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Epilogue-Chapter Eight

Danny finally got a break from the ghosts that night, but it made him nervous that they weren't attacking at the moment. He did—for once—finished his homework and it bothered him that he had some free time before he had to go to bed. So he went to his sister's room for suggestions since he wasn't allowed to go over to his friend's house because it was kind of late to be out.

"Just relax," Jazz told him, "You should take this opportunity to take a break."

The halfa left the room after that.

He also couldn't get his mind off of the note Dash had handed him. What if it was just a trick? Maybe he wasn't really scared, maybe he was just pretending so then he could strike then. But the act in class looked very real…he was just probably a very good actor then.

Danny decided to play a video game for the rest of the hour and went to bed.

The next morning he had to drag himself out of bed to turn off his alarm clock, since it was, somehow, on the floor, a few feet away from his bed. After that, he stood there with his eyes closed then finally started his morning routine.

As the halfa made his way downstairs, he remembered he had to be there a little earlier since Dash needed to talk with him. So he quickly ate his cereal and started to make his way out of the door when his mom stopped him.

"Danny, why are you leaving so early?" She asked as she walked down the stairs in her bathrobe.

"It's not that early mom," Danny replied, "I just have to be there earlier because someone needs to talk with me."

Maddie studied her son before saying, "Okay, sweetie, be careful."

He left the house with a quick good bye and found the nearest alley to transform in. He took off into the sky and made his way towards the school. After he saw the school nearby, he found the nearest alley by the school and turned back to his human half.

It turned out that he was there before Dash was.

Danny started to panic a little, what did Dash want to talk to him about? Did he accidently do something to make him mad? Was he about to get beat up by the jock's group of friends? Why was he so stupid to even come here in the first place? Danny wasn't looking for trouble.

The raven-haired boy send a text message to both of his friends that he wouldn't be meeting up with them this morning. He got messages back a few seconds after he sent his. While he was reading them a shadow loomed over him; gulping slightly, Danny looked up to see what or who it was.

Of course it was Dash… and he was alone too…?

"Who are you texting, Fenton?" Dash asked.

The halfa gave him a confused look, he didn't sound like he was about to get beat up. It sounded like a real, polite question…? "Uh, my friends…" He said hesitatingly.


There was an awkward pause before Danny asked, "So, what do you need?"

"Right, um, I think I've been seeing things, but…" He took a deep breath before he continued on, "I just wanted to make sure I wasn't, so I wanted to ask you if it's true or not."

The halfa raised an eyebrow. "And that is…?"

Dash closed his eyes and took another deep breath. "Ithinkthatyou'reDannyPhantom…" He finally blurted out.

"Wah-what?" Danny said, "I didn't get any of that…"

"Well… I keep thinking that I saw your eyes turn green a few times…." The jock said slowly and as he said that, he didn't miss that Danny looked down for a brief second.

The raven-haired boy laughed nervously. "W-what? That's silly. How is that even possible?"

"It doesn't seem possible," Dash admitted, "So I keep thinking that it was the trick of the light."

The air around them seemed to drop a few degrees. "Y-yeah, that's probably right. It even makes sense." Danny said trying to keep his voice leveled.

It just has to be Phantom right there… Fenton is Phantom; get that right, Dash thought nervously.

"Okay listen, Fenton," The jock said shakily, "During the time when we were stuck in the gym, you got a mad a few times, but the time where the firefighters finally found us… I thought I saw your eyes turn green…"

Danny paled.

Dash continued. "So I kind of shrugged it off, but I also had to make sure that I wasn't losing it. So that's why I kind of threatened you about your girlfriend, I saw them turn green again. I knew that I wasn't crazy… But now, I just had to make sure you knew about it and that if it was real or not…?"

"Dash," the halfa said, rubbing the back of his neck, "It probably just the trick of the light at both times."

"But it was too dark to be a trick of the light when we were in the hall!" Dash exclaimed.

Danny looked around and saw that students were showing up at school, also alerting him that school was about to start soon.

"School is about to start," Danny informed his bully, "Do you have anything else?"

"Yes!" The jock whispered harshly, "I-! I just know that… you're… Danny Phantom?" The last words came out as a squeak.

Dash couldn't process what just happened next; all he knew that he was being dragged towards the back of the school, where all the garbage was, and being pinned to the brick wall. Then he saw Danny pacing back and forth in front of him, muttering some words he couldn't seem to catch.

The halfa stopped pacing and took a deep breath; he turned to face his bully. "And you actually believe that? Don't you find that a little hard to believe? He's a ghost, I'm human. See the difference?" Danny asked as if he was talking to a five-year-old.

Dash was stuck with words; this was not the reaction he thought Fenton would give him. Finally he seemed to find his way how to talk, "Yeah… It may seem weird, but I just think I have enough evidence to prove that you are him as well."

The raven-haired boy raised an eyebrow and folded his arms. "And what is the evidence you have?" He asked cautiously.

The jock started at how he noticed how he could move the ceiling pieces that were blocking the door way in the gym, with ease. Then he started explaining the different evidence at other times when they were in the gym and after they were outside. Then he told him about how he started to piece everything together.

"Do you expect me to believe that?" The halfa finally asked.

