"Chug it down Berry!" Santana said urgently. "Chug it good! Don't choke now, come on, you can do it!"

"I stand corrected. Rachel is fun." Said Brittany and she took a picture of Rachel, the flash from her phone almost dazzling Quinn.

After Quinn had driven away from her mother's house and back to the Lopez household, she washed away last night's grime and undone the knots and tangles that had developed in her hair. After she had got out of the bathroom and dried herself off, she had changed in to a bright green knitted sweater that kept out the cold and navy blue denim jeans and put on her leather boots that were the colour of ash. Along with Brittany, they went to the grocery store and picked up a few things for when she was to stay at Santanas or Brittanys as well as snacks for their day out. After they had finished shopping, they drove back and unpacked some of the stuff they picked up before all three of them left with ten minutes to spare, and drove to Rachel's house to pick her up and head to the park.

Quinn watched with fascination as Rachel shut her eyes tightly and gulped down the half litre bottle of coke wildly while some of it ran down her chin and leaked on to her burgundy coat.

Suddenly, Rachel brought the bottle away from her lips and spluttered and her eyes flew open.

Santana tsked and Brittany shook her head and Quinn smiled weakly at Rachel.

"You almost finished it." Said Santana and she looked at Rachel with admiration.

"My teeth feel numb," Rachel whined and she coughed once.

"Suck it up," said Brittany and she took the bottle of Coke from Rachel and looked at it with a surprised expression. "My god, no one has ever drunk that much at once, not even Artie got that far. You're a natural Rachel."

Rachel looked up at Brittany and gave her a quick smile before her gaze rested on Quinn.

Quinn brought a tissue from her handbag and dabbed away the dribble on Rachel's chin and the stain on her coat, her eyes focused on Rachel's.

The sky was as white as snow and just as cold and Quinn was glad she put a sweater on. They were further down the park, where the grass was a light green that turned brown at the tips. The four of them were sat on a black and white picnic blanket that reminded Quinn of a chess board and sat under an old oak tree, its branches hanging over them and their leaves providing them with unnecessary shade.

"You didn't have to do that if you didn't want to you know." Quinn said worriedly.

"Of course I didn't, but I did anyway." Said Rachel and she giggled. "Besides, it was fun."

"That's the spirit!" Santana said proudly and she gave Rachel the thumbs up and nodded.

Quinn wiped the last of the dribble from Rachel's chin and saw her blush slightly before she looked at Santana and Brittany with a worried expression.

"But my teeth really do feel numb. Is that normal?" Rachel asked, with a hint of a lisp in her voice.

"Happens once, tingles the second time and nothing happens the third time." Said Brittany and she handed the near empty bottle of coke back to Rachel with a smile.

Quinn looked at the bottle in amazement. When she had been dared to drink the half litre bottle by Santana and Brittany for the first time, she had taken three gulps before she had to stop. She remembered how her cheeks had flushed and how her teeth felt numbed, as if they had been coated in anaesthesia.

"You know what we should play?" said Brittany, her eyes on one of the tree's branches.

Quinn looked up at her. She only just realised that both Brittany and Santana had changed and were wearing sweaters similar to hers albeit different colours.

Santana was wearing a pink sweater that hung baggy on her upper body and grey jeans with navy blue converse trainers, her hair down and over her right shoulder, while Brittany had opted for a burgundy sweater that clung to her body tightly, with dark blue sweats and indigo trainers, her hair tied back in a ponytail.

I was so deep in thought that I didn't realise my friends had changed their clothes Quinn thought as she realised she'd been silent ever since she came back from her mothers and had only spoken when asked something on the ride to the park.

"Enlighten us." Said Santana and she smirked.

"Duck, Duck, Goose!"

Quinn snorted and Santana laughed while Rachel put her hands over her mouth, her eyes staring at Brittany with excitement.

"I'm a pro at that!" Rachel shouted and she raised her hand. "I wanna play, oh! Can I be first!? Can I, Can I?"

"Whoa, slow down there Berry," said Santana and she turned her gaze on to Brittany. "Don't we need, like, five people for that?"

"No, it's four, and last I checked I can still count," said Brittany and her smile wavered for a second. "I think. Anyway, yeah it's four people."

"Well that seems lame. Wouldn't it be better if we had more people? You know, the more people you have the more fun you have?"

"Someone's just scared that they're going to be goose first." Rachel teased.

Quinn watched as Santana glanced down at Rachel before she shrugged her shoulders and smiled.

