The Love Boat

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Chapter 20: Chocolate

I returned just in time to see Bella popping an entire truffle into her mouth. She pushed it into her cheek, and I could tell she already had one in the other side.

"Couldn't wait?" I chuckled.

"This lady gave these to me," she muttered as she swirled the candies in her chipmunk cheeks. She held the small plate up to me. "You should try one. They're really good."

"Taking candy from strangers?"

"She was really pretty and had a southern accent! People with southern accents aren't strangers."

"Is that so?" I took one of the chocolates, pretending to look askance.

She shook her head; I could tell she was still feeling the bubbly. "Besides, she seemed to know you."

"Oh, really?"

"Yep, she called you his holy hotness and me," she said, pointing at herself proudly, "your lady fair."

I tossed my head back and laughed. "How do you know she was talking about me?"

"Please. You know who you are." She teasingly shrugged her shoulder and turned slightly.

"Well, you are, by far, the fairest lady on this ship," I said, re-squaring her shoulders.

She surprised me with a snorting giggle. "I thought I told you this wasn't cheese fondue."

I dipped my head to her and quietly reminded her, "You like me cheesy."

Her eyes flitted from my eyes to my lips and back. "I really do."

I pulled her chin up, giving me access to her lips. Her arms trailed up my shoulders and around my neck as she pressed her body to mine. Bella moaned into the kiss, and I crushed her to me as our tongues curled together, melding her sweet taste and the dark chocolate of the truffles she'd been eating with the smoother chocolate still in my mouth.

An obnoxious wolf whistle snapped us out of our private bubble, reminding us that we were still very much in public. We pulled apart, and I saw the creep who'd propositioned Bella at dinner that first night of the cruise leering at us.

Bella noticed him too, because her body stiffened and moved even closer to me. I took her hand and pulled her up the stairs. "Let's go back to the room."

Bella, still somewhat in a daze from the kiss or champagne or both, mumbled an okay.

We were ascending in the elevator before Bella thought to ask about the plastic roll under my arm.

"You'll see. We should hurry, though, so our dessert doesn't arrive before us."


I nodded, doing a piss poor job of hiding my smirk at her reaction.

"Did you dazzle her to get whatever this is under your arm and the dessert?"


"Oh, it was a her," she said assuredly. "Give her the ol' Cullen wink-wink?"

"The Cullen wink-wink? You make it sound so dirty."

"Ha! I knew it."

As we rounded the corner, I saw the server I'd convinced to bring us a sampling of the buffet to our room getting ready to knock on our door.

"Thanks, Maria. It was a madhouse down there." I slid the key card in the reader to unlock the door and held it open for her to roll the table into our cabin. She ducked her head to hide her developing blush like Bella did, and I wondered if she always did that when she brought couples late-night room service.

"Oh, my god. You totally just winked at her, didn't you?"

There's no way she could have seen that. She was standing behind me. "What?"

Her face lit up in a rather goofy smug expression. She glanced at me before asking the girl directly. "He did, didn't he? Right after he said madhouse, he winked at you, didn't he?"

The poor girl's eyes went wide with surprise when Bella guessed the exact moment of said wink. She glanced at me, then back to Bella before nodding her head in confirmation.

"I knew it," she said, rocking on her heels. "He gets away with far too much with that wink. It really wasn't fair to you," she fake-whispered to Maria conspiratorially.

"It's okay. I didn't mind," Maria said, barely above a whisper.

Bella sighed. "I know. I never do either."

"I should get back to the kitchen," Maria said before giving us instructions on how to have the table cleared when we were done.

"Wait," Bella called to her as she went over to the nightstand and pulled out a couple of bills to hand to Maria. "My husband forgot your tip."

Maria tried to hand it back, telling Bella I'd already tipped her quite well downstairs.

"Keep it," Bella said with a dismissive wave. "You deserve it. Hazard pay." Bella pointed to her eye and gave her an exaggerated wink.

I nodded to Maria to reassure her she should keep the tip. She thanked us again and left the room.

"Let's see what that magical wink of yours got us," Bella said, moving toward the rolling table.

I grabbed the bottle of champagne from the ice bucket, tore off the foil and began to twist off the wire cage. Bella was distracted from her perusal of assorted fruits and candies arranged around the flame-warmed fondue pot and seemed to be staring at my elbow. I followed her eyes, but there was no terrifying Caribbean aquatic spider or anything on me. It looked normal. I glanced back at Bella, and she was still staring, almost trance-like. "Are you okay?"

