1. Don't Look in the Mirror

Raven shot awake on the morning of her 18th birthday, her entire body screaming in agony. Her stomach roiled, and she ran to her bathroom. Benidng over the toilet, she evacuated her stomach. She stared down at the black ooze that came pouring out of her, and retched again.

Her body was screaming. Her bones felt like they were trying to reconfigure themselves. There was a pain in her head, her limbs, her shoulders, at her tail bone. It felt like her body was tearing itself apart.

"What...what's happening..." she managed to say before another wave of retching. Then in her mind she heard a familiar chuckle...one she'd hoped she would never hear again.

"Happy Birthday, daughter."

*What...how are you doing this to me? I defeated you!* she managed to scream in her mind, but he only laughed.

"Yes...you did. On your sixteenth birthday, I should have come through and taken over the earth...but you stopped me. The Earth is your realm now, and now that you have fully matured...your demon blood has chosen a form more fitting the demon queen of the world!" His laughter filled her mind. "Soon you'll wish you had let me have the Earth...after you see how humans treat you now!" His voice departed, but the laughter remained.

Raven heard the sound of tearing cloth, and felt her body contort and shift. She wanted to scream, but the pain was too much. She blacked out.

She didn't know how long it was after that when she came to, but things looked strange, as though she was seeing more than she usually did. Stanidng up, she made a mistake.

She saw her reflection.

Screaming, she smashed the mirror, denying what she had seen, but she could not deny it for long. Now she knew why Starfire had tried so hard to hide her Transformation. But she could not hide this. Her friends...they couldn't accept her, not like this. Crawling back to her bed, she sealed the door with magic...and wept burning tears.