"I'm not afraid of being goose first. In fact, I feel sorry for whoever does choose me because they already know that I'm a cheerleader of the Cheerios, led by Sue Sylvester. I can run faster than any of you, no offence. Having been coached by Sue Sylvester, I've been through shit that you've never seen Berry, things that'll make your muscles feel aflame just by hearing about them" said Santana and she grinned. "I didn't join the Cheerios to look pretty; I actually joined to be the best cheerleader in this state."

"Well didn't you tell me that one of the reasons you joined was because you wanted to look pretty?" said Brittany and she smiled as Santana shifted uncomfortably.

"Hey, a girl can do both." Said Santana, her grin faltering as Rachel and Quinn laughed.

"You're forgetting that Brittany is a Cheerio and me an ex-Cheerio captain. We've both done Sue Slyvester's 'blood curdling of shattered bones' workout and we've survived, just as you have." Said Quinn and the corner of her mouth twitched up into a smile.

"Whatever, let's just play." Said Santana and she threw her hands in the air.

"Who wants to go first?" said Brittany and Quinn saw Rachel's hand shoot up into the air.

"Please, please, please, me! I do!"

"Why are you so excited to play Duck, Duck, Goose?" Quinn asked curiously.

"Are you kidding me? That's my favourite game ever!" said Rachel and she dropped her raised hand and let it rest of her lap. "I have some good memories playing this game. I was so good at it when I was in kindergarten, so good in fact that I got a certificate for avoiding being captured throughout the year. There was also another time that I ended up tripping this boy that didn't play fair and didn't run fast enough. I got told off in the end though."

"You got a certificate for avoiding capture?" Quinn asked dubiously.

"I cross my heart. I'll show you it when we go to mine." Said Rachel.

Quinn heard a clearing of a throat and she turned to see that Brittany was on her tip-toes. She stared at Rachel intently before she bit her lip and started to nod her head.

"I wanted to be first, but since we both want to be first . . . Rock, Paper, Scissors?" Brittany said and she raised an eyebrow before she took up the Rock, Paper, Scissors stance.

"You're on" said Rachel and she uncrossed her legs and sprang upwards.

Quinn watched as Rachel and Brittany stared at each other intently, their expressions like stone, and she snorted, trying to hold back her laughter from their serious expressions. She looked over at Santana, who stared back at Quinn with her hand over her mouth, trying to suppress her own laughter.

"One two three go!" said Brittany hurriedly and she brought her right fist in to her left palm twice and went with scissors.

Rachel reacted slowly and chose to go with paper.

"I win!" said Brittany.

"Hey!" Rachel cried out and she gaped at Brittany. "You counted fast! I demand a rematch."

"Okay?" Brittany shrugged and she took up the rock, paper, scissors stance again.

Brittany counted down again and this time it was Rachel that won.

"One more time." Said Brittany and she frowned.

They went again and Brittany was the one that came out on top. She threw her arms in the air and let out a cackle.

"Fine, you get to go first," said Rachel sourly and she sat next to Quinn, who wrapped her arms around her and kissed her cheek repeatedly. "Stop, that tickles." Rachel said and Quinn saw her smile.

"Okay, everyone in a circle!" said Brittany, her voice stern.

The three of them rearranged themselves in to a makeshift circle that looked more like a triangle and sat close, the corner of their knees touching each other.

Brittany stood behind Quinn and rested her hand lightly on her head.

"Right, I'm going to start alphabetically. Q comes before R and S so that's why I'm standing behind Quinn," Brittany explained. "And since R comes before S, I'll be going from Quinn to Rachel, which makes it counter-clockwise. Sorry San, it's just how I play."

"Okay, whatever you say." Said Santana and she folded her arms.

Quinn heard Brittany take a deep breath and felt her hand press down on her head harder than before. Brittany breathed out a cool steady breath that prickled against the back of Quinn's neck and the pressure of Brittany's hand lifted from her head.

"Duck," said Brittany lightly and she moved away from Quinn and headed towards Rachel. She went around their makeshift circle three times before she stopped at Rachel and shouted "Goose!" and dashed off and left a surprised Rachel tripping over herself after her.

Quinn watched as Rachel stumbled a few times before she found her footing and gained on Brittany's tail. Brittany ran in zigzags, her laughter ringing through the park and Rachel growled in frustration whenever she was close to catching Brittany, her fingers just shy away from her waist, but Brittany always upped her pace and Rachel was left trying to balance herself from falling.

