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Never Lose You Again

By green goddess

Chapter Five- Jealousy and Denials


Lunchtime was quite interesting.

Well, at least for Yanagi.

As always, she and Fuuko were eating together. All the things they talked about were their surroundings; teachers, students, etc.

"Did you hear the rumor going on about Megumi-san and Yukito-san?" Yanagi gossiped.

"Yup." Fuuko replied. "But I don't think it's true that they're going out with each other. They totally hate each other. They loathe each other!"

"Something like you and Mikagami-sempai?" Yanagi said slyly.

"Yes." Fuuko answered.

"But you know the saying… 'The more you hate the more you love.'" Yanagi giggled.

Fuuko blushed. "That saying isn't true, you know!"

"Fine, Fuuko-chan, fine! Whatever you sa—!"

Yanagi had seen something that caught her attention and cut her off.

"What's wrong, Yanagi?"

"Look over there!"

Yanagi pointed to two people.

Fuuko looked.

And she saw Tokiya talking to another girl.

"Who's that girl?" she asked, still looking at the two.

"Her?" Yanagi said. "That's Murasaki Akai."



Fuuko felt something.

Something she didn't want to feel.

An emotion.

Not anger…

Not happiness…

Can you guess?


That's right.



"Why do you ask, Fuuko-chan?" Yanagi asked, smiling slightly.

"Stupid…that baka..huh?" Fuuko was mumbling. "What did you say, Yanagi?"

"Feeling jealous, aren't we now, young lady?" Yanagi grinned slyly and narrowing her eyes.

"N-no! W-why should I, of all people, be jealous?" Fuuko stuttered, her cheeks turning pink.

"Ah, my dear Fuuko-chan, actions speak louder than words…" Yanagi explained as-a-matter-of-factly. "As you can see, you have broken your chopsticks into four pieces…"

Fuuko was quite surprised. She didn't even notice her chopsticks. She looked at it.

And they were, indeed, broken.

"It's okay. I was done eating anyways." Fuuko said, throwing her chopsticks behind her.

She looked one last time at Tokiya and that Akai girl.

"Let's go, Yanagi…I don't care about them."

Fuuko stood up from her seat and put her hands behind her head and started walking.

"O-okay!" Yanagi also stood up, gathered up all her things, and caught up with her friend.

"Baka…that Mi-chan…hmph…I don't care!" Fuuko mumbled angrily.

Yanagi giggled silently.


"Hi, Mikagami-senpai!" Akai said happily to Tokiya. "How are you doing today?"

Tokiya didn't stop walking.

"Mikagami-sempai!" Akai called. "Don't you hear me?"

He didn't reply.

Akai, finally getting irritated pulled Tokiya's arm.

"Mikagami-sempai! Stop avoiding me!"

"Then stop annoying me." He said.

"Stop wasting your time on that Kirisawa girl! You're too good for her!" the red haired girl said.

"So what?" Tokiya said. "At least she's a thousand times better than YOU."

Akai stood there, shocked. "So…you like that Kirisawa?"

Tokiya turned slight red. "N-no…I didn't say that…exactly…"

"Good!" Akai smiled widely. "For a moment there I thought that you had some sort of crush on her!"


"Well, anyway, I have to get to class now! See you, Mikagami-sempai!"

And she ran off to the building.

Tokiya, on the other hand, was rooted to the ground, still blushing.


"Bye, Mi-chan!" Fuuko called to Tokiya who was in the kitchen. "I'm going to Yanagi's today!"

"What are you going to do there?" he asked.

"None of your business!" Fuuko replied. "Anyway, I'm already late! See you!"

She waved her hand and went to the door.

She opened it and was about to go out when she stopped to say something.

"Oh, and don't talk to some prissy girls tonight!"

"What?! What do you m--!!"

The door was closed.

Tokiya sighed.

"What should I do now?"

He went upstairs, after deciding that he'd just stay in his room and read.


Tokiya passed Fuuko's room.

Her door was ajar.

He peeked inside.

Unfortunately, the lights were turned off and he couldn't see anything.

He debated whether he should go inside or not.

'You have nothing to do anyway…'

'You're breaking and entering!'

'C'mon, Mikagami! It's not like she's gonna know!'

'Don't interfere with other people's property!'

'Do it Mikagami!'

'Respect her privacy!'

It took a long time until he made a decision.

Curiosity got the better of him.

He was going inside.


"Wow, so this is a girl's room…"

Tokiya looked around and observed Fuuko's temporary room.

It was neat but not THAT neat…

Coins and scraps of paper were on the desk…

Some of her clothes were lying on the floor near the closet…

The bed wasn't really fixed well…

A certain teddy bear's head was under the blanket…

Magazines were scattered on the floor…

Books were on the—

Wait a second…

Tokiya walked towards the untidy bed.

He pulled the blanket and put it aside.

The teddy bear fell on the floor.

He knelt down and picked it up.

He studied it carefully for a long time…


He finally realized it…

It was the teddy he had given her before…

It had the exact same eyes, smile and bow…


The teddy bear reminded him of Fuuko…

She never changed…

She was the exact same person he knew before when they were kids…


Tokiya placed the teddy bear on the bed.

He looked around.

He saw a photograph lying on the floor under the desk.

He approached it.

He picked it up.

The picture surprised him.

It wasn't a picture of the Hokage…

It wasn't a picture of Fuuko's family…

It was a picture of two children.

Particularly Fuuko and Tokiya.

Both of them were holding hands and waving.

Tokiya turned over the photograph.

Behind it was a sentence written in child's handwriting.

