Hi. This is kind of a crossover between my "Lord Of The Flies" story and my "Night Of The Living Dummy" story. I put it here since some of my LoTF readers read my stories here. Now you can give everything you want to say directly to the characters. Like I know a lot of people wanted to tell Slappy off, so you will be able to review, and I'll tell him in this fanfiction.

A young woman of about fourteen walked into a room of other teenagers. She immediately looked around shyly, her blonde plaits swinging.

A boy with red hair and green-blue eyes looked up, a malevolent glitter in his eyes. He beckoned her over. "Come on, Roxy. Over here."

The girl obeyed, and the boy pulled her onto his lap. A group of girls whispering together looked up, all directing glares at the boy and sympathetic looks at the girl.

The other kids were all in little groups. One boy, another redhead, had an arm slung around the shoulders of a girl with short brown hair. "When is she going to get here?" he complained.

"She'll be here soon." the girl said calmly. She smiled a little. "Quit stressing about her, Jack. She's pretty cool."

"Then why did she let that thing come in?" The boy called Jack pointed over at the other boy that had spoken.

Finally, another girl walked in. She was obviously a couple of years older than all the other kids. She was wearing skinny blue jeans, a black T-shirt with a star on it, and red Converse trainers. She looked around at everyone, and smiled.

"Hey, Katie!" she called to the girl with Jack. Katie stood up and they hugged each other.

"You're looking great, SideshowJazz1." Katie said. "Where did you get those shoes?"

SideshowJazz1 shrugged, grinning. "Such is the beauty of fanfiction. I don't have these in the real world, unlike the clothes I'm wearing. Are all the savages and the other kids here?"

"In my group, they are." Katie answered. She lowered her voice. "Aren't you going to rescue Roxanne, though?"

SideshowJazz1 smiled and went over to the girl with blonde plaits. "Hey, Roxy!"

Roxanne looked up and murmured "Hi, SideshowJazz1."

SideshowJazz1 hovered. When she got no answer, she fixed the boy with a glare. "Slappy, be nice and say hi, at least. We all know you're not innocent, but I have power over you."

The boy, Slappy, scowled and muttered "Hello, annoying author."

SideshowJazz1 rolled her eyes and called to the group of girls that had been whispering together. "Hey, girls, I'll let you beat Slappy at the end if he goes on like this!" The girls cheered.

Then SideshowJazz1 turned to the readers. "Hi! I'm SideshowJazz1, and this is the cast of Twelve Girls, Thirteen Boys and Savages, and Slave To Passion. These two seem to be my most popular fanfics, so now you get to ask them all your questions! Roxanne and Slappy are both here, and the Powell twins, Amy, Trina, Britney and Molly are all here for you Goosebumps fans. For the people that actually looked at my other story, Katie is here, with her group of island-stranded kids, and Jack has his group of savages. So now, all you need to do is send in questions and dares. And just to get the ball rolling, I dare Roxanne and Slappy to swap roles until the next chapter. Slappy, you have to do everything Roxy tells you to."

Roxanne had to smile. "OK, Slappy. I guess you can get your revenge later, but I want you to sing every song from the Opheliac album that I've sang for you, and dance to it too..."

SideshowJazz1 smiled. "To everyone else, send in questions for the cast of both stories, or dares, or just mail. They'll all give answers, promise!"

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