The Three Ninjas: Just an Ordinary day

Chapter One

The Shultz Boarding School for Girls is one of the most expensive and exclusive schools in Europe. The school stood on well-tended lawns that stretched as far as the eye can see. Beyond, was a long gray stone wall indicating the end of the property. Trees were scattered around the area affording a cool shade for the benches beneath them. The boarding school has other facilities such as playgrounds from their younger students, gymnasium, a swimming pool, a bike course and another open area that is under developed. The administrative offices were located at the middle of the property. From its main door, a walk path cut through the green lawn leading up to the other buildings found in the area.

Two buildings where set aside as dormitories for the girls. One located at the rear of the main school building while the other one was at the rear of two mess halls buildings.


A black-clad figure came out from hiding behind a tall drum and began moving away from it. The figure crept steadily heading towards the rope swing that was tied on a sturdy branch from a tree. The lone figure momentarily stopped, head slowly turned from left to right. It seemed to be listening to its surroundings for a noise and trying to pinpoint a sound it heard. The eyes squinted as the moonshine considerably diminished. The hand twisted up and gripped the wooden boken as it was raised while the other hand was free but ready. The figure continued creeping towards the rope swing.

Above, another black clad figure appeared out from hiding and was now sitting by the crux of the branch, waiting. The figure jumped down to its target. The "target" with only a couple of seconds left before actually getting hit, flipped backwards once and faced the opponent. The second figure landed on the ground noiselessly after rolling forward and simultaneously attacked once it was on its feet. It was swinging the Bo staff.

Minutes passed and the two were not giving up ground. There were hits but as a rule in practices, a weapon coming in contact with the body, a gentle tap should be delivered to the intended hit portion.

The staff-welding figure bends side ways as the boken came slicing to the left. Seeing an opening, the former swiped the leg of the other person who fell to the ground. The figure was about to follow through when a beep sounded from boken handling figure. The two stopped.

"We'd better get going," told a female voice. Muffled by the mask that covered half of her face. Her companion nodded and lends a hand to help the other girl up.

Soon the two ran as fast as they could to reach their dormitory before their superintendent checks on them.


Unknown to both, an hour ago before curfew time, their roommate Lindsay was tackled by one of Vanessa's friends as she was preparing the rope ladder for Julie and Nikki to climb up their room.

"Hey!" Lindsay exclaimed as she was pushed to the floor.

"Marissa! What are you doing?" She violently squirmed. Lindsay managed to free her left hand and slapped the heavier girl as hard as she could.

"Ouch!" The girl cried out and fell to her left side. Lindsay immediately pushes herself up and shoves the girl who was still dazed. She ran towards the door but didn't make it. There were two other girls blocking her path.

"Don't let her get away!" Marissa ordered as she stood up. She gritted her teeth as she touched the tender side of her face. It stung. Instantly, the two girls grabbed Lindsay by the arms and held her.

"What do you want?" Lindsay demanded. Marissa didn't answer her at once and delayed even more by looking at the mirror found at some place in the study table. She turned her face to the right and noted the redness.

"You see, Vanessa wants you to be silent for a while and immobile, if we can. So you wouldn't be able to help your friends get into the room when she calls the superintendent. She'll report that there were two girls not yet in their beds this curfew time." She told her. Nearing Lindsay now, Marissa reached inside her blazer pocket and took out a roll of tape. She prepared a strip of tape and placed it over Lindsay's mouth.

Marissa smirked again. "Sor –Hey!" Thud. The other girl looked up and saw Lindsay smirking using her eyes.

"You...swiped me! " Marissa was bristling with anger inside that she couldn't articulate what she wanted to say to the other girl.

Its at least I can do. Lindsay thought.

. "Tie her up. We don't have much time left to get out of the room." Marissa ordered while glancing at her watch. It was 15 minutes before 10 o'clock.

The two girls quickly tied Lindsay who struggled but stopped when she started to feel shortness with her breathing. In moments, they were finished. Soon the three girls placed her inside the closet and left the room. Marissa switched off the lights.

