Hey, I decided that there will be a little love in this story to make it more interesting. And yes it will be Jade and a random OC.

Jade's POV

I stormed away. I don't want to play Capture the Flag. I went to my cabin and laid down on my bed.


To be honest, and don't tell my dad, I think I like a guy from the Athena cabin. His name is Eric. God, what's happening to me? I'm the daughter of a titan. Not a God. I went outside and went to the arena. I got out my scythe and slashed at the dummies. I heard footsteps and when I turned around I saw Eric coming in. I ran behind a sword rack, hoping he wouldn't see me. I think I stayed behind the sword rack for about thirty minutes until he left. I came out from hiding and went to the forest. I sat down in a clearing and wondered what I was going to do after we overthrow the Gods.

"Hey," I turned around and saw Eric. How did he know I was here?

"What?" I responded.

"Some people think your the daughter of Kronos because you came to camp at the time when the daughter of Kronos awoke, and everyone knows that he would sent his daughter to spy on us." How did he know? Never mind.

"I'm a daughter of Ares, and that's final." I said, trying to sound annoyed.

"Alright, I believe you it's just that the head of my cabin, Annabeth, told us to stay away from you because she thinks your the daughter of Kronos." Great. Not that Annabel -Annabee -ANNABETH girl. God, who do I have such a hard time saying her name?

"Like what I care what she thinks." I said, this time I was really annoyed. Eric chuckled. I smiled. Wait, I smiled? Holy shit, when was the last time I smiled? A conch horn blew.

"Time for dinner." he said. "Don't tell anyone about this." I nodded, then we went to dinner.


In the morning, after breakfast, I went to the lake and sat right at the edge. At the corner of my eye I saw Percy and Annabel -ANNABETH kissing. Still need to work on her name. I stared into the water, looking at my own reflection.

"What are you looking at?" Eric said, coming over to sit next to me.

"Nothing." I said, boredom was plainly shown. Eric chuckled. His laugh is just one of the things I like about him.

Annabeth's POV

Percy and I were at the lake. It was a normal morning but then at the corner of my eye I saw Eric going over to talk to Jade. I thought I told them to stay away from her.

"Percy, look!" I said, pointing towards them. Percy looked behind me and saw them.

"The Hades?" he said. I shrugged. What was Eric doing? Jade was... laughing? I have a feeling that Eric likes her. And I mean likes her. I have to talk to Eric about her probably being Kronos' daughter. Eric said something to her and then left. I looked at my watch, 9:29. It was time for his archery lessons. Jade just sat there looking at something in the water.

"Wait," I said to Percy. I got up and went over to Jade.

"Why were you talking to my half brother?" I asked Jade.

"Why do you care?" she asked.

"Because he's my half brother so I care." She sighed then got up and left.

"Hey you get back here!" I said grabbing her arm. She twisted around and grabbed both of my arms and pinned them behind my back.

"Nah." she said. Then she let go and went to her cabin.

Jade's POV

Good, I managed to slip my way out of Annabeth's reach, for now at least. I went to my cabin, as soon as I entered everyone went dead silent. I looked around, my fierce amber eyes scanning the room. Everyone was terrified. I smiled evilly and left. I headed towards the forest. I sat in a clearing and waited. You see, me and Eric were going to meet up here. He was coming in 3...2...1. Eric came and sat beside me.

"Hey," I said, trying hard not to rest my head on his shoulders.

"What's that?" he asked. I turned towards him.

"What's, wha-" I was cut off by him kissing me. Wait, I knew this guy for about a week now and now we're kissing. Like any other child of a titan I chose to be selfish. Eric pulled away from me. I really hoped I wasn't blushing. I couldn't get that smile off my face. I was so out of character right now. Eric grabbed me hand and pushed me against a tree and kissed me. No, that was an under statement. We were making out. I put my hands around his neck and kissed back.

Annabeth's POV

I went to look for Jade and when I found her she was making out with... Eric. I needed to talk to him right now. They pulled away from each other and said goodbye. Eric was walking my way while Jade went deeper into the forest.

"Hey," I said, coming out from hiding.

"What?" Eric asked.

"We need to talk. Right now."

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