Chapter One

The rain smacked against the windows of Casper High, dark clouds loomed over the town, and every once in a while lighting would strike then thunder followed after that. The school had some power problems, teachers assumed it was from the rain outside that was causing it to flicker out then would come back on. The students liked the idea of the power going off and on, since it wasn't something you see every day.

But eventually the teachers got used to it throughout the school day, so they finally got a good grip on the students when chaos occurred.

Lancer was in the middle of teaching the class when the lights went off; still not used to the sudden light-out, the students perked up, scanning the room. Silence drifted for a few seconds before Mr. Lancer told everyone to stay in their seats and wait till the lights came back on. After that, everything was still quiet, besides the thunder and rain outside.

The only light source right now was the lightning that would flash over Amity Park here and there. Some students would glance towards the windows when lightning would come and less than a blink of an eye.

Occasionally someone would yelp in surprise from the lightning flash and snickers would echo in the room.

Lancer started pacing back and forth behind his desk; finally he decided to bring out his flashlight from one of his drawers in his desk. With a click from the flashlight, it turned on, making everyone shout in surprise.

"Settle down," Lancer said, beaming the light around the room. "Everything is fine, just a later delay this time. I'm sure it will be up and running in a few more minutes."

Everyone in the room shared worried looks.

A hand shot up in the air; Lancer saw it as he was moving the flashlight back and forth in the room. He stopped moving it and paused on the student.

"Yes?" Lancer asked.

"Are you sure the power will come back on?" The kid asked nervously.

The whole classroom groaned in annoyance.

"Yes, for the billionth time, I'm pretty sure it will come back on," Lancer frowned, "But it's just taking longer this time."

The boy nodded quickly and looked down at his desk.

Lancer decided to check out if everything was fine in the other classrooms, so he decided to leave one of the students in charge and left the room. He made his way down the dark hallway with his flashlight guiding his way. On his way to the nearest classroom, Lancer thought he saw another flashlight beam on his right. But when he looked towards that direction, nothing was there, but just more darkness.

Get a grip, Lancer mentally scolded himself, stop freaking out or it's just going to get worse.

Satisfied with his thought-conversation, he continued down to the next room. Once he got there, he knocked on the door. For a second, he worried the room was empty. But a young lady opened the door for him.

"Hi," Lancer said calmly, "Is your class doing okay?"

The lady smiled and nodded, "Just fine, Mr. Lancer." Then she frowned, "Do you know why it's taking so long?"

Lancer shook his head, "I do not, I'm heading to the office to see what the delay is." He informed her.

"That's good, thanks, Mr. Lancer." The lady said sweetly.

"Keep everyone safe," He said, guestering at some boys who decided to goof off.

The women blushed as she looked back to see what he meant, "Uh, yeah, of course. You be safe too." With her final good bye, she closed the door.

Lancer trekked to the office and walked in. He moved his flashlight to the right and saw a guy sitting there. The guy blinked from the light then stood up. "Mr. Lancer, what's wrong?" He asked a gruff voice.

"Just checking if everything was fine?"

"The power should be back on in a few minutes," The man said, "We're having some problems because the rain outside seems to be knocking it out again."

"Seems like it." Lancer agreed.

After he said that, the lights came back on. Mr. Lancer sighed in relief, glancing up to see the lights shining brightly back at him.

"Well, speak of the devil," The man chuckled lightly, "Better head back to your class; never know what happens when a teacher leaves the room, eh?"

Lancer smiled, "I guess. Um, thanks again." With that, he walked out of the office, switching his light off.

When Lancer arrived back to the classroom, everything seemed to be fine. Students we're chatting, but no major messes.

He cleared his throat to get the class's attention; when it was all quiet, he moved to his desk. "Well, the power is back on, so therefore we have to move back on to school work." He announced firmly.

The class groaned.

He chuckled, "Let's get back on to what we were talking about, shall we?" Before Lancer had a chance to utter a single word, another hand shot up in the air, waving back and forth quickly.

Groaning slightly, he called on the student, "Yes, Mr. Fenton?"

"Can I use the bathroom? I gotta go really badly," Danny said and Lancer found Daniel's legs bouncing up and down to prove him that he really had to go.

Lancer hesitated, but gave up shortly, "Yes, you may."