Oh great. Just great. Not only two girls not in their beds but three girls. Lindsay thought. She worked with her binds and fortunately, the cord binding her feet and hands weren't tight enough. After several tugs, the cords finally loosened. She later removed the tape from her mouth.

Soon, she was standing and groping in the dark for the closet doorknob. Minutes ticked by and she couldn't find it. Perspiration trickled down her spine. The room suddenly burst with light, sounds and footsteps.

"Quick, everyone, in your beds. She's coming." A roommate warned.

"Hurry!" called out another.

Hearing all these, Lindsay began banging the doors. "Hey, guys! Will somebody open the closet doors, please? I'm locked in." Lindsay called. A moment then a clicking sound came through.

"Lindsay!" exclaimed an auburn hair girl when she opened the closet door. She back away as Lindsay literally burst out of the closet.

"Thanks, Shai." Lindsay said as she heaved a breath. "It was getting a little claustrophobic in there." Pointing back at the closet.

"What were you doing in there anyway?" Shai asked as she led Lindsay to her bed to sit down. Soon the other girls swarmed in to hear her story.

"You wouldn't believe what just happened…" Lindsay began relating her story to her roommates what transpired an hour ago.

Still outside and staying close to the shadows, Julie and Nikki reached Harrison's tool shed without anyone seeing them. Despite all the lampposts scattered all over the property, there was no sign of anyone else walking around the grounds.

They stopped behind the shed and knelt as they looked ahead of them. Several meters away was their dormitory and not only that, they saw Mrs. Winthrope entering the building and tagging beside her was Vanessa Kingston, the girl known to give them trouble! The two girls glanced at each other and ran towards the building. They stopped again and peered through the first storey window. They saw Mrs. Winthrope going over the logbook while Vanessa looked like a Cheshire cat who had eaten a mouse.

"Julie, we got to get under our third floor window, quick." Nikki said under her breath.

"Okay. C'mon." They ran to their appointed spot.

Back to the girls' room, Lindsay had just finished her story. "And that's that." Lindsay said as she completed her story.

"I can't believed Vanessa would have her friends do that." Arianne commented who was sitting beside her. The other girls were wagging their heads too. They couldn't believe it either.

"But, don't you think, its bad for Julie and Nikki to be out in the evenings? I hate to think what Mrs. Winthrope is going to say to them." Pam remarked.

"What were they doing outside anyway?" Shai curiously asked. Before Lindsay could answer her, a whistle filled the room just as a sound of a door opening and closing outside the corridor, completely interrupted the girls. They all looked to their own room door on who had just entered.

"Mrs. Winthrope is coming." Megan told them at the same time wildly gesturing her other roommates to climb to their beds. Lindsay dashed under her bed to get the rope ladder. She shoved it outside their window. She beckoned for her friends to immediately climb up just as Zarina switch off all their room lights, plunging their room to darkness.

Quickly, the other two girls climbed up the rope ladder. "Hurry, she's coming." Lindsay said in low tone. Clad in black ninja outfits, Nikki and Julie could have been easily being mistaken as buglers. Fortunately, no one was watching.

In seconds they were inside the room. Julie hastily rolled up the rope ladder and gave it to Nikki who stashed it back under Lindsay's bunk bed. Lindsay was just pulling back her covers and pretended to be asleep when their door opened.

Mrs. Winthrope ran a very strict school and wasn't looking very pleased if indeed some of her girls were traipsing around the school property. She stood outside Julie Davenport's room. A room she shared with other seven girls. The superintendent twisted the doorknob and was greeted with a soft snore coming from one of the girl's beds. Her practiced eyes moved from one bunk bed to another as she was silently making a head count.

"Seven. They are all seven." Mrs. Winthrope announced as she closed the door.

Vanessa gasped. "Seven?" she repeated. She looked up and caught the superintendent's angry demeanor.

