The Love Boat

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Chapter 17 Megalith

"I can't do this." I shook my head vehemently. What in the hell was I thinking climbing up this mountain with the sole purpose of flinging myself to the jungle floor on a piece of string?

Edward waved the other zipliners around us. In the distance, I could hear the excited squeals of the first members of our group descending. The more I thought of it, the more I was convinced they were actually screaming to their death.

Edward's firm hands on my shoulders stopped my nervous pacing. He waited for me to look into his unnervingly calm eyes. "What's going on?"

"I can't…" I pointed at the deceptively stable-looking platform rising from the ancient sugar plantation. "Have you seen how high we are?"

His lips twisted into a smirk. "You're the one who picked the extreme course."

"Because I was stupid! And it's your birthday, and I wanted you to have the best, and I thought I could be brave and do it. But I can't. I'm not brave. I'm a big-ass chicken. I'll probably start clucking any moment now." My hands flailed around between us as I rambled.

"First of all, I know you can do this. Do you remember the year you came to my family reunion with Alice at the big lake?"

I shrugged. I'd been to more than one Cullen family reunion.

"Riley and Austin were telling you and Alice there were crocodiles in the lake."

"Yeah, your cousins were jerks. Remember, we watched that crappy bootlegged version of Lake Placid the night before?" I snorted a little at the memory. In hindsight, it was funny, but at the time, we were terrified there were crocs in the lake, just like the movie.

"What I really remember is how you stood up to Austin and told him you weren't afraid. And then you grabbed that old rope swing and jumped into the lake."

"I changed my mind the second I stepped off the ledge, then my hands slipped and I fell into the lake."


I nodded my head.

"But you kept jumping in after that."

I nodded again.

"And, even being the fifteen-year-old smart ass I was, I still thought you were the bravest little kid around."

"Little kid? That's how you always saw me, wasn't it?" I pushed my bottom lip out in an exaggerated pout.

Edward's smile widened with his hearty laugh. "You were what, eleven years old?"


"Even better." He scoffed, reaching up and tugging my bottom lip. "Wouldn't it be kind of creepy if I was perving on you when you were ten years old?"

I shrugged. He had a point.

His hand slid to my cheek, and he used his thumb to tilt my chin toward him. His lips lowered until they nearly brushed mine. "I definitely don't see you as a little kid now. Isn't that what matters?"

I nodded, lifting up on my toes to press my mouth to his. His arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me closer.

"Would I let anything happen to you?" The feeling of being caged in his strong arms and the low timbre of his voice left no doubt, and I shook my head.

"Good." He pulled back a bit. "Plus, if we don't go down that way," he said, pointing at the platform, "we have to go back down the way we came up, and I don't want to chance climbing down those rickety two-by-four ladders backwards."

I giggled into his shoulder. Those ladders we came up were rather scary.

"So, what will it be? The ride of your life in a safety-rated harness, or the perilous backwards climb down those questionable ladders?"

My heart was still racing from my flight above the canopy, but as Edward came into view, it sped up even faster.

As soon as Edward was unclipped from the line, I launched myself at him. He barely had time to catch me before my arms and legs wrapped around him. His face was flushed, and there was a wild excitement in his eyes. He was as amped by the zip as I was.

"That was freaking amazing!" I practically yelled.

He threw his head back in laughter. "You're glad you didn't go back?"

"Oh, my god, yes. Thank you for not letting me wimp out," I said, still louder than I should have. "Thank you, thank you, thank you," I chanted between almost chaste pecks.

I felt completely exhilarated. Like a million little drops of courage and awesomeness seeped into my body, and I could do anything, be anything. Being in Edward's arms somehow intensified that feeling.

One of his hands moved to cup the back of my head as he chased my lips to deepen the kisses. He spun us around, slamming me into a nearby tree. Any other time I might have whimpered in pain, but in that moment of adrenaline and lust, I couldn't have cared less.

"I want you. Here. Now," I panted out huskily. "Did you bring a condom?"

He groaned and squeezed my thigh, pulling back enough to give me a wicked smile. "Two."

"Two? Pretty sure of yourself, weren't you?"

"Just hopeful." He winked. "Always hopeful with you."

I moaned as his tongue slid back into my mouth. I raked my fingers through his hair, twining them in his soft tendrils.

A throat cleared behind us. A pretty girl with a nametag across her more than ample boobs that read 'Christine' gawked at us.

