He didn't know if this was even happening. It has all happened so quickly. He, of course, was worried about every little thing. She was carefree and happy.

Ren didn't know how Fabia did it, juggling the task of being queen and still having time for him. He loved her so much but he was so scared that something would happen to tear them apart. He feared Prime Minister Nurzak would not approve of their relationship and they would be forced to separate despite pleading from Ambassador Serena. The only thing that helped him sleep at night was that no one but Fabia's older sister knew about their relationship.

Fabia was not afraid of losing Ren, but as she always tells him "Living beings cannot separate true love only the great celestial beings may decide this." Though she knew this gave Ren no peace of mind. She was fully aware he was always going to worry about everything because of his awful past.

She hated Emperor Barodius even now long after his death she hated him because of what he did to her people and to Ren. She knew that those scars would stay with him for the rest of his life.

He always worried for her safety. It didn't exactly help that when he was with her, guarding her, protecting her, that the nights he would stay at the palace he would have the uncontrollable nightmares, fearing that Barodius would come back to life and kill him and Fabia. He was afraid he would never be able to protect the woman he loved with all his heart. Though he knew that the chances of Barodius coming back to life were pretty much none he still feared….He feared Kazarina would come back to life and resurrect her dearly departed lover. After all the only one of the dead twelve orders who had bones to bury was her.

Fabia knew about Ren's nightterrors. Every morning and night she prays to Code Eve that Ren will be relieved of his neverending torture. She had never known despair until her planet was attacked and her mother was killed in a brawling accident that put Serena in the hospital. Then the war started and she believes she was as despaired as Ren but she knew it wasn't true. He suffered his entire life. She can never fix this.

Ren knew that Fabia worked endlessly to try and make him feel better and he tried to lie and say he felt good. He isn't a very good liar because Fabia never believes him. Ren had made a revelation one day while having dinner one Gundalia with his friends, a time when Fabia was not with him. He revealed that he was going to propose to Fabia one of these days. He knew himself he was a coward and didn't think he could do it.

"F-fabia will you marry me?"

"Of course Ren!"


Next thing he knew he was waking up in a hospital room with a bunch of bandages wrapped around his head, around him was his friends and…Fabia.

"D-did all that really happen? Is it true? Did I propose to you Fabia?" Ren asked, awestruck.

"Yes you did Ren. And right after that you fainted and hit your head pretty hard on the floor. And now you are here." Fabia said simply with a smile on her face.

After that Ren and Fabia embraced and Ren felt safe and happy, no longer despairing. He was getting married to the woman he loved since the war started.