Without another warning, Danny made a mad dash to the door. Shaking his head, he went back to teach. But then another hand went up and Lancer called on him as well.

"I need to use the restroom as well, Mr. Lancer," The student said.

"Hurry back" was all Lancer decided to say to him.

Dash got up from his seat and walked out of the room as well, leaving the rest of the classroom with Lancer and his boring lesson. Dash saw a black and white blur zoom right past him, making his clothing move up and back down also causing him to stumble a bit. The blur turned a corner; being a curious kid, he ran down the same direction the blur went.

After a few turns in the school, Dash finally stopped his tracks. He couldn't find it anywhere, what was it anyways?

Suddenly, Dash heard a crash coming from the gym room. The jock walked slowly towards that room and took a quick glance around the room. He didn't see anything.

Dash almost regretted stepping in that room, because the blur flew inches by him. He yelped and jumped back. Another crash echoed in the empty gym room; Dash took another step—not almost getting killed by the blur, thankfully—and walked towards the center of the gym.

"H-hello?" Dashed called out, surprised how weak it sounded.

Everything was silent.

"Hello?" He called out again, more confident, "Anyone there?"

He saw a blue flash at the corner of his eye and moved swiftly towards that direction, but frowned when he saw that Danny Fenton was standing there, holding something behind his back.

"What are you doing here, Dash?" Danny asked nervously.

Dash folded his arms, "Seeing what you really were up to. Not everyone goes the bathroom every ten minutes. So what are you really up to, Fen-toenail?"

The half raised an eyebrow at his comment, "Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but apparently I'm a kid that has to go to the bathroom every ten minutes."

Dash studied the black-haired for a second before replying, "Well…" He grinned, "Since no one is here and it's just us, maybe I can do some payback now." He pounded a fist into the other hand.

Danny gulped slightly. "Wow! Is that the time?" He looked at his wrist, mentally slapping himself for being so stupid that he didn't even have a watch on.

"What'cha looking at, Fenton," Dash sneered, "Is there a watch inside your wrist?"

"Heh, listen Dash, violence is not the answer, so let's talk this through," Danny glanced at Dash then looked around the room for some distraction, "Shall we?"

Dash paused and pretended to think that through, "Eh, no." He grinned again, "I rather do it the violence way—as you put it. But for me, it's fun." The jock pushed Danny down making him yelp as he landed on the floor; Dash made a run towards the doors and closed them.

If it was possible from a distance, Dash thought he saw Danny paled. "Dash… we should get out of here, I mean, if we don't, Lancer is going to get mad at us." He said, pushing himself off the ground.

"He'll get mad at you, but me? Nah." Dash made his way back to his punching bag, "Sit down."

Danny complied, not wanting to get into a fight. "Listen Dash, we really—"

"No you listen, Fenton," Dash growled, "Today may make it up for all the times you slipped by when the power went out."

The bully was about to throw a punch at Danny when he suddenly seemed alert and caught Dash's fist. Dash made a choking sound before he pulled his hand away.

"Shh!" Danny whispered harshly, "Do you feel that?"

The bully was about to say something when the ground began to shake. Dash lost his balance and Danny was trying his best to keep his. "Come on Dash! We have to get out of here!" The halfa shouted.

Dash managed to get to his feet and they both made their way to the door; the ground shook even more making the ceiling above to crack. Danny looked up to see cracks forming; making his choice, the halfa got a hold of Dash, who was inches to pushing the door open, and pulled him back with all his might.

The jock yelped in surprise and the ceiling above broke through. Big chunks of the ceiling covered the doorway. The rest of the ceiling above stayed up there, but it moaned as the earth shook.

Dash shot Danny a fearful look.

The shaking increased; Danny grabbed Dash's wrist and pulled him under the stands for protection. The shaking seemed to go on for hours, but it was only a few minutes that had gone by.

After it was finally done, silence entered the room. The lights flickered, but made no sound. The halfa made his way out from under first, followed by Dash. They walked around the now destroyed room.

Both now wanting to get out of here, started to make their way towards the doors, but remembered the ceiling parts covered it. They stopped their tracks when they saw there was no way out.

They we're trapped.

This idea has been in my head for a while. It's not really going to be a long story, just a few chapters is all.

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