I unlocked my legs from Edward's waist and slid past his obvious erection to stand on my own.

"I'm sorry. You're the last two zipliners down, and I need to get his hardness…I mean harness. I need his harness." She pointed and started to go for the snap closure at his thigh before pulling her hand back.

"Shit. Sorry," Edward said as he unclipped the three snaps and stepped out of the harness, handing it to her.

"Thanks," she said, refusing to look at either of us. She started to walk away but turned her head over her shoulder. "There's um…lots of quiet, secluded trails if you'd like to um…hike rather than go back to the café with the others. The bus doesn't head back to the ship for a couple more hours."

She quickly gathered the pile of gear in her arms and darted away. Completely flabbergasted by her suggestion, all we could do was watch her wavy auburn ponytail sway behind her as she retreated.

Edward blew out a long breath. "That was—"

"You scared her away with your boner!" I teased.

"It's your fault."

I shrugged. "Still want to take me hiking?"

"Fuck, yeah." He took my hand and pulled me toward one of the many trails.

Edward pulled me along the well-worn path and then veered off onto a partially overgrown trail. He'd stop every now and then, looking around, before deciding on our course and pushing ahead. I blindly followed behind, paying more attention to the tropical foliage and glimpses of birds as we charged through the hilly terrain.

He came to another abrupt stop. I looked around, trying to get my bearings, and realized I had no clue how we'd gotten here. "Do you even know where we are?"

He laughed. "How often do you think I come here?"

"Ha. Good point, but can you find your way back? Because if you're leaving it up to me, we might as well build a hut."

Edward turned to face me, and I saw a brightness dancing in his eyes. Already slightly out of breath from the hike, my breathing hitched even more as he brought his hand up to stroke my cheek. "I can find the way back. But if being lost out here with you is an option, I might not show you the way back," he said with a wink.

"Winks aren't working today." I shook my head, yet failed to hide my smile.

"They so are." He dipped his head to brush his lips over mine.

"Maybe." I let go of his hand and wound my arms around his neck. He pulled me closer and took my mouth again. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he lifted me higher on his body, moaning as his fingertips slipped under the hem of my shorts, squeezing the sensitive skin on my inner thighs.

"God, I want you so bad," he murmured against my lips, walking us forward until my back hit the rough trunk of some kind of palm tree.

I twined my fingers in his soft hair, needing something, anything to anchor me to him. He groaned in response, and I felt the deep vibrations in his chest as he pushed me harder into the tree. His hands rhythmically tightened around my legs, causing my body to rise and fall against the trunk with every squeeze. I tried not to wince as the coarse bark grated into my back through my thin t-shirt.

"Shit." Edward turned his face away from mine, looking around. "Not here."

"Yes, here," I begged breathlessly, chasing his lips.

He took a step back and set me back on my feet. He spun me around and grabbed for the hem of my shirt. "I didn't think about…" he trailed off, gesturing towards the tree.

He took my hand and pulled me along with a renewed vigor. We only hiked a couple minutes more before Edward pointed to an outcrop of large boulders. "There."

"How did you know this was here?" I asked, looking at the huge stone formations that faced one another. Taller than Edward, they looked as if it had once been a single massive stone that split in two, leaving a wide channel in between.

Edward shrugged. "Dumb luck? Sheer desperation?" His hands slipped under my shirt, frissons radiating from the path he traced on my back.

I felt emboldened by the effects of the last traces of adrenaline in my system and the fervid heat in Edward's eyes that seemed to spread across his entire being and by the silly pun that popped into my head.

"Or maybe your divining rod led you?" I stroked him through his cargo shorts.

I gasped as he squeezed my sides and moved his hands to stroke the underside of my breast with his thumb. He waited for me to look into his eyes and held me in his gaze. "If my dick was a divining rod, it would lead me straight to your pussy." He thrust his hips, pushing himself harder into my hand.

My lips parted in a raspy mewl. His mouth took the opportunity and covered mine in a kiss that was more forceful and needier than we'd shared before. Sparks of passion zinged everywhere in my body; I could feel that kiss in my toes.

My fingers clawed at his shirt, seeking bare flesh. I needed to touch him. He walked me backward, never breaking our kiss. My back hit one of the boulders, and his hands moved to my front, pulling down the cups of my bra and squeezing my breasts. I pressed my fingers into his back as hard as I could.

