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Korra shot up and screamed. In her dream, Amon had been there, over her bed, poised to take her bending away . . . she stood up, and moved out of the room as quickly as she could. But right outside her door, her knees failed her. She sunk to the ground and cried.

Exactly at the same time, across the Air Island, Mako shot up, sweating and panting. His dream had been of Korra, but not a bad one. His hand strayed down, but he pulled it back up. What he needed was some fresh air. He got up and without putting on his shirt, walked silently outside.

He was walking quietly by a fountain, trying to calm himself, when he heard an ear-splitting scream. Instantly he was running towards the sound. A little too late, he noticed that he was in the Girls part of the Island. And even more late, he found the source of the scream; Korra. She was standing outside her door, hugging herself.

"Korra!" Mako said. He went beside her and scooped her up into his arms. "What happened?

She was crying uncontrollably. Sobs wracked her body and she held on firmly to him. "I-in my dream . . . Amon was there, standing over me . . . taking my bending away and I c-couldn't do anything . . ."

Mako pressed her to his chest. "It's okay . . . shh . . . I won't let Amon near you, Korra."

Her sobbing started to calm down. "C-carry me outside."

Mako nodded and gently lifted her up. He carried her outside to the fountain he had been standing at. He sat on the lips of it, and repositioned her on his lap. Korra looked around, and sighed. "Thanks, Mako."

Mako leaned down the move hair out of her face. "It's not a problem, Korra."

Korra shivered and Mako pulled him closer to her. "Are you cold?"

Korra laughed. "Are you? You are the one who went outside in the middle of winter without even a shirt on."

Mako shrugged. "I'm a firebender; I naturally keep warm."

"Well, you human furnace, you can keep me warm too." Korra snuggled farther into his neck.

Mako sighed and his arms tightened instinctively around her. Unbidden, his dream came back to mind. His blushed and tried to think of something else besides how well Korra fit against him, and how much he enjoyed the feel of his arms around her . . .

He cleared his throat roughly. Korra lifted her head in confusion. "What is it?"

"Nothing," he shifted against her.

"Why were you out here anyways?" Korra asked, her eyes narrowed.

"I had a dream too, and I needed some fresh air." Mako said evasively.

"What was yours about?" Korra asked. She sounded genuinely curious.

"Uh," Mako tried to look somewhere besides her eyes. "It wasn't a nightmare."

Korra frowned at him, and then recognition dawned on her face. "Oh. It was one of those dreams."

Mako's face reddened. "What do you mean those dreams?"

"You know," Korra looked anywhere but his face. "The dreams guys have . . . I'm sure Asami is flattered . . ."

"It wasn't about Asami," Mako said quietly. Korra looked up him so suddenly that he was almost knocked back by her steady blue gaze.

"Who was it then?" She whispered. Mako's blush gave it away. "How dare you dream about me in that way-! I should-" What she did completely contradicted herself. She pulled his lips to hers in a rough kiss.

Mako turned stock still and looked down at her. Was she even in her right mind? He pushed her back. "No, Korra, I can't take advantage of you."

"Take advantage of me?" Korra's eyebrows rose. "Trust me Mako; if I want something, I get it." She leaned in for another kiss, but Mako dodged it.

"Korra, you're just vulnerable. What you need right now is soft words and tender caresses, not," He vaguely waved his hand around at their position. "This."

"I need you," She said. She lightly kisses his neck.

"Korra," Mako whined. "Can't you listen to reason? I'm sure if you let me just hold you –"

"I'm tired of you 'just holding me'! Don't you see that I want you?"

"Korra-"She kissed him again, this time with more passion.

"I'll make your dream come true if you'd just let me." She whispered breathlessly.

No matter how much he wanted to let her, he knew it wasn't right. So he said the only thing that he knew would hurt her the most. "I'm with Asami."

Korra looked at him in shock, her eyes filling with tears. "I hate you for that, Mako!" She pounded a fist against his chest.

And Mako let her. He knew she needed this, and he's wear the bruises with pride. Finally her punches grew more and more weak, and she collapsed against his chest again, crying. "Shh, Korra. It'll be alright."

"Why did you have to like her? I like you so much, and I thought you liked me back . . ."

"I do like you back Korra, but I like Asami too . . . it's not easy for me, seeing you this hurt. But I can't hurt Asami."

"So you're okay with hurting me, but not Asami?" Korra shrieked, her anger momentarily back.

"I just want to keep from hurting more people than necessary!" Mako answered back. He let out a frustrated sigh. "I've made a big mess of things . . ."

"You don't say?" Korra said sarcastically. She sighed also and pushed herself off Mako. "I'm sorry if I've made our relationship even more awkward . . ."

Mako shook his head. "Korra, I'm glad to help, whenever I can, however I can." Korra looked at him in surprise, swearing there was double meaning in his words.

"I should be going . . ." Korra said sadly.

"I should too . . ." Mako sounded regretful.

"So, we won't, um, tell anyone about this?" Korra rubbed her arms from the cold.

"Yes," Mako agreed, "We won't." Korra turned to leave, and Mako reached out a hand to pull her back. "Wait," he said. Quickly he leaned down and kissed her. "I'm sorry."

Korra's eyes were wide. "Don't be," she whispered, and then quickly walked away.

Mako sighed and leaned back against the fountain. He had a big mess to fix.