A/N: Written by request from julietsimmslover96

Isabel's life had always been about order. She set goals and she achieved them. It was all very neat and that's how she wanted it.

She pushed everything aside in the pursuit of her career; love, family, even her own happiness at times. Some people called her obsessed, she preferred the term driven. It worked for her.

Then she met Walter.

At first, Isabel couldn't stand him. Walter did things with seemingly no rhyme or reason, asked questions that made no sense and he still got the job done. It irritated her to no end. His chaos had no place in her life.

And yet, Walter managed to make a niche for himself.

She could pinpoint the moment things changed. She had just finished a particularly difficult case where a child had died in the crossfire. It was always a million times harder when a kid was involved. She had gone to Walter wanting to feel anything but the terrible numbness that came with a hard case. That was the first time they slept together.

Isabel convinced herself afterward that it didn't mean anything, she couldn't afford for it to mean anything, but she wasn't ready to give it up so they came up with their friends with benefits agreement.

Then she started dating a baseball player and Walter seemed jealous and everything just got...messy.

It was then she realized that her Washington life and her Walter life weren't as seperate as she thought and more so that that didn't bother her as much as it would have just a few months before and it was her that asked for more. Suddenly she was someone's girlfriend and everything was full of new meaning and potential. For once, Isabel was excited about the unknown but she didn't realize how invested she was until Pope came.

When Walter had asked for her consent to continue his search, she hadn't flinched, hadn't hesitated. She had chosen Walter and she would choose him again and again.

Everything she thought she would never get was what she had in her life in Florida. She had a family at the Ends of the Earth and had found love with Walter. One day she would figure out a way to combine her Washington life and her Walter life but for now she was happy just the way she was.