"God, I love the feel of your hands on me." Edward pulled away for a moment, reaching behind his head to grasp the neckline of his tee and ripping it off. "Yours too," he said gruffly, tugging at the hem of my shirt.

He removed my shirt and dropped it on top of his, smiling at the sight of my breasts peeking out of my bra. He picked me up, hoisting me high on his body, and pinned me to the rock with his chest against my stomach.

I wrapped my legs around him as best I could, and my fingers raked through his hair,involuntarily pulling tufts of hair as his tongue swept over one nipple and then the other. He groaned and said something I couldn't quite hear with his face buried in my chest.

He let me slide down so that my legs were wrapped around his, one hand under my bottom and one tangled in my hair. "Are you sure?"

"If you don't take me right now, I'm going to explode."

"As you wish." He smirked at me, undoing the buttons on my shorts.

I narrowed my eyes at him. As you wish? Again? His fingers sliding between my legs pulled me from my thought. My head lolled back until I heard the obscene sound of my wetness on his fingers. I felt the heat of my blush as I turned my head to the side and closed my eyes.

Edward's warm breath tickled my ear as he whispered huskily, "Does that sound embarrass you? I think it's hot as fuck that you're practically dripping wet for me."

The raw intensity I saw in his eyes when I opened mine made me believe him. I lunged for his lips, writhing as much as I could between him and the boulder. "I've never been this wet for anyone else." My voice dropped when I said "wet", but I still felt extra brazen for saying it at all.

"Fuck, Bella. Get these off. Now." He yanked the sides of my shorts as far as they'd go with me still wrapped around him.

I dropped my legs to stand, pulling my panties down with my shorts. Edward helped me free my shoes and tossed the garment aside.

I grabbed for his belt, jerking the strap through the buckle. He watched my hands intently before remembering to reach for the gold foil packet in his pocket. Palming it, he braced his hands on the rock on either side of me, caging me in his strong arms. He rested his forehead on my shoulder and watched as I undid his shorts and let them fall.

The dark boxer briefs did little to hide Edward's hardness, and I couldn't resist tracing the evident bulge over the material. His head rolled to the side slightly to place languid, closed-mouthed kisses on my neck.

I teased the coarse hairs that dipped behind the fabric, slipping my finger under the waistband and pulling him out to see the broad crown. Edward started sucking on my neck as I pulled the front down, exposing his heated erection to the air.

I moaned as I slid my hands under the band to his sides, pushing the cotton over his hips. Even though I'd gotten a good look last night, I was still fascinated with everything about it, its size and color and even the network of veins.

Edward dragged his lower lip up the column of my neck, lightly grazing my chin with his teeth. My hands fell to his hips, tracking invisible patterns in the muscled contours.

I wanted him inside me so badly that my thoughts had nearly dissolved into their basic carnal need—almost, but not completely. I'd never had sex standing up. I thought that was his plan. Of course, I'd seen wall sex and bookshelf sex and up-against-the-car sex in movies, but I'd never done it. I'd only ever done it in a bed. But we were outside, against a massive stone wall, and he's so much taller than me, and I'm no acrobat. I didn't think it was going to be as easy as it looked in the movies.

"Edward, how is this going to work?" It was a question, but it sounded so much more like a desperate plea.

"I have an idea." He straightened up, reaching for our shirts on the ground. My brows furrowed in confusion. I should have known I wasn't ready for wild, jungle sex. "Here," he said, handing both of them folded together and doubled over. His hands wrapped around my hips, shimmying me sideways to where the two boulders were closer together. It was all he could really do with his shorts and underwear around his ankles.

He took the folded shirts from me and placed them behind my shoulder blades, gently pushing me against them. "This wall is a little rougher than I thought."

Edward tore open the condom, threw the wrapper on the ground, and sheathed himself before I could even react to his offense.

"Did you just litter?" I asked, shocked.

"I'll pick it up before we leave."

"What if some animal finds it and tries to eat it?"

"You're worried an animal is going to scurry over here while we're in flagrante delicto to eat the foil packet?"

I nodded. It sounded silly, but crazier things had happened.

"Fine." He bent down and twisted, giving me a nice view of his bare cheeks to pick up the wrapper and tuck it in his pocket. "But if any animal is willing to come within fifty yards of us, we're doing this wrong."

He straightened back up. "Hi."

"Hi." We stood in an awkward silence, naked in the middle of this fallow sugar plantation, reclaimed by the jungle.