"Young Lady," the older woman began. " I will not tolerate anymore of your ridiculous tricks." Mrs. Winthrope admonished. "Tomorrow, I will tell your parents what you have been doing lately, when they come to pick you up."

"No…no…no. Don't tell them. Please." Vanessa pleaded. "I'm really, really sorry." The girl hastily apologized unfortunately it wasn't enough.

"Sorry, will not help you this time, Vanessa. You've wasted my time young girl. Now… march." Mrs. Winthrope instructed as she raised her arm out to the length of the corridor.

Vanessa hesitated then finally obeyed. The little girl walked with her head down with Mrs. Winthrope behind her.

Somewhere in Los Angeles suburbs, the Douglas family was preparing to retire for the night.

"C'mon guys. Its time to go to bed." Their mother told them as she came into the living room.

Two of her sons gave her mocking groans.

"Mom," they said in unison.

"It's not a school night. We can stay a little late than usual." Michael said, who was her third and last son. Their father smiled from where he was sitting by the couch. For the past couple of hours, the boys were preoccupied in arranging their pictures taken from their latest adventure during their brief stay in Japan.

"Shouldn't that picture be here instead of this one." Colt remarked as he pointed to where a photograph was supposed to be. He was sitting on the floor with his brothers and in front of them, lying on the table were the photo albums and boxes full of photographs.

"Okay, okay. Colt." Rocky said as he removed the picture showing the three of them standing, in front of an old Japanese castle.

Michael who likes to be called also by his Ninja name, Tumtum, giggled. He saw a photo his brother Rocky and Miyo. The girl was the champion from last year's Ninja tournament held in Koga, Japan.

Mrs. Douglas, who joined her husband by the couch, whispered to him. "I can't believed how time can fly so fast." She commented as she watched her sons.

"I know what you mean." He replied and gave her a kiss on the forehead and continued watching the boys fussing over their pictures.

Tumtum let out another giggle but Rocky and Colt neither look up from their work. It was only his parents who seemed to have caught their attention. He stood up and head towards them.

"I like you to meet, Miyo. Rocky's girlfriend and champion of last year's Ninja tournament." Showing them the picture that he clearly snatched under his brother's nose.

"Really." Their mother said and took the photo. " I don't think I've seen this picture before." She remarked in a mock accusing tone. Miyo had shoulder length black hair and have small eyes. She was wearing jeans and a beautiful top. Mrs. Douglas gave the picture to her husband just as Rocky and Colt looked back to them.

"Why, Rocky. Why didn't you tell us about Miyo." His father said.

"What!" he caught himself from exclaiming out loud and glanced what was on his father's hand. This time, Tumtum laughed.

"Rocky-still-loves-Miyo. Roc-ky still-loves –Miyo." Tumtum bantered. Rocky sat in silence for a moment, clearly speechless. Then he began to feel the heat creeping to his neck and finally to his face as he listened to Tumtum's teasing. He turned to his left and saw Colt also laughing and joining in the banter.

"What's this… Rocky's blushing!" Colt added and immediately stood up when he emphasized the last word.

"Colt! Come back here!" Rocky said as he tried to grab his brother who had already stood up and joined Tumtum.

"I'll get you two." Rocky said as he ran after the two out of the living room. The boys disappeared.

"Let's see what the boys have so far." Mr. Douglas said as he reached for the photo album. Almost half of it was filled. They had been through a couple of pages when the three brothers came back to the room.

"I got you now!" Rocky called out as he tackled Tumtum. The two went to the floor.

"Colt, help. I'm being …attacked!" exclaimed Tumtum in between giggles.

"Yaaaah." Colt cried out as tackled Rocky. The boys rolled in heaps. Mrs. Douglas fondly looked at them while shaking her head.

"Okay, boys. That's enough…" She stood up and went up to them.

"Okay, mom." Colt answered and straightened his shirt. Rocky and Tumtum stopped fooling around and help Tumtum to his feet.

'Its late. Time to go to bed. Carry the albums upstairs and try finishing them in the morning." She instructed them as she kissed each boy.

