"And we're back!" SideshowJazz1 announced. She picked up the first review. "OK, let's start with this dare from Basjetball!Slappy, I have a dare for you. Kiss all the girls and rank them from worst kisser to best kisser." A devious sadistic look took over the author's face. "Slappy, I'm adding to that dare. You have to use tongues."

Slappy rolled his eyes, looking annoyed, but he sighed in defeat. "Fine." He kissed each girl, carefully. "From best to worst," he said thoughtfully, "Roxy, Amy, Britney, Lindy, Trina, Molly, Kris. And I'd also like to add why. Roxy is hot, and she responded the most. Amy's not like that, but when she doesn't resist anything...she's kind of cute too. Britney's so innocent, it's just fun – I wonder why it's not like that with your best friend, huh? She's just boring. I think Lindy's had a lot of experience, because she knows how to react. Trina's not interesting, but not as boring as Molly, and I couldn't stand Kris for long – I'm guessing she's a bad kisser because she's always whining."

Roxanne had a slight pleased look on her face, while Molly and Trina looked insulted. Amy couldn't help a little smile, but she still managed to be weirded out, and so did Britney. Lindy had the same look, but her competitive streak when it came to her twin made her able to enjoy the fact that she was rated superior to Kris, who seemed half-furious, half-shamed.

"Hmmmm..." SideshowJazz1 said. "Slappy, mind rating me too?"

Slappy groaned, but kissed her. Then he decided "Between Lindy and Trina. I can tell you haven't had much experience, but even I'll admit that when you finally get a date, he'll probably like kissing you."

SideshowJazz1 rolled her eyes. "I've had plenty experience, thank you very much! Next up, we have someone calling themselves horny bitch. Girl, I don't know why you're using that...interesting name, but whatever. Hey all imma give you da dares. Slappy sex up Roxy again. Amy, seduce Slappy and Slappy COME ** ME IM HORNY FOR YOU!"

Slappy smirked. "Nice name that one has. Roxy, see you after this chapter. I'll go give that girl what she wants. Amy, you come too, you can do the dare there." It took about two hours before everyone was back.

SideshowJazz1 sighed. "OK, I've got a rule. No more seduction dares, OK?" She smiled. "Our next reviewer is Mummy-dummy. Roxy and Slappy- get drunk and make out. Trina-Go skinny dipping in a random guys pool.Amy-get arrested."

SideshowJazz1 clicked her fingers and two bottles of vodka appeared. "I know that neither of you can hold your liquor if you have that much." she smirked. "Now, let the show begin!"

Every girl in the room couldn't tear their eyes away from the passionate makeout session, although they really wished they could. Finally, SideshowJazz1 took pity, clicked her fingers, and it looked as though it had never happened.

"Trina, there's a pool next door." SideshowJazz1 said. "Strip there and go swim. None of us want to see what you look like." Slappy opened his mouth but SideshowJazz1 cut him off. "Don't even think about it, pervert. Amy, go do something to get arrested."

Amy sighed. "Fine. I'll trash somewhere and get arrested that way." She proceeded to do so, and SideshowJazz1 had her back before she got trialed. Trina was also back by that time, fully dressed, although her hair was still damp.

SideshowJazz1 had to smile. "Next up, is tori vega. Okay Roxy for you since you're awesome, sing make it shine! Trina make up a song about Slappy, Slappy dance to spongebob song wearing a cookie costume!"

While Roxanne sang, Slappy got his costume on, and Trina wrote down the words "I want to kill Slappy, he's evil and wants to enslave teenage girls

I never want to see him again

Send him to the pawn shop

Then to the chainsaw! The end."

SideshowJazz1 burst out laughing when she read the song, and then switched on the Spongebob song, which Slappy awkwardly danced to, scowling the whole time.

"Next we have Mr Smee!" SideshowJazz1 announced. "I get that...oh i've got a dare for you slappy – captain! Over here!(hook comes to smee's side and types) shkhkxvhvjnbkhgkhbcvjnbkdjxg kjbvbn...(smee takesover)sorry about 's got no left wants a fair fight with slappy,winner takesRoxy,loser has to take mary ellen on a date-paying for everything shebuys-WITH A SMILE! If Roxy goes with hook,she gets time off from slappy for...amonth!got that termite tush!?"

Slappy folded his arms and smirked. "Bring it on, gay pirate." He won.

Hook groaned, but went to find Mary-Ellen.

"One last reviewer!" SideshowJazz1 cried. Everyone cheered. "PoppyTart is back!" The twins looked nervous. "Twins, she says yes, do the threesome." SideshowJazz1 told them quickly. Both the twins looked petrified, but they obeyed, although Slappy started off trying to stay as far away from Kris as possible.

Both the twins seemed to find it fun at times. Lindy started giggling halfway through, even though her sister was scowling.

"What's so funny?" Kris demanded.

Lindy couldn't stop laughing. "You're turned on by this!" she burst out laughing again. "By a dummy and your own twin sister?!"

"Like you're not!" Kris scowled back. "I can tell how wet you are just by looking!"

Lindy shrugged. "So? Not as much as you are, judging by how loud you are."

An evil smile crossed Kris' face, and she slipped one hand past the waistband of her sister's panties, trying to prove which sister was more sick-minded.

SideshowJazz1 had to admit, she was glad when it was over, especially since the twins had stopped arguing and competing. "Let's see...what else did she say? Slappy-Act seductive to roxy. And I AIN'T scared of you! Dummy form,maybe. I stand up to you. And what I mean is,talk VERY sexy and husky towards Roxy to a point where she turns redder then a fire truck. SideshowJazz1-Sing No one mourns the wicked! Roxy- I dare you and Trina to become...SUPERHEROS! Amy-Tell the police on slappy and get him arrested! Roxy-Kiss another boy in front of slappy,see what he does. Slappy-Act like Stewie from family guy!

Slappy smirked, and suddenly said "Roxy, what did you think of that threesome, huh? Does it make you jealous, watching me turn on those two girls? Do you want some of me, too? Did you like-" Slappy immediately stopped, as Roxanne was already scarlet-cheeked.

SideshowJazz1 took a deep breath, and began to sing "Good news! She's dead...the Witch of the West is dead!

The wickedest witch there ever was, the enemy of all of us here in Oz, is dead!

Good news...good news!" She sang the whole song, finishing "Wicked! Wicked! WICKED!" Then she smiled. "Any musicals besides that one? What about Hairspray, Avenue Q, Annie, Grease, Hairspray, Hairspray, Hairspray...in case you didn't get it the first time, PLEASE dare someone to sing something from Hairspray! Anyway, Roxy? Trina?"

Ten minutes later, the blonde and the redhead stood there in costumes. Roxanne swished her cape and smiled. "Meet the quietest superheroine ever...Sonic Silence!"

A propeller flew Trina up. "Aeroplane Girl...the only original flyer on the planet!"

At the same moment, Amy brought a policeman back in, but SideshowJazz1 made him disappear. "Sorry, Amy," she said, "But we still have a couple more dares!"

At that moment, a bunch of boys walked into the room, and it was time for another one of Roxy's dares. She, just wanting to get it over with, ran up to the boy with the darkest hair and kissed him on the lips. Slappy scowled, but didn't say anything, glaring daggers at SideshowJazz1 and making his own plans for the reviewer.

"Last one!" SideshowJazz1 said brightly. "Slappy, watch an episode of Family Guy, then go talk to this thing!" She thrust a teddy bear at him.

Slappy acted as Stewie pretty well, and the girls all giggled.

SideshowJazz1 sighed happily. "It's over! OK, the usual drill."

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