I watched his eyes as they roamed down my body and back up. Despite the blush I felt heating my face, I raised an eyebrow when his eyes met mine again. He responded with his cocky smirk that I found impossibly sexier every time I saw it.

The backs of his knuckles grazed my cheek as his hand wrapped around the back of my head, and he pulled me in for a searing kiss that I could feel in my toes. Fire trailed in his fingertips' wake as he traced an agonizingly slow path across my collarbone, skirting my breast and following the curves of my side. I played with the soft fringes of the hair behind his ears as his hand flattened across by bottom and slid to the back of my thigh. He lifted my leg over his hip and stepped closer, pushing his impressive erection further into my belly.

He repeated the same languorous path on my other side, his hand pausing to squeeze my cheek. He broke the kiss, pulling his lips back only far enough to murmur against mine, "I'm going to lift you up. Brace your feet on the boulder behind me."

I glanced at the grey stone over his shoulder before nodding. He lifted me, somehow keeping the shirts behind my back, and I pushed my feet flat against the opposite rock. He rubbed his hands down the backs of my legs, lightly massaging the muscles of my thighs and then my calves and shins. "Okay?"

He waited for my nod before sliding his hands across the tops of my knees, over my thighs, and curling his fingers around the insides of my legs. His hands tightened, pressing into the sensitive skin there, holding me open as he flexed his hips to position himself at my center.

He slid through the wetness between my legs, teasing me, sending little thrills through my body that weren't quite enough. I tilted my hips, desperately seeking more, and an involuntary moan escaped my lips as he pushed inside.

My eyes fluttered as each tentative thrust hit deeper.

"I want to watch you take all of me." His gravelly demand was punctuated with a more forceful lunge.

I moaned in agreement. I felt Edward's hand drag across my body, his fingers pressing into the back of my neck as his thumb traced the line of my chin. "Look at me."

I opened my eyes to see his, dark as the surrounding jungle foliage, boring into mine. Gasps escaped with every deepening thrust as I held his gaze.

"Spread your legs wider," he gritted out.

My eyes widened, more at the affect his lewd command had on my body than at the coarse words themselves. Still buried inside me, Edward lifted me so I could nudge my feet farther from his gloriously naked hips.

The new position tilted my hips and lifted the small of my back away from the wall. He slowly let me bear more of my own weight, testing the new position.

"Good?" he asked, watching my eyes. I knew he was looking for any signs of discomfort; it made me feel safe and cherished and something else I couldn't quite articulate.

"So good," I moaned in a breathy exhale.

One side of his grin curved a little higher than the other, and a devilish glint flared in his eyes. That smirk did things to me; I wanted to lick it off his face.

His hands skimmed my legs, grabbing the flesh of my hips as he withdrew slowly. Pushing back in, he hit a new, deeper place, amplifying everything. More bolts of electricity zinged through my body, faster and hotter than before. A keening wail escaped, masking the low expletive Edward groaned against my neck.

A clutch of birds startled, taking flight through the trees. Edward's hand cupped the side of my face, his thumb stroking my bottom lip. He pressed his mouth roughly to my neck just below my ear. "You have the sexiest fucking moans I've ever heard."

I gasped at his words as his hips continued their steady rhythm.

"More. Let me hear what I do to you." The deep timbre of his voice never faltered as he drove into me harder and harder. "What it feels like to have my cock pounding into you so hard you scare the wildlife away. Let them hear. Let everyone hear what I do to you."

I clawed at his muscled shoulders, digging deeper with every dirty word.

"Do you like that? Letting them hear you?"

I nodded frantically, overcome with the chaotic tattoo of his thrusts and his hot grunts against my neck.

"What about seeing you?

"Does it turn you on that someone could be watching us?"

I looked around, desperately hoping not to see anyone. But at the same time, the thought excited me. His fingers slid down my neck to palm my breast.

"That they could see my hand on your tits?" He squeezed progressively harder with every word until my raspy gasps turned shrill.

"From that cliff or through those trees?

"Watching my ass flex as I plunge into your pretty little pussy?

"See you writhe in pleasure against my dick, holding yourself against the rock?"

He moved his hand from my breast to the stone wall over my shoulder. His other hand dragged up my side, his thumb tracing the contour of my breast and the hollow of my collarbone. His thrusts slowed and curled into me; he tilted his pelvis and bowed his shoulders to lean against the rock on his elbows.