Brittany turned mid run and stuck her tongue out at Rachel, who was slowly catching up to Brittany, and continued to run backwards before she spun around and returned to the circle and took up Rachel's space. She high-fived Santana and kissed her on her cheek before she wiped the newly-formed beads of sweat from her forehead and watched as Rachel jogged back, her cheeks flushed.

"And you said you got a certificate for avoiding capture?" said Santana, one of her eyebrows raised.

"I did! I was the goose that time and last time I checked, the goose has to chase! But now that It's my turn, you'll see why I got that certificate, just you watch." Said Rachel and Quinn smiled as she saw her girlfriend puff out her chest and her eyes ablaze with confidence.

Under her burgundy coat, Quinn saw that Rachel wore the Chicago t-shirt they had bought last night, a black t-shirt with CHICAGO in a blood red font with Swarovski crystals embedded within the font, and a dust coloured knee-length skirt with transparent nylons and cream coloured flat shoes.

Rachel started with Brittany first and went round the circle five times before her hand rested on Santana's head and she cried "Goose!" and ran off. Santana got up and ran as swiftly as if she was a tigress chasing a gazelle and she caught up to Rachel in no time. But Rachel seemed to sense that Santana was close behind and she stopped running abruptly, which surprised Santana and made her come to a halt and try not to collide in to her.

"Ooh she's good." Brittany muttered as she watched on.

Santana was just about to collide in to Rachel, when Rachel spun out of the way and to her right before she resumed running back to the circle.

"She's a natural with a fake-out." Said Brittany and she turned to face Quinn. "She definitely got a certificate for avoiding capture."

"Can such a certificate exist though?" Quinn said and she laughed.

"Why not? I have a certificate for eating all those crayons back in first grade, remember?"

"Oh yeah." Said Quinn and she smiled as Rachel zigzagged away from Santana, who she could see was growing impatient.

"I think you need to tell Rachel about what happened last night Quinn." Said Brittany and Quinn turned to face her as she heard the seriousness in Brittany's tone.

"Why do you think that?"

"Because . . . well because you have to? Don't you think she'll notice something's wrong?"

"Not really?"

"Quinn. We know Rachel Berry. Rachel Berry doesn't not notice things."

"Well she didn't notice that I harboured feelings for her until I told her about them." Said Quinn and she sighed. "As long as Rachel doesn't know, everything will be fine."

"You love her right?"

"More than anything." Quinn replied instantly and she smiled as she heard Rachel's laughter and taunts to Santana, while Santana cursed back.

"Then you have to tell her."

"I've been through this before Britt; I don't want her to worry about me. I don't want her interfering with anything to do with my mom. Period."

"I know that if San held something like that from me I'd be devastated." Brittany said quietly. "It'll sort of feel like she couldn't trust me."

"I trust Rachel, honestly I do, but there are some things she doesn't need to know, at least not yet." Quinn paused, the sound of Santana's grunts of frustration ringing throughout the park, when she glanced at Brittany. "What would you do if you were in my position?"

"I don't know because I'm not in your position Quinn." Said Brittany and she crossed her legs. "I could do the same as you, not wanting San to know so that she doesn't worry about me, or I could do what I want you to do: Tell her my situation and hope she understands." Her piercing blue eyes stared at Quinn thoughtfully. "I wouldn't lie-"

"I'm not lying though!"

"But you are?" Brittany chuckled dryly without humour. "Rachel's going to ask how your mom is and what are you going to say? 'Oh she's fine'? That seems like lying to me. And what if she wants to stay at your house? What are you going to tell her then?"

"But I don't want her to worry." Quinn mumbled.

"But would you rather her worry? Or would you rather lose her because you couldn't trust her? Because at the end of the day that's what she'll think. She'll think that it was something she done that made you not tell her in the first place."

Quinn sighed in frustration and picked at the grass in the space between her crossed legs and brooded as she watched Rachel turn right and run further away from the circle with a flustered Santana ten paces back.

Quinn mused over Brittany's advice. She would love to tell Rachel about what had happened, but she knew Rachel long enough that she couldn't keep personal things to herself for too long; in fact, Quinn was surprised that she hadn't told her parents about the situation with her mother the first week of knowing about it.

That's because I told her the situation and she trusted my judgement . . . maybe I should tell her. But what if she does get upset that I didn't tell her straight away? Quinn thought as she ripped at the grass.

Quinn was jolted back from her thoughts as she heard heavy breathing come whistling past and suddenly Rachel was sitting where Santana had sat. Her chest heaved and sweat trickled down her forehead and the base of her neck. She shuffled off her coat and put it behind her.