"Wha— huh?" she muttered, shaking her head to clear her thoughts. "I was just…I umm…uh, I've always wanted to drink champagne out of the bottle like they do in the movies."

"Then we won't be needing these." I set the muselet on the table and turned the flutes upside down.

Bella smiled, not breaking our gaze. I carefully twisted the bottle, gently easing it off the cork. Bella sucked her bottom lip in, slowly releasing it from her teeth as she dropped her eyes back to my arm.

The bottle came off the cork perfectly with a distinctive, quiet sigh.

"Wow, you're really good at that," she said.

"Champion champagne uncorker at 'I-can-get-anything-I-want Charm School,' three years in a row," I said, winking.

She barked out a sweet laugh. "I have no doubt that you were the champion of everything there."

I didn't think I was particularly charming, but it didn't matter because if my charm could make her blush like that, I'd gladly take the title.

I handed Bella the bottle. She looked at me a little warily, as if I'd stop her before bringing it to her lips, tilting her head back and taking a much too big swallow.

She yanked the bottle back and quickly covered her mouth as she sputtered. "Bubbles," she explained.

I took the bottle for a pull of my own.

"This really is a good idea," she said, dipping a strawberry into the melted chocolate.

"That was just part of my idea."

"Is the other part pouring this chocolate all over me and licking it off?" she asked flippantly.

She had no idea. "If that's what you want."

Her head snapped to mine with wide eyes. "You want to do that?"

I shrugged. "Doesn't matter what I want to do tonight. You're in charge."

"In charge of what?"


She took a longer sip of the champagne, drawing it into her mouth more slowly, not letting the bubbles get away from her.

I continued. "I can see our conversation from earlier rolling around in your head."

She handed me the bottle and studied my face for a moment. "You want me to be the man?"

I shook my head slowly, keeping my eyes locked with hers. "No. You're still the girl. But I want you to initiate everything that happens tonight. Tell me what you want to do to me. Tell me what you want me to do to you."


I nodded.

"What if you don't like what I want?" She crossed her arms over her chest.

I saw the gesture for what it was. She was so unsure about leading, she felt like she needed to protect herself. "I can't imagine I wouldn't like anything you ask for. But I'll tell you if I'm uncomfortable with anything."

"So if I told you to strip naked?"

I reached for the back of my tee-shirt's neckline and whipped it over my head, then pulled my pajama bottoms and boxers down in one motion, stepping out of my shoes at the same time.

Bella squeaked in surprise and turned around to face the wall.

"Bella," I said softly, stepping behind her. I brushed my hands down her arms and nuzzled my head into her shoulder. "It's okay to look. You've seen it all before."

She didn't respond.

I reached over her shoulder and caressed her cheek with my thumb as I pulled her mouth toward mine. My lips brushed hers as I whispered, "This is the last thing I'm going to do tonight, unless you tell me otherwise."

I teased her lips with my tongue until she opened for me. I slid into her mouth as languidly as I could bear, hoping she'd take control of the kiss. Closing my eyes, I willed her to take whatever confidence or security or desire she needed from me. Inside my head, I chanted for her to take it, as if it was something I could pass to her.

I broke our kiss and rested my forehead on hers as I traced her cheekbone with my thumb. With a resigned sigh, I accepted that she wasn't going to take charge. She wouldn't initiate anything, and I was going to bed without getting any either. "Good night, Bella."

I stepped toward the bed, but Bella reached out for my arm. "Wait."

I turned back to her as she pulled my arm closer. "Kiss me again."

She wrapped her arms around my neck, pressing her still pajama-clad body against mine. This time, when I started to pull back from the kiss, she took over.

"Take me to bed," she panted between kisses; I happily obliged.

I laid her in the center of the bed and crawled over her. She raked her fingers down my bare back, to my ass and back up.

"I love the feel of your fingertips against my skin."

"You do?"

"God, how can you not know?" I pressed more of my weight onto her so she could feel me. Rutting against her, I had to grit my teeth from the irritating friction of her surprisingly rough pajama bottoms against my sensitive dick. "How can you not know?" I repeated.

She tried to wrap her legs around my hips to hold me in place.

"It's a little…" I trailed off. "There's some potential chafing." I saw doubt creep back into her mind. "It's not you. It's these fucking sleep pants covering you. They're rougher than they seem."

A small smile crossed her face, and then she shocked the hell out of me by squeezing my ass and nudging to let her on top. Yes, ma'am.