His lips smashed into mine in a fierce, possessive kiss, which made no sense when he taunted me like this. My fingers raked through his hair, pulling him from my lips, needing him to move again. I bucked my hips against his.

"That's it. Ride my cock." He pushed his forehead to mine, watching as I undulated against him. "Harder. Let them see how much you want my cock."

I whimpered against him and rolled my hips tentatively, testing, seeking whatever would drive him as wild as he drove me.

A primal sound that started as a growl and ended with "fuck" roared out of Edward. He grabbed me by the thighs and stood upright in one motion. My feet lost their grip on the boulder. The t-shirts fell from behind my shoulders, and he crushed me to the stone wall behind me.

He ferociously rammed into me as spikes of pleasure built, and I pulsed in orgasm. Edward groaned again, his pace unchanging for what could have been seconds or minutes until his grunts crested and crumbled into raspy panting as his movements stilled.

Edward collapsed to the ground with me in tow, landing in his lap. Still struggling to catch our breath, I rested my forehead on his shoulder, and his fingers lazily ran up and down my spine.

Before I could formulate my thoughts, he nudged my hip. "Scoot back, I need to take care of this condom."

I crawled backward far enough for him to remove it. He tied it in a knot and set it on the ground by his hip.

"What are you going to do with that?"

He shrugged. "Put it in my pocket until we get somewhere to throw it away? We have to tote it out, 'leave no trace' and all that."

I recoiled at the thought.

"You're too cute," he whispered, pulling me closer. I gladly melted into his chest.

As the prurient haze started to wane, I felt a compulsion to make sure Edward knew what he did to me. I held his beautiful face between my hands and noticed it looked somehow softer than it usually did. The little line between his eyebrows was gone, and his cheeks were smoother. Even his ears looked like they were lower than normal.

"Edward," I said, barely above a whisper. "You made me come."

"I know." His lips twisted into a proud, lazy smile as he nodded. "Again."

"No, Edward. You made me come from inside. I didn't have to play with myself."

His smile broadened, and the little crinkles reappeared in the corners of his eyes. "So it was kind of like your first time?"

I nodded. "It was so many firsts. First time outside. First time standing. Actually it was the first time not missionary. First time not in a bed," I ticked off.


I looked down, then quickly averted to his thigh to avoid staring at his penis. I slowly let out a deep breath. "Edward, I told you I was bad at sex. I've only had blah, get-myself-off-later sex. Missionary position. In a bed. With the lights off. Sometimes scheduled."

He pulled my chin up to look him in the eyes. "I love the idea that I've had some of your firsts. Let me spend the rest of the trip collecting more?"

I let out a nervous chuckle. "I'm not sure how many firsts I still have."

"I know of plenty." He winked.

I felt my Pavlovian response to that damn wink heat my cheeks.

"I love that smile." He ran his finger over the apple of my cheek. "It's one of my favorites."

"I think you've gone soft in your post-coital glow."

"Give me ten minutes." He chuckled lazily. "Or five minutes and a blow job."

I froze for a moment, wondering if he was serious. I tried hard to concentrate on keeping my shell calm while in my head I heard the blaring horn from submarine movies, trying to think of what I could say to not ruin the moment. What quip could I quip so he wouldn't be disappointed that I wouldn't do that?

A gentle kiss on my shoulder broke me from the spiraling thoughts. "As much as I'd love round two, we should probably meet back up with the group before we miss the bus back to the boat."

"You better be able to find our way back," I said with a snort, standing from his lap.

Edward had just gotten to his feet when a rustling on the jungle floor scared the holy beejeebers out of me. I shrieked and ran behind Edward.

"Fuck," he yelled and tried to take off running. His foot caught in the leg hole of his shorts that were still around his ankles, and he fell to the ground with a resounding thud.

As he fell, I saw the scuttle was caused by two monkeys darting through the undergrowth.

"Oh, my god. Edward, are you okay?" I tried to ask between guffaws. I was genuinely concerned for him, but seeing him fall, bare butt up, was freaking hilarious.

Edward rolled to his hip and stood, pulling his shorts up at the same time in one fluid movement. "Laugh it up, giggles," he said, looking down the path the monkeys had taken and back to me. "Did you see what they took?"

I looked around, but all I really saw was jungle foliage.

He smirked at me. "One of them had your shorts."

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