"Can you pass me my bag Britt?" Rachel asked, panting slightly, with her left hand outstretched.

"Where's San?" Brittany asked as she passed Rachel her bag.

"She'll be here in a minute. We ran to a set of trees that connected to the path leading here. She almost caught me but I used one of the trees as cover, thank god it was there. We were at a standstill before I faked her out and started to run back here."

Rachel took out a plastic bottle of water and a large velvet scrunchie from her bag. She rested the bottle of water in her lap and Quinn saw her shudder from its coolness.

"I was telling Quinn that you definitely got a certificate for avoiding capture." Said Brittany and she smiled. "Where did you learn to fake-out so good?"

"Lots of running from oncoming slushies' and my advance workout routine," said Rachel and she half smiled at Brittany as she ran her fingers through her hair, putting it back in one, and tied it with the scrunchie. "two days every three weeks I jog for two hours before coming back home to run on my treadmill for half an hour and do squats for another half hour."

"Coach Sylvester would love your enthusiasm." Brittany said as she shook her head.

"It's torture, but I've gotten used to it. You should have seen me when I first started, I was a mess! My arms felt like they were being pulled out of their sockets then being popped back in and pulled right out again."

"That sounds familiar." Said Quinn with a hint of fondness in her voice as she remembered the gruelling tasks coach Sylvester used to put her through.

Quinn heard a loud groan from behind her and she turned to see Santana jogging back towards them, her face flushed a bright red and her mouth a frown.

"You have seriously got some moves on you Berry," Santana panted, her voice cracking in several places. "Water," she said and Quinn searched through one of the grocery bags beside her and fished out a bottle of water and handed it to Santana.

Santana took the bottle from Quinn eagerly and uncapped it and drank thirstily, with each gulp audible, before she brought the bottle from her lips and sighed in relief.

"You're lucky we didn't do this in Lima Heights," said Santana frowning. "I would have caught you like that!" she snapped her fingers and continued to frown.

"Well of course, I mean, I've never been to Lima Heights . . . But then again I am still faster than you."

Brittany 'oooooooed' and Santana sneered at Rachel before she crossed her arms over her chest.

Brittany got up off the picnic blanket and walked towards Santana and hugged her from the side and nuzzled her nose on Santana's neck.

"Hey stop that! You're making me smile when I need to look pissed." Said Santana and she grinned.

"There's no need to look like that. Can we please play now?" Brittany asked and she kissed Santana's neck and smiled up at her.

Quinn watched as Santana nodded and Brittany sat back down.

Santana went round the circle seven times, each of her movements deliberately slow, and picked Brittany and ran off, with Brittany charging towards her. They ran in circles before they ran further south amongst the grassy fields.

"Hey," said Rachel worriedly, her rich brown eyes watching Quinn thoughtfully. "You've been pretty quiet. Is anything wrong?"

Quinn ran her hand through her hair and shook her head.

"It's like you've lost your voice of something," Rachel continued. "We haven't really spoken since last night."

"Sorry," said Quinn and she put her hand to her mouth and yawned. "I've just been caught up in my mind and stuff."

"Are you tired?"

"No." Quinn smiled. "But I am happy that you're getting to know Brittany and Santana and they you."

"It's the least I can do. I still think Santana doesn't like me, especially now that I've outrun her."

"Nah, she's just a sore loser. Always has been. I remember this one time that we played softball and I won. She sulked for days until I gave her my winning ball" Quinn smirked and she started to pick at the grass again. "I see you're wearing the Chicago t-shirt?"

"It's actually pretty comfortable," said Rachel, surprised. "Normally when I wear merchandised shirts they itch and feel small even though they're my size. But so far this t-shirt hasn't caused me any problems."

"Well you look nice."

Quinn felt one of Rachel's hand place itself under her chin and tilt her head upwards so that she was looking at Rachel. Her eyebrows were furrowed and a crease appeared on her forehead.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Rachel asked.

Tell her. Tell her now and get it out of the way Quinn thought and she continued to stare at Rachel with a fixed smile.

The words were on the tip of her tongue and she knew that she wouldn't be able to stop talking. Quinn imagined the scenarios in her mind and how Rachel would react. Most of them ended with Rachel saying she was disappointed that Quinn couldn't trust her or she was going to break up with her or the worst of them all; tell her parents and confront her mother.

You're overreacting, just tell her!

Quinn stopped smiling and she stared at Rachel thoughtfully.