"Tokiya and Fuuko…best friends forever!!"

"I love Fuuko-chan!"

"And I love Tokiya-chan!"

Tokiya smiled.

He remembered that time…


"Tokiya-chan!" Fuuko exclaimed. "Look! The picture got developed!"

"Wow!" he said happily.

They both looked at the picture.

Then Fuuko spoke. "Let's write something in the back, okay?"

"Sure! Why not?"

They both laughed and then started writing.

"Tokiya and Fuuko…best friends forever!" The two children said in unison.

"I love Fuuko-chan!" Tokiya said out loud.

"And I love Tokiya-chan!" Fuuko said in turn.

Both laughed again.

"Wait, Tokiya-chan!"


"There's only on picture!"


"Who's gonna keep it?"

"I dunno…"

"Well, then…um…I'll give it to you!"

"No, it's okay! You can keep it!"

"Are you sure? Actually, you can keep it."

Tokiya closed his eyes and sighed. "Fuuko, I don't need a picture to remind me we're best friends, you know."

Fuuko smiled. "Fine then. I'll keep it. But then, I also don't need a picture to remind me that I love you very very much, Tokiya-chan!"

They laughed again.


Tokiya smiled again.

How he wished that time had stopped at that moment.

It was at that time when life seemed so perfect in every way…

But now…it all seemed like a dream.

Tokiya put the picture back on the table.

He sighed.

'Well, I've got to go now before I find something new to look at.'

He went to the door and opened it.

Before leaving, he looked at the teddy bear one more time and turned off the lights and went out.


'Man, I'm getting hungry!' Fuuko thought as she was walking home. 'I'll get some ice cream for Mi-chan and me."

So, she went in the mini-mart that was across the street.

She went to the frozen food aisle and opened the freezer.

"Now which flavor does Mi-chan want?"

She went through all the ice cream flavors.

"Strawberry…Rocky Road…Chocolate…Caramel…Mocha…Cookies and Cream…Mango…Dulce de leche…Pistachio…Mint…Coff---!"

"Hey, Kirisawa-san!"

Someone called her.

Fuuko turned around.


Ameki smiled. "Good evening! What are you doing here?"

"Oh…I was just going to buy ice cream for me and Mi-chan!"


"Ah! I mean, Mikagami!"



Ameki frowned a bit. "Are you close? I mean- you have a nickname for him…"

Fuuko's cheeks turned light pink. "W-we're not close!"

Ameki sighed in relief. "Oh! I just thought, you know! Anyway, let me buy that for you!"

Fuuko grinned. "No, thank you! I'm fine."

"No, I insist!" Ameki took hold of the ice cream. He went towards the counter. Fuuko followed him.

Ameki and Fuuko walked together, chatting happily.

Then they walked in silence.

And Ameki broke it after a while.

"Uh…Kirisawa-san, are you…are you…seeing…anyone…?"

Fuuko looked at him curiously, her eyebrows raised. "Why do you ask?"

Ameki nervously laughed. "Oh, just asking! Just asking! He he!!!"

"Oh! Well, no."

"Okay! Um…I was just wondering…if…if…you'd go out with me?'

Fuuko was surprised, speechless.

"But….but…if you don't want to, I-it's okay! I-I'm fine with it!"

"N-no! Okay, Sure! Why not?" Fuuko smiled.

Ameki's eyes lit up. "Great! Why not tomorrow after school?"


"Okay, then! See you tomorrow!" Ameki waved goodbye and ran home the other way.

"Bye!" Fuuko called to him.

'Wow, a date…I have a date!' she thought happily.

She thought about what they'd do tomorrow as she ran home with the ice cream in her arms.


'Hmm…looks like she's already here.'

Tokiya went downstairs to see if Fuuko was already home.

"Mi-chan! Come quickly! I have ice cream!" she called to him.

"Okay, okay! No need to rush." He replied as he walked down the stairs.

He went to the kitchen and saw Fuuko getting plastic cups and spoons from the cupboard.

She looked back and smiled to him. "Come on and eat a midnight snack with me!"

"Do I have a choice?" Tokiya smirked and then helped her with the ice cream.

After putting ice cream in the cups and placing the ice cream in the freezer, they both sat down.

"What did you do in Yanagi's?" Tokiya asked her to start a conversation.

Fuuko swallowed the ice cream. "Oh…she just helped me with my homework that's due tomorrow."

"I could've helped you, you know…" he murmured silently, placing his spoon in his mouth.

Fuuko didn't hear what he had said.

"I didn't ask you to help me because I knew you'd say no." she said eating more ice cream.

Tokiya looked at her. "No…I would've helped you!"

"Really? Then you wouldn't mind helping me next time?" Fuuko said slyly.


Fuuko smiled. "Great!"

They ate their ice cream in silence.

Then Fuuko spoke up.

"Oh, Mi-chan, I'm not going to go home early with you tomorrow."


"Oh, do you know Ameki-san?"

"Ohh…yeah. What does he have to do with it?"

"Well, he kinda invited me to go somewhere with him."

Tokiya stopped eating his ice cream. "What, you're gonna go out on a date with him?"

"Yeah, why Mi-chan? Jealous?" Fuuko joked.

He blushed slightly then turned away. "N-no…"

Fuuko laughed. "Just kidding, Mi-chan! I know you'd never be jealous!"

"Yeah…ha ha…" Tokiya said slowly.

'Why in the world do I feel uncomfortable…?'

"Anyway, I've gotta sleep now. Good night, Mi-chan!"

She threw her cup and spoon in the trash can and went upstairs.

Tokiya then, after a while, did the same.


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