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This is before The Last Olympian thats why the labyrinth is still here. Basically Kronos had a daughter with a woman named Clove West and they had Jade. The Gods knew that Jade would overthrow them so they killed Clove and sealed Jade away for a hundred years. Eventually the magic wore off of the door so Kronos was able to release Jade.


Kronos walked towards the chamber that was sealed in the labyrinth. It was the middle of the summer, Kronos' least favourite season. He pressed the Greek symbols in such a order it read: καταστρέψει, which meant destroy. The earth crumbled away and revealed a passage. Kronos went through knowingly that his daughter, Jade, will be the one who will overthrow the Gods. The hallway lead into a dimly lit room and in the middle of it, on a stone platform laid Jade. Her dark black hair had green streaks in it and her skin was paler than it should be. Kronos walked towards her and put his two fingers on her forehead and said-

"Rise my daughter," Jade's eyes opened looking around the room wondering why she was here.

"Many years passed during your slumber." Jade nodded and Kronos continued talking. "You will be the one to overthrow the gods. For that is what the prophecy says." Jade suddenly became alert and spoke the prophecy.

"Daughter of the titan awakes tonight
All the mortals receive a terrible fright
Never the less the world will end
And all the Gods are left to condescend"
(A/N: I am HORRIBLE at making prophecies. SORRY!)

Kronos nodded.

"Ares is on our side, he will claim you as his daughter when you arrive at camp and your job is to tell me their plans so we can win the war. Here," Kronos said as he handed Jade a necklace that had a scythe on it. The handle was pure black and the blade was gold.

"You will use this necklace to tell me their plans and you know you will be able to use it because if someone is within hearing range the scythe will turn into a golden blue jay." Jade put the necklace on and wondered how it will feel when they overthrow the gods.

"I will transport you to camp now and remember to pretend that you are a regular half-blood that is a daughter of Ares." Kronos said. Jade nodded and Kronos transported her to camp.

Jade's POV

My father transported me to camp, I needed to remember to act like a regular half-blood. I was transported right outside the camp. On the gate that stood in front of me said:


Oh I will enjoy tearing this camp down.

Percy's POV

I was walking around camp since there was nothing else to do. When I got close to the gate I noticed a punk like girl looking at the sign, not confused, it looked like she was deciding how to tear camp down.

"Hey, what are you doing?" I asked her.

"My mother told me to come here." the girl said. Her voice was hollow and her bright amber eyes scared me a little.

"Follow me," I told her and she followed me, staying a good distance behind me. I led her to the Big House and before I came in I heard Annabeth and Chiron were arguing about the prophecy that Annabeth and I were given.

"I'm worried for the camp-" Annabeth said.

"We can't tell them-"

"We have to-" I walked in with the girl coming in behind me. Their attention was directed towards us.

"What's her name?" Chiron asked.

"Jade," Jade said, her eyes looked around the Big House as if she was wondering if she could burn it down. I thought about the prophecy, Daughter of the titan awakes tonight, could it be her? Nah, it can't be.

"Why am I here?" Jade asked. I tried to tell her but she kept zoning out so eventually I just stopped trying. When it was time for Sword Lessons, I handed Jade a sword but she said-

"I'd rather fight with a scythe." She held out her hand and a scythe appeared in her hands. Its handle was pure black and its blade was gold. Everyone backed away when it appeared in her hand. She hacked away at the dummies and all of them ended up as piles of cotton.(They're made of cotton right?) Everyone stared at her in shock as she made the scythe disappear and walked away.

At the campfire Jade got claimed as a daughter of Ares. I really don't like her one bit.

"Percy, can I talk to you?" Chiron said, pulling me aside.

"I think Jade is the daughter Kronos like the prophecy said." I said.

"I think so too. Keep an eye on her." he said and then he went to the Big House for the night. When I turned around I saw Jade running into the forest so I followed her.

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