Dash started to notice that he was trying to stall so then when the bell rung, he could have an excuse to leave the conversation. "I'll tell everyone in the school…" He threatened, hoping it might get Danny to admit that he was Phantom.

It seemed to work, the halfa paled. "Listen, do you even think that the school would believe you anyways?" He asked.

"Sure, why wouldn't they? I'm the quarterback, they'll listen." The jock said, grinning.

"And if I tell you the truth, you won't tell anyone?" Danny asked, choosing the right words to say.

"I promise," Dash said.

Now Danny grinned, "Okay, I'm not him, so there. We're good, right?" He started to turn around to make his way into the school.

"Woah, wait," Dash blinked, "So you're not him?" He folded his arms, "I have a hard time believing that now."

"Don't you have a hard time believing that I would be a ghost? So you have a hard time believing that I'm not a ghost?" The halfa asked, "How does that make sense!"

The jock sighed, "I know, it sounds stupid. But that's just what I think, okay?"

Danny closed his eyes, it seemed like Dash would keep pressuring him till he found out for sure that he was Phantom. He had no intention to have more pressure from other people in life. Maybe if he admitted that he was him, Dash would stop bothering him… right?

The halfa bowed his head. "Okay, you're right, I am Danny Phantom…."

There was a long pause, before Dash asked, "Can I see…?"

"You've seen him a bunch of times," Danny replied, "Why do you need to see?"

"Because I don't want you to be lying to me," The jock said coldly, "So that you could get out of this."

The halfa growled, "Seriously Dash, what more do you need?"

Dash looked at Danny; he knew if he pushed more buttons, Fenton would blow up in his face. So he knew he had to be careful. "Are you saying that you can't show me because you really can't do it?" He asked.

"Do what?"

"You know… turn into Phantom?"

"You're killing me, Dash," Danny glared. "Let's just go to class and pretend this conversation never happened." The halfa started to walk away, but Dash grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him back.

"Show me and then I'll let go," Dash said.

The jock hated how he was acting, it almost scared him. He knew Danny was Phantom, but he just wanted to make sure. He knew that since he was making Fenton mad, that they wouldn't get along later on. What if Danny hated him so much that he would hurt him constantly?

He knew if that if he was in Fenton's place, he probably would want some revenge.

"I just have to know," The jock said, almost pleading. "It's killing me, I just need to know."

The halfa felt guilty. He figured that Dash had known for quite some time and he just needed to know that he was right. He knew that feeling; he hated knowing things, but just wanted to see if it was actually right or not.

That's just what Dash was feeling right now.

"Out of all people, I just never thought you would figure it out." Danny said softly.

Dash looked down, "I never expected that you would be Phantom as well…. That is if you really are." He looked back up to see Danny looking around to see if there was anyone there.

"Well, I am."

Dash saw a brilliant bright ring around Danny's waist, splitting in half and each moving apart from each other. After that was over, Phantom was standing in Fenton's place.

The jock's jaw dropped.

"Well, that's proof." Danny said.

"So that's how you get the white hair then…" Dash muttered. "I thought you would've used a white hair spray."

"That would take a long time if I had to go right away," Danny smiled, "But good try."

"This is weird…" The jock said.

The halfa laughed, "Well, better get used to it. I gotta go, see ya in class." He floated a few feet in the air.

"Go where?"


"That's where I have to go." Danny said, clearly showing that he was annoyed and he zoomed off.

Class went on for about a half an hour when the door flew open and showed Danny standing there, panting.

"Mr. Fenton!" Lancer scolded. "You're late, by a half an hour! I'll see you in detention."

The halfa sighed, and walked over to his desk with a quiet "yes sir".

Then Dash suddenly stood up, surprising the teacher and the rest of the class, even Danny. "Um, Mr. Lancer, it was my fault, I made him eat something that was in my locker for a long time. He had a stomach ache, so he was in the bathroom for quite some time."

"Thank you for telling the truth," Lancer said, "Now both of you have detention today."

"But-!" Dash began, but stopped when Lancer told him to sit down.

Lancer continued on the lesson as if nothing had happened, slowly boring the class to death. Time dragged on for the rest of the class period and the rest of the school day, then the bell rung to signal students that school was over, but signaled some students that detention was about to start.

Danny and Dash were the first ones in the room; in fact they were the only ones that had detention today.

The jock slowly made his way towards the halfa; Danny noticed this and looked up.

"Thanks," Danny said.

"For what?" The jock asked, confused.

"For trying to cover up for me," The halfa said, giving him a "duh" look.

Dash grinned, "So are we good?"

"It may take some time to gain your trust," Danny admitted, "But we're good for now."

There was a long pause before the jock finally said, "Hey, thanks too."

"For what?"

"For helping me to get through the time in the gym," Dash said, "You were right, even though you may be a real superhero; you were a true superhero for me in there.

"You're welcome."

Mr. Lancer walked into the room and sat in the desk in front. "No talking, get to work." He informed.

The two students took their seats and started to work on what they had to do; Dash looked back up at Danny and mouthed "thank you" once more.

Never in a million years had he thought that his bully would slowly become friends with him and say 'thank you' as well. It certainly brightened his day. And a day he probably wouldn't forget.

You don't need powers to be a hero; you're already one if you help others.

The End!

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