Bella half-stood, half-knelt over me and wriggled out of her pajama bottoms before re-straddling my hips and whipping her shirt over her head. The end of her hair tickled my ribs as she leaned over me, bracing herself against the bed. "Better?"

"Fuck, yeah."

Giggling, she gave me a couple of sweet pecks before sitting back on her heels and reaching for the champagne on the nightstand.

Holy fuck. Seeing her sitting on me, wearing nothing but blue and white striped panties and fully throwing her head back to drink straight from the bottle was going to be a new favorite memory of mine.

I had to touch her. She moaned at the feel of my hands kneading her thighs. She wiggled the bottle and then her eyebrows as she teased, "Want some?"

"Yes." Yes to everything. I wanted champagne. I wanted her newfound boldness. Most of all, I wanted her.

"Open up," she said, leaning over me before I could raise my head.

I opened and let her trickle champagne into my mouth. Her nipple brushed across my cheek as she stretched to put the bottle back on the nightstand. I groaned, lamenting that I still had the champagne in my mouth and couldn't lick it as I let the fizzy liquid slide down my throat.

Bella's lips descended on mine, and she kissed me hard, writhing over me as her tongue explored my mouth more fervently than ever before.

Suddenly, she sat up, splaying her hand against my chest. She had a wild, surprised look in her eye, and I was even more certain she was feeling the champagne. "I could still feel the bubbles popping in your mouth."

"That's not the only thing I'd like to pop on my tongue."

Bella smirked as she trailed her finger across my collarbone and down the centerline of my chest. She stopped just above my navel and rolled her hand to retrace the route in reverse with the back of her nails, sending electric pulses throughout my body, but mostly straight to my cock. For half a moment, I thought about throwing this plan out the window and flipping her back under me.

"You're so beautiful," she said wistfully. "I'd totally eat chocolate off you."

"Okay," I agreed, sitting up on my elbows.

She looked at the bed under us and shook her head with an exasperated chuff. "There's not enough booze on this ship to get me drunk enough to make that okay."

"I got a plastic sheet. That's what took so long. Maria had to run to housekeeping to get us one. We can put it over the bed and the covers."

She looked at me, a little startled. For a minute, I feared that my plan had gone horribly wrong. "You're a genius!"

She hopped off the bed and started moving the pillows to the loveseat. We worked together to remake the bed with the plasticized sheet. It was kind of like our first night, except we were naked. Or at least I was. She was still wearing those damned striped panties.

"I can't believe you'd think of this for me. That you…you…think about my, you know," she fumbled for the right words. "That you'd go through so much to…to deal with my crazy bedding thing. It's so sweet."

"You're worth it." I winked; she blushed, right on schedule. "And I kind of dig your crazy."

"Do you?" she purred, stepping toward me with an exaggerated sway of her hips. She stopped as close to me as she could without actually touching me. Her arms stayed slack as she looked up at me through her eyelashes.

My hands twitched; I wanted to touch her so badly. I was sure that's what she was waiting for too. I reminded myself that tonight was her chance to initiate sex, even though we both clearly knew it would happen.

I nodded.

She lifted her chin to look more fully into my eyes, her gaze even more intense. But she didn't move. And she didn't say anything. She just stared.

I dipped my head slightly, still looking into her eyes. "What do you want, Bella?"


"You already have me. What else?"

Her eyes shifted around the room quickly before coming back to mine. "Feed me?"

The room was so tiny that standing at the foot of the bed with her, I could easily reach the room service table. I started to reach for a fondue fork, but I had a flash of trying to explain certain injuries in certain places to the ship's doctor. I took the plumpest, reddest strawberry instead, peeled back the hull, and dipped it into the pool of chocolate.

Bella opened her mouth for the fruit, moaning as she bit into the strawberry. I swept away the sweet juice that escaped the corner of her mouth with my tongue.

Her hands wound into my hair, pulling me to her mouth. I wrapped my arms around her waist and stood upright, pressing her tightly against my chest as she continued to explore my mouth.

"Another one?" I asked.

She nodded but quickly changed her mind. "No. I want to do one for you."

I set her on her feet, and she took the half-step to the tray, squishing a marshmallow between her fingers, then dunking it into the fondue. When she pulled it out, even her fingers were coated in chocolate.

She cupped her non-chocolate hand under the dripping marshmallow and started to bring it to my mouth. "You're too tall. Kneel… lie down on the bed."

