10. Saying Goodbye

Things had been very quiet at Titans Tower since Raven and Beast Boy's departure, 4 months back. They'd fought a few bad guys, but most had gone very quiet. They'd managed to stay a team, mostly by Robin being incredibly apologetic over the situation. He had realized that he was doing the one thing he'd hoped would never happen: he was turning into Batman.

As such, whenever Cyborg wanted him to do something rather...embarrassing, all it took was one reminder about that blasted file, and he was doing it. When he saw that many of these things made Starfire laugh, and helped her feel more forgiving towards him, he wasn't nearly as hesitant to do so.

One day, three fancy envelopes arrived at the Tower. Cyborg brought them in. "Pretty fancy caligraphy. There's one addressed to each of us...but there's no postage."

"Oh! Maybe it is from Friend's Raven and Beast Boy, and it arrived by magic!" Star said excitedly, seizing hers.

They sat down to open them. Inside, each had one item that was identical, and one card of instructions. They were invitations to Beast Boy and Raven's wedding, to take place in Upper Lamumba. Starfire was going to be the Maid of Honor. Cyborg was going to be Best Man. And Robin...had been asked to give the bride away.

They were all very excited, and an eager rush to pack was under way.

A week later...

In a small village in Upper Lamumba, the villagers were rather shocked at the sudden arrival of a VTOL capable jet. They were even more shocked at the guests who had arrived. However, Garfield assured them that these were the friends he had told them about, they relaxed and welcomed them. They were still getting used to Garfield's bride-to-be, although no one mads any fuss when the king of the tribe declared her to be a Spirit Woman, having undergone a Rite of Transformation. Since the villagers knew of magic, to a degree, they accepted her without qualms.

Once there, the former team gathered together to talk.

"I take it you're going to stay here?" Cyborg asked the two love birds.

Garfield nodded. "This place feels more like home to us. We've found a spot away from the village that's perfect for us, and we're unlikely to come across any people, so Raven won't have to worry about any accidents. We can be ourselves here. Of course, you all are welcome to visit."

Starfire embraced them both. "Oh, my dear friends! I will miss you both so!"

Raven hugged Star back. "I'll miss you too, Star. Keep in touch, okay?"

"I most certainly shall!"

Robin faced Raven nervously. "Raven, I just wanted to apologize for what I tried to do-"

"Robin, stop." Robin fell silent. "Robin...if you had gotten to me first...I'd have welcomed what you sought to do that night. If Garfiled hadn't found me, and convinced me I still had a future, still had hope...I would have welcomed death at your hands. I can't blame you for it. Gar was the only one who saw clearly that night...and I think we can all be grateful for that."

"You...you forgive me, then?"

She smiled. "Would I have asked you to give me away if I didn't? So come on, I want to see you and Star kiss and make up, already. The tension between you two gave me a headache all the way from Jump City."

Starfire hugged Robin before he had a chance to react. "I did not like being angry with you, dear Robin." She kissed him soundly. "So do not ever vex me so again!" she said, poking his chest to emphasize her point.

He smiled and nodded, plainly both releived and nervous. Cyborg laughed.

Raven smiled. "That's better. By the way..." She gestured to a few other guests at the wedding. "Think you could give the kids a lift home after the wedding? They deserve as normal a childhood as possible, and we really can't give them that, as much as we want to."

Starfire hugged Raven. "Oh dear friend who is more of a sister to me than my own flesh and blood, I would be pleased to watch over your bumgorf's for you! I am sure Robin will assist me in this!"

Robin gulped, then nodded vigorously when eyes turned to him.

The wedding went off without a hitch. The King performed a ceremony that was a mixture of local and western traditions. There was one point that got a laugh out of a few people, though.

Near the climax of the wedding, the king spoke up. "If there are any here with sound reason why these two should not be joined..." He jerked a thumb towards Raven. "Keep in mind who the bride is."

Some of the guests laughed. Deciding to get into the joke, Raven pulled Garfield to her, glared playfully at the crowd, and said, "Mine!" Everyone laughed.

When the wedding was succesfully concluded, few were surprised when Starfire caught the bouquet...although one was extremely nervous when Starfire asked, "Dear Robin, what is the significance of the catching of the floral arrangement?"

Melvin, Timmy and Teether were a little upset when they found out they would not be living with Raven, but Melvin understood the reasons. She managed to get Timmy and Teether okay with it as well, after extracting a promise from Raven that there would be regular visits both ways.

The Titans flew back to Jump City, the jet heavy by four passengers, three children and a teddy bear. Raven and Beast Boy flew off into the wilderness, Leaving behind those things that they needed no longer.

They had each other. They had nature's bounty. They had their future.

What more could they need?