I wake up with no hangover thanks god. I didn't want to stay in bed the day I was off I look at my clock. 8 oclock nobody in my house was up yet. Getting out of bed I put my hair back in a ponytail. Put on some hot pink shorts, a white v neck t and some pink Jordan's and run out the door. Ready for a little jog around the park.

At the park I go to my spot at the duck pond. Put in my earbuds and begin to stretch. Reach to the sky, the left, now the right, and down. I was humming to my favorite song while I reached down he touch my toes only to see a figure from between my legs. Causing me to fall into the duck pond… well almost.

Ikuto POV

"Do I always need to save you princess?" I say savoring the way her bare skin feels against mine. " I don't anyway need saving." She replied back starkly as she removed dirt from her shorts. After I pulled my eyes from her rear end I decided to annoy her so more. " So are you really a virgin?" I ask as she checks me out in my gray sweatpants, white form fitting tee, and converse sneakers. " Like what you see I ask stepping up to her. "Yes" she says under her breath and shakes her head before asking. " What?" "Are you still a virgin?" I repeat again slowly twirling her hair. She nods and runs off.

I follow her short ways behind and enjoy the view of her backside while she runs. After five minutes I go to her ear and whisper " I can change that." This stops her in her tracks as a shade of pink close to her hair fills up her cheeks. " Think about it me, you , two totally hot people alone, in a bed, together, all sweaty." I say wrapping my arms around her waist teasingly. She's biting her lip and won't make eye contact. "Why didn't you have sex with Kiddy King yet? I know he sure as hell wants to." I ask curious. " I wasn't always much of a girl. And now hes always angry so theirs not time for sex thank god. Until yesterday that is." She said looking into my eyes. " You saved me." She added smiling that adorable smiles of her's. " I seem to be doing that a lot" I counter leaning down to touch her lips with mine.

Me: Awww why can't we always have an ending like this.

Ikuto: *grabs Kayla's hand* This is out story lets right it together.

Tadaese: Back the truck up. ARE YOU DONE WRITING!?

Me: I don't know should I…. or sequel?