I laid across the foot of the bed, and she awkwardly crawled onto it with me, still trying to keep one hand under the other to catch any chocolate that might fall. It was clumsy and adorable.

"Share with me?" I asked as she brought it back to my lips.

She wrinkled her nose and shook her head. "I don't like marshmallows. Well, I like Lucky Charms marshmallows, obviously. But that's because they're magically delicious. I don't like regular marshmallows."

"Neither do I."

"But you were going to eat it anyway?"

"I was trying not to." I chuckled.

I sat up, took the marshmallow from her and re-dipped it in the melted chocolate. "They may not be good for eating, but they probably make great paintbrushes."

I twisted to face her and spread some of the warm chocolate on her collarbone. I traced the path with my tongue, clearing it from her delicious skin. She pulled me on top of her as she unfurled her legs and lay down. "Best idea ever."

"Let me get..." I reached for the ceramic pot and a handful of marshmallows.

"It's on fire," Bella said flatly, pointing at the sterno can.

I glanced back at the can, contemplating the relative safety of the tin can.

"What if we knock it over? And the boat catches on fire? And the whole ship goes down? This bed doesn't even have a headboard! At Rusty's I said I'd push you off, but I don't wanna watch you slip away to the depths of the ocean."

She posed her arms like a frozen Jack Dawson and flung herself flat on the bed, mimicking his sinking, with her arms still stiff in the air.

She had a point about knocking over the sterno can. The table was quite close to the bed. I was going to extinguish it anyway, but her outburst was amusing. "It's late June in the Caribbean Sea. The water's like eighty degrees."


"Sharks?" I had to bite my lip to keep from smiling at the completely serious expression on her face.

She nodded.

I smiled at her as I stood to roll the table away from the bed and cap the sterno.

When I turned to climb back on the bed, Bella was sitting at the head of it with her knees pulled up to her chest and one arm tightly circling them, taking a long pull of champagne from the bottle.

"Are you hiding from me?"

She shrugged her shoulders and brought the bottle back to her lips.

"None of that." I tugged her foot, fully extending her leg, and sliding her close to me. She managed to set the bottle back on the nightstand before she lost her balance and landed flat on her back. "You told me that painting you with chocolate," I said as I loaded the marshmallow and brushed it across the top of her foot and up her leg, "was the 'best idea ever.'"

Her prurient eyes followed the strokes of my hand as I dipped my makeshift brush in more warm chocolate. The heaving of her chest seemed almost exaggerated as she watched me daub the inside of her knee, drawing a line to the crease of her leg.

"Is this what you wanted? Is this the 'best idea ever'?" I asked lowly, not tearing my eyes from her thigh.

She nodded in my periphery.

"You have to say it." She sucked in a breath, preparing to speak, but no words came. "You have to tell me what to do next."

Her reply was louder than the sound of her breathing and sounded more like a question. "Lick?"

I shook my head, letting the tip of my nose caress her inner leg. "Don't ask. Don't beg. Tell me."

"Edward," she whispered almost as softly. I ignored her. She was louder the next time, maybe slightly irritated. "Edward. Lick it. Lick the chocolate off me."

She moaned as my tongue swiped at the chocolate at her knee, her breathing becoming more erratic the higher I moved.

I chased her leg with my mouth as I pushed them wider apart, granting better access. Her free foot slid up and down my thigh, echoing the languid rhythm set by my tongue. I groaned deeply against the zings left in its wake.

Gasps and moans and partial words spilled from Bella's mouth as I inched higher. Her fingers tangled in my hair, pulling me closer and pushing me away at the same time.

Her entire posture shifted as she undulated under my hand stroking her wet panties. I wanted to taste her. She'd been resistant before, and I couldn't really push her on it when I told her she was in charge tonight. But fuck if I didn't want it.

I moved my face to her center, holding her open; my thumbs pulsed against the sensitive spots just below the crease of her legs. I licked her over her panties. She pulled my hair harder. I licked her again. And again. God, I wanted to taste her. I let my fingers tease the fabric, tugging it to the side. Bella exhaled a long moan, and that was all the encouragement I needed. I pulled it farther to the side, baring her entire pussy to my mouth. Bella's nonsensical incantations changed, and she pushed my face away from her, apologizing.

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry," she rasped as she nudged me higher. I gladly followed, swallowing her apologies with a kiss.

"Bella, it's okay. No apologies for not liking something."