"I" was all Quinn got out when she heard Brittany's laughter coming towards them. Brittany emerged from a bush with Santana close behind her. As Quinn watched them come ever closer, her words faded off of her tongue and her courage faltered.

Quinn turned her gaze back on to Rachel and without thinking, she closed her eyes and leant forward and kissed her as gently as she could, savouring the taste of sugar plums, that were Rachel's lips.

She felt Rachel's hand jerk away from under her chin in surprise before she felt Rachel's fingers start to caress the side of her jaw tenderly, her lips moulding themselves to hers.

Quinn broke away and saw Rachel's cheeks were a scarlet colour, her lips parted in a way that tempted Quinn to kiss her again, but she held on to the shred of restraint she still had and brushed aside a strand of her hair that was by her right eye.

"Um," Rachel cleared her throat and closed her eyes with a smile forming on her lips and she shook her head. "What was that for?"

"There wasn't a reason to it," said Quinn and she looked down at her fingers. "I just felt like kissing you. Can't I kiss you without a reason?"

"Sure you can, but that kiss . . . It conveyed something strong. It was like when we first kissed."

"Well of course it did. I-"

Quinn was cut off when she heard Brittany's laughter turn into a short scream that became muffled and she turned to see what had happen.

Brittany was four strides away from the circle and on the ground giggling while Santana seemed to have her hands wrapped around Brittany's waist, keeping her from wiggling free from her grip.

"Brittany's it!" Santana called out to them, her grin wide and playful.

Santana got up off of Brittany and held her hand out for Brittany. When Brittany took it, she pulled her up on to her feet and wrapped her hand around her waist and walked back to the circle. As they got closer, Quinn saw that their clothes were flaked with mud and dirt, with small twigs embedded in their hair and sweaters.

"What happened?" Rachel asked with a horrified expression on her face.

"We tripped a couple times" said Brittany as she went behind Quinn and rested her hand on Quinn's head.

"She pulled a move like yours but failed," Santana answered and looked at Rachel, amusement in her tone. "She turned suddenly and tripped over her feet and rolled on the ground . . . I could have caught her earlier but Britt's fast and she instantly got back up and started to run back."

"Ugh, I swear I have bruises on my arms." Brittany said. "My butt feels weird too."

"You did trip weirdly . . . Want me to check it out?"

"You just want an excuse to check out my ass." Brittany said shyly. "So no I don't," she shrugged and cleared her throat.

"Are you sure? I could kiss it better?"

"Maybe later." Said Brittany slyly and she started going round the circle.

Brittany went round the circle twice and as she put her hand on Quinn's head for the third time, Quinn was surprised by how much longer her hand lingered on her head.

"Goose" Brittany cried and she ran off, leaving a struggling Quinn to get up from her spot and run after Brittany.

They ran around the circle once before Brittany decided to venture away and take a sharp left. Although they had only just begun, the muscles in Quinn's legs started to throb slightly and she already felt the first bead of sweat cling on to her forehead.

It had been a while since Quinn had run like this. Sure she had gone out jogging once in a blue moon, whenever she felt like it or something had happened at home, but nothing as intense as this. The feeling in her legs brought back bittersweet memories of her time as a Cheerio and she smiled thoughtfully as she thought about them.

"Come on Slowpoke!" Brittany called behind her and she laughed.

Quinn tried to up her pace, her strides bigger and covering more ground, But Brittany always seemed to be one step ahead of her, her stride close to perfection for the pace she was running.

Quinn's felt herself panting more frequently and her legs ache with a stich developing on her right side that started to aggravate the more she ran.

. Quinn repeated to herself in her mind, the chant helping to keep her focused on Brittany.

Brittany continued to run a straight line for a full two minutes, with Quinn ten paces behind, before she done a U-turn and started to run back to the circle.

Without losing momentum, Quinn turned back and ran as fast as she could. Her body felt as if it was on fire and beads of sweat clung to the tip of her nose and around her face. The stich in her side hurt her even more but she ignored it all and soon she caught up to Brittany.

They were close to the Circle, Santana and Rachel's outline just in view, and Quinn watched as Brittany glanced behind her and for a moment she thought she saw glee in Brittany's expression before she turned back.

An idea struck Quinn as they got closer to the circle and she acted upon it without hesitation. She took three large strides with her hands outstretched and went to tackle Brittany from her waist. Her feet lifted off the ground and she gained a tiny boost in momentum. But it was folly. Quinn's fingers barley reached Brittany, her hands grasping at thin air, and she fell to the ground with a soft thud, and she lay there like a bear rug and watched as Brittany ran swiftly towards her spot and sat down on the picnic blanket.