"We will, Mom." Rocky answered.

"Yes! School's out and summer's finally in! I can't wait what Grandpa will teach us." Colt enthusiastically announced.

"Last one upstairs has a rotten egg on his head!" Rocky called out. The statement made the three boys grab the albums and hastily shoved the pictures back to the envelopes as fast as they can. They bounded up the stairs while laughing as the three brothers' race to their room.

Mr. Douglas switched the lights off in the living room area and all the remaining lights in the house. He followed his wife upstairs as Mrs. Douglas opened the boys' door and looked at them fondly. He stood besides her looking at their children. They knew they were still pretending to be asleep and soon closed the boys' door.

Tumtum reached out for his bedside lamp and switched it on when his mother left them alone. He soon noticed a lone photograph lying on the floor. He sat up and picks it up. He lay back on his bed and studied the photograph. It was faded and looked very old. The images were still discernable, showing two babies held by their mother lying on each of her arm. She was smiling towards the camera. Holding her precious jewels close to her. Tumtum sighed. Its Rocky's and Colt's baby picture. Then in hit him. Colt was a year younger than Rocky! He looked back at the photograph. Then who's this in the picture with Mom and Rocky? There's must be a logical explanation for this. Mom could be holding a different child. Tumtum rationalized.

Rocky turned over in his bed and saw Tumtum still busy with the photograph.

"Tumtum, go to sleep." Rocky whispered.

"Rocky…" Tumtum started. He clearly did not hear his brother. "Do you remember seeing this picture before?" the youngest Douglas asked as he gave the photograph to Rocky.

"In the morning Tumtum." Rocky told him, not wanting to get up. "Now, close your light and get some sleep." Rocky pulled the sheets over his eyes to end the conversation.

Tumtum was silent and continued studying the photo. He didn't obey his brother just yet. He reversed the photograph and read the writing on the back of it.

Rocky and Janine Douglas. The simple label said.

"What!" Tumtum exclaimed. He looked around their room. He was just in time to see Rocky pushed the sheets away from his face and Colt glaring at him.

"What's the big idea Tumtum?" Colt asked above him from his bunk bed.

"We… we have a sister!" Tumtum told them.

"What are you talking about?" Colt asked in a quite irritated tone.

"You got to be dreaming Tumtum." Rocky said. "If we had a sister… shouldn't that be obvious. Besides Mom said three children is enough."

"Yeah." Colt agreed as he switched on their bedroom lights.

"I know you two don't believe me. Well, then take a look at this." Tumtum showed him the picture. The other boy sat up and began to scrutinize the picture. For a moment, he was silent.

"What is it?" Colt prodded. His voice filled with curiosity. He wanted to know what made his older brother quiet. When his brother didn't answer, he quickly went to his side and peered over Rocky's shoulder. He squinted at the picture as Rocky handed it to him.

"Well?" Tumtum chimed in when the silence seemed to stretch further.

"Janine Douglas?" Colt said under his breath. " We have a sister?" he added as he glanced at Rocky. A sad expression came over his face. "How come Mom and Dad never told us about her?" he stood up. "Your twin sister." He repeated as he released his breath.

"Something must have happened to her." Rocky told them.

"Should we asked Mom and Dad about her now? Tumtum asked.

"What do you think, Colt?" Rocky wanted to know his younger brother's thoughts. He was not sure if he could ask his parents about Janine. The same thoughts crossed Colt's mind but curiosity won over anything else. Of course, his parents' might not want to discuss but it's the risk they have to take.

"I would really like to know, Rocky." Colt finally voiced his answer.

"Me, too." Tumtum piped in.

"Okay, tomorrow then." Rocky summed up the majority of their answers. "We'll have to be careful on what we say." He added as he looked at them. The two other boys agreed.

"That settles it. Let's try to get some sleep now." Rocky yawned and lay back down in his bed. The other boys followed suit. Soon, the room was in darkness.