"But...I should have told you sooner. I led you…"

"Stop." I grazed my lips over hers. "Tonight is ladies choice. Remember? You say what. You say when. You say how." I waited until her eyes met mine, until I saw her let go of her self-doubt.

She gave me a quiet smile and nodded.

I brushed the curve of her side with the back of my hand, waiting for her to make her move, but she didn't. She needed prodding. "Tell me what you want, Bella."

"I want you."


"Inside me. I want you inside me."

"Also a given. Tell me how you want me."

"Will you show me how to..." Bella paused, lowering her voice even more to ask, " to ride you?"

How the fuck is that even a question?

She looked at me expectantly. "Let's switch," I said, circling my finger in the air.

As we repositioned, I grabbed a condom from the nightstand. Bella had also removed her panties.

Thank god. I wasn't sure my dick could take another false start. I held my hand out to her to help her balance as she crawled over my legs to my lap.

She accepted my hand with a sultry smirk. "Such a gentleman."

"I assure you," I said, sliding my fingers through the soft hair at the nape of her neck, bringing her closer still, "my thoughts are anything but gentlemanly." I roughly dragged my tongue over Bella's bottom lip, pushing her harder against my hand. She gasped into my mouth, and I deepened the kiss until we were desperate for air.

I traced the contours of her spine as our breathing regulated. I wondered if the kiss had been too aggressive, if it had let Bella slip back into the passenger seat. Holding back with her was no easy task.

Before I could mentally chide myself, Bella kissed one corner of my mouth and then the other. She drew my bottom lip into her mouth, teasing with her teeth before flowing into a slower, softer kiss. She murmured against my lips, "I'm ready."

My hips flexed under her as I guided myself to her entrance and assured Bella that there was really nothing she could do wrong. She slid over me slowly, raising and lowering herself tentatively until she was fully seated.

"How do I move?"

"It doesn't matter. Whatever feels good to you."

"What feels good to you?" she asked, tilting her hips.

"Everything." I groaned as she experimented, rocking harder. "Your pussy around my dick feels good. It doesn't matter how you move."

"So I could do this?" She shifted her weight from side to side.

"You can do figure-eights for all I care."

She rolled her hips in one direction and then the other, drawing imaginary lemniscates over me. Her breathing hitched, and her mouth parted slightly as her hands slid down to my shoulders.

"Did you find a spot? A perfect place for me to hit?"

She nodded frantically as I thrust up into her.

"Do you know how sexy you look riding me? Can you feel what that blush does to me? Can you?" I bucked into her even harder to emphasize my point. "Fuck, I love watching your tits. And this, with your head tilted back, showing me that gorgeous throat." Bella whimpered as my tongue dipped into the delicate hollow of her throat, and I licked across her collarbone, moving up the willowy column of her neck to nip her chin. "Open your eyes. Let me see how wild they are. Let me see how much you want me."

Bella raised her head to gaze at me through heavy lidded eyes.

"Jesus fucking Christ. You're beautiful."

She lunged at me, crushing her lips to mine in a heated kiss, causing her rhythm to falter and shift back to a rocking motion.

Breaking the kiss, she rested her forehead against mine. "You don't taste like chocolate anymore."

"Do you need more chocolate?" I scanned the bed for the marshmallows, but seeing none, I dipped two fingers into the bowl and brought them to her lips. She sucked my fingers into her mouth, swirling her tongue around them as she continued to roll her hips over mine.

"It tastes better with you," she rasped, scooping chocolate onto her own fingers and pushing them past my lips, quickly withdrawing them to smear more chocolate across my bottom lip and chin. She held my face in her hands, swiping the chocolate from my lip before lapping more of it off my tongue, moaning as she found a way to grind her clit into my pubic bone.

Her heavy breaths turned into a raspy keening. I palmed her ass, pushing her harder against my pelvis. Her hands raked a path from my neck to my shoulder and back. She leaned against my chest, searching for that angle that would give her a little more. I leaned back, resting on my elbows to let her sink even deeper.

"Oh, god," she moaned, stilling for a moment before slowly pulling almost completely off my dick and dropping down to take me deeper. She dragged her hands down my stomach, bracing them on my lower abs to repeat the movement, sucking in long, raspy breaths as she slowly lifted herself and sharply gasped each time she slammed down.

I fell back onto the mattress, freeing my hands to roam up and down her sleek legs, pressing my thumbs into the sensitive spots on her inner thighs I'd been feasting on earlier, hoping to push her over the edge.

