letting those monsters in here?"

"That child is going to be the death of us all."

"It shouldn't be allowed to live."

I was so fucking close to killing one of the bastards when my other half brother put a hand on my shoulder calmly but when I went to look at him I saw murderous rage in his green eyes. "Gentlemen, I suggest that if you want to leave here with all limbs intact, I advise that you quit talking about my family." He stated coldly as they all paled. "Y-Yes Sir Pheles!" One squeaked before they all scattered. That's when Delaney's doctor came out. "Mrs. Galveston (2) has asked that the godparents come in." She said with a smile as Shura and I followed her. "Breathe Rin; ya look like yer going to pass out." My long time mentor laughed as I weakly chuckled. "Sorry, I'm just so excited to meet my godchild. I wonder if it's a boy or a girl." Delaney didn't want to know what gender the baby was since she wanted it to be a surprise so no one knew what gender the baby was. When we entered the room that Delaney and Amaimon, who refused to leave his wife's side, occupied for the last 13 hours we met a wonderful sight. Amaimon was in the hospital bed as he held his exhausted mate in his arms while Delaney held their newborn child. I couldn't help but noticed that the blanket the baby was wrapped in was pink. "It's a girl?" I asked softly so I wouldn't scare the newborn. My sister-in-law just nodded her head with a smile. I couldn't help but let out an "Awww" when I saw a tiny hand grab my half brother's finger when he went to pat her head. "She has a strong grip." The Earth King mused as he gently pried his finger from his daughter's grasp. "Rin would you like to hold her?" Delaney asked and giggled when I grinned like an idiot. Gently taking the bundle of new life, I took this time to study her for the first time. She had little fuzz balls of black hair on her head and slightly pointy ears but what made me gasp were her eyes; they were both different colors! Her left eye was blue while her right was silver. "She's beautiful; what are you going to name her?" I asked as the two thought it over. "Samantha; we'll name her after her grandmother." Amaimon said after a while as Delaney stared at him with awe before she smiled. "Samantha Alice Galveston it is then." The witch murmured as her eye lids grew heavy. As she fell asleep in my half brother's arms, Shura and I just cooed over our goddaughter and when she let out a giggle at us I knew then that my life was only going to get better.

And I can't wait for it either.

Yes this is the end folks. I am finally done with My Redemption and to be honest this took a lot out of me haha. However I had much fun writing this and I am thankful to you my readers for loving it so much. I am now currently thinking about writing another series involving Rin's original character Night from The Miyama-Uguisu Mansion Incident. It's going to be something along the lines of what happened after the one-shot and what he did with himself; I will probably have him meet Rin the crew too but I still have to work out a few things. I will also start writing an original story but I don't know if I will post it or not since I am still debating on it.

(1) The six states that allow it are: Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont.

(2) Since Amaimon doesn't have a last name they both took Delaney's.