Amu's POV

Another day another dollar I thought sadly. "Brighen up Amu, your with me." Tadase said as he smiled with both his mouth and big blue eyes. " I know, it's just. I like helping people and this music critic job doesn't count." I stated as I twisted my waist long wavy pink hair. " Well think about it as helping someone complete their dreams." Tadase said taking my fingers out of my hair. A cute habit he had said once. With a sigh I pulled my hand away. " Yah. Well, what about the people we turn down? It seems like we turn down more people than promote." I mumbled as I looked out the car window.

We had just arrived outside of the easter building. I have had this job for the past 3 years, ever since I was 15 and Tadase was 16. No matter how many times I promotted or let someone down it never got any easier. Automatically I reached for my amulet heart neclace rubbing it as I stared at the huge building before me. As I turned back to see if Tadase had paid the cab driver my cell rang.

"Hello?" I asked. " Amu! Is Ami there?" my mother asked. "No, it's work, why would she be? I never do bring her." I asked angrily. I needed to move out and soon. " Ami said she was going with you!" my mother yelled on the phone. "My poor Ami. She's only 4" I heard my dad crying beside her. Fixing my white blouse and black and white stripped skirt suit I asked. " What's wrong?" " Well Amu, Ami had said she was going with you and since your going to see her favorite singer Utau. We just assumed you had taken her and well... shes gone" my mom said through the phone in a rush. Tears highly noticable in her voice. " I'll find her" I said as I hung up the phone. I knew where she was at this very moment.

"What floor?" I asked Tadase as he pushed button 3. He wore a form fitting pair of blue jeans, loafers, and a navy blazer. I shook my leg in frustration .I mean what if I was wrong? Tadase wrapped his arm around my waist in comfort, but as soon as the elevator door opened he removed it. I listened for the sound of an angelic voice. Tadase and I found the source of the voice belonged to Utah. Our newest client. The glass was one way so we saw her, but she couldn't see us.

"A shadow of desire squirms in the town
It wanders in the guise of an angel
It holds the shards of love without a place to go
In it's arms as if it treasures them

As you fall asleep, are you somewhere also
Having a happy dream?
Kiss the starry sky. It's time for good children to go to sleep.

Don't look at me, don't catch me.
I'm a butterfly who got lost.
I sing freely with these wings no one can see.
They're hiding in your heart.


Don't look at me, don't catch me.
I'm a butterfly who got lost.
I sing freely with these wings no one can

Don't look at me, don't catch me."

I soaked up her lyrics. It was as if she was wrote the song just for me.

She seem surprised by the claps that she heard once she emerged from behind the booth. " Thanks." she said energeticly as she shook are hands. " I am pretty sure Tadase and I agree that you would make a wonderful asset to the music world." I said as brightly as I could. Ami wasn't here. " Tadase would you mind finoshing things up here?" I asked not waitng for an answer as I left the room.