This night was about her taking some control over her own pleasure, and I was pretty close to fucking that up by coming first. I struggled to hold off, but we'd had too many fucking false starts, and that shower jerk was nothing compared to the feel of her pussy gripping me. Add the way her tits jutted out and bounced even more while her head was thrown back. Errant strands of wild hair clung to her neck as her head bobbed, tormenting me with glimpses of her face, her eyes clenched tightly in ecstasy and the tip of her pink tongue peeking out of her slightly parted lips.

Fuck. She was beautiful.

I wasn't going to last. One hand flew to her hip, the other to her clit. As soon as I brushed across it, she lurched forward with a surprised whimper, losing her balance and crashing onto my chest.

"Fuck. Sorry," she rasped, trying to rebalance herself.

"I'm not." My arms wrapped around her, pinning her arms to her side. "I think that's the first time I've heard you swear, dirty girl." Planting my feet on the mattress, I thrust hard up into her.

"Oh, god, oh, god, oh, god," she moaned, grinding into me.

Gathering her hair in my hand, I tugged the makeshift ponytail to force her eyes to mine. "You like that?" I rammed into her again. "Is this what you want?" And again.

She nodded as much as she could with me holding her hair. "Then say it again, dirty girl."

Slowing my thrusts, I waited for her to give me the dirty word. She mewled disjointed words against my lips as she continued to writhe over me, searching for the right stimulation. Her soft moans shifted into a higher pitched keening.

I tugged her hair again. "I want to hear you say fuck again."

"Ffffu—" she started to say, but the sound caught in her throat when I began to pound into her from below.

"Say it. Say it again."

"Fuck. Guh. Fuck. Edward. Fuck. Fuck." Her volume rose with every fuck as she trembled before they dissolved into a relieved wail.

I let go of her arms, moving more languidly inside her as she pulsed around me. "That was stunning." I cradled her face in my hands and kissed her madly. "You are fucking stunning."

"Did you?"

I shook my head. "But I will." I waggled my eyebrows and rolled us over, caging her under me and pulling her knees over my hips, pumping into her. She reached for me, pulling me to her ear and gently brushing the fringe of hair over my ears.

"Fuck me, Edward. Please, fuck me."

Her breathy pleas made me wish I could last long enough to hear more filthy words tumble over her sweet little lips. Bella cried out a final fuck as I emptied into her with a prolonged shudder.

Her arms fell limp, thudding onto the mattress, and her head lolled to the side despite her sharp gasp when I withdrew from her. As I took care of the condom, she brought one hand to her heaving chest and let out a throaty, "Thank you."

I cocked an eyebrow and gave her a smirk. "I like this thanking me for sex thing. I was pretty awesome."

"Not that!" She shook her head. "Well, yeah, okay. That was amazing. Good job. Like your ego needed any more stroking."

I rolled to my side and propped myself on my elbow for a better view of her tits rising and falling as her breathing recovered. "I do like to be stroked." I winked.

"I remember." She absentmindedly flipped her hand in the air before letting it flop back down to rest on her ribs. "I meant for coming. I don't think I could have taken any more." She waved over her crotch. "Sensitive."

"Ahh." She shivered as I ran the back of my finger down her leg. "I like it when you come first."

"Do you?"

"Uh-huh." I switched to her other leg, running my finger up until I could cup her hip with my hand and roll her onto her side to face me.

"Yeah?" Her eyes dropped to my chest, where she drew lazy patterns with the slightest touch of her finger.

"Yeah. That way, I don't get pushed off the bed."

"Ha ha." She lunged at me; I slipped my hand around her waist, pulling her to lay half on me as I rolled onto my back.

I cupped her face with my hands and waited for her eyes to find mine. "You were amazing."

She tried to drop her chin as that beautiful blush of hers spread across her face, but I wouldn't let her.

"I'm serious." I placed little pecks on the corner of her mouth before pulling back to really look into her eyes again. "I know this was…out of the norm for you. You were breathtaking."

"Pfft…" She dramatically rolled her eyes. "I have crazy, amazing sex in chocolate all the time."

I guffawed. That caught me totally by surprise, although it shouldn't have. It was typical Bella. She knew I was talking about her taking charge of the scene rather than the chocolate, but she scoffed away with a joke about her quirks. "Yes, the chocolate too. Maybe that most of all."

"I think you cured me." She winked and smiled brilliantly.

"Oh, good. Then you won't even need a shower. I'll just pull a blanket over us, and we can go to sleep."

Bella bolted upright, sitting on her knees. ""

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