Quinn lay on the grassy floor beneath her for a minute, the stich in her side becoming a dull throb and the muscles in her legs twitching and her breathing laboured. Reluctantly, she pushed herself up from the ground and started to slowly walk back to the circle with one hand on her side to elevate the pain and took deep breaths to steady her breathing.

"Hey are you okay?" Santana asked as she looked Quinn up and down.

"I just need to catch my breath. Boy can you run Britt" said Quinn, her voice hoarse.

"Thanks! But you honestly need to get in better shape again Quinn. When did you become so slow?"

"I know . . . there's no need to point it out." Said Quinn and she pouted and blushed.

"I thought you did okay," said Rachel, not sounding sure of herself.

"No need to spare my feelings," said Quinn and she grimaced as the pain in her side flared back to life again before subsiding.

"Well you should drink something." Said Rachel and she handed her bottle of water to Quinn.

After Quinn had taken three swigs from the bottle of water, she handed it back to Rachel and stood behind her and rested her hand on top of Rachel's head. She was tempted to muss up Rachel's hair but decided against it and instead wiped the beads of sweat from her face with her other hand and cleared her throat.

Quinn started from Rachel to Santana, going clockwise around the circle, in a slow but comfortable pace. By the time she went round the circle for the fourth time, her muscles only slightly ached and the stich that had been in her side had stopped hurting.

"Duck," she said as she passed Brittany, before her hand rested on Rachel's head and stayed there for a moment. "Goose!" She cried and she jogged away from the circle and went east.

Amongst her own heartbeat, Quinn heard Rachel's footsteps patter on the grass, the sounds surprisingly calming to her ears, and she took a sharp left turn.

She upped her pace as slowly as she could with each stride, but immediately her breathing became laboured, with beads of sweat forming on her forehead again, and she decided to slow down to a jog, much to her displeasure.

There were two times Rachel came close to catching Quinn, the second time the closest. The first time, Quinn had heard Rachel's footsteps too close for comfort and she had decided to take a sudden right turn. She was glad she did, for when she glanced back to check, she saw Rachel's fingers outstretched and clutching thin air and a groan of frustration from her lips.

The second time, after Quinn had put several steps between them, She foolishly decided to slow down and turn around to taunt Rachel. She spun around and looked at Rachel and had laughed.

"Come on Slow poke! I'm faster than you even though I'm tired and my ribs ache!" she taunted through her panted breathing, her lungs feeling as if they were on fire, before she stuck her tongue out and giggled.

Then Rachel smiled and she began to jog faster until Quinn saw her change her posture and bend her knees as she ran.

If Quinn hadn't of turned when she did, she would have been lying on the grassy field with Rachel's hands around her hips. But instead, she pushed herself and grimaced as the stich in her side came back and she zigzagged out of the way and only looked back when she heard a soft thud on the grassy field and a hissing sound.

When she looked back, Quinn saw Rachel sprawled out on the ground with her hands wrapped around her stomach, and a grimace on her face. Quinn stopped, unsure if she should continue running as Rachel started to groan.

Quinn sighed and started to walk over to where Rachel was, with a smile already on her lips as she walked closer to Rachel, her groans louder.

"You okay?" Quinn asked, out of breath, and she bent down and peered down at Rachel and looked her over, her eyes lingering on Rachel's anguished face.

And then Rachel struck.

Her eyes sprang open and her hands wrapped around Quinn's waist, and Quinn felt herself being pulled down and on top of Rachel.

"Gotcha!" said Rachel triumphantly and she gave Quinn a quick kiss on her cheek before giggling.

"See, in the deepest part of my mind, I knew you were going to do that. I should have just left you." Quinn said weakly.

"I'm surprised you didn't."

Quinn didn't answer and instead just smiled at Rachel.

"I think we should make our way back to Santana and Brittany." Said Rachel and she started to move but Quinn kept her pinned to the ground.

Quinn stopped smiling and stared down at Rachel. Quinn felt her heart fill with dread as she realised that she needed to tell Rachel what happened between her and her mother. She couldn't put it off any longer, no matter how much she wanted to.

"Wait." Quinn said, her voice low and nervous.

She watched as Rachel's features softened and her smile disappeared at her words, which made Quinn feel even more nervous.

"What is it?" Rachel asked.

Last chance to turn back Quinn thought. Last chance to keep things normal.

"I need to tell you something."

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