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My Little Pony: Friendship is Love

Chapter 1

"Hurry up Spike!" Twilight called up the stairwell, "I want to go to town and head back as soon possible."

"All right I'm coming, I'm coming." Spike hurried down the stairwell and took his place next to his filly companion. Without another word, the two headed into town.

Once they arrived, Spike began to muse over the list. He muttered some of the items to himself, while his nose was buried deep in the scroll, "Looks like carrots, and lettuce should be closest."

"Alright, I-" Twilight although she was normally very perceptive and aware of her surroundings, managed to bump into another pony, "Sorry," she stammered at once, "I hadn't noticed-"

her voice stopped mid-sentence as she gazed into the crystal green gaze of a young colt. His soft wispy locks danced curiously before his eyes. His charcoal shaded muzzle cutting through his blue fur and hid the rest of his face in mystery. Never had she felt a sudden curiosity for a single pony.

"It's quite alright," he looked away from her intense gaze sheepishly, "I was the one not paying attention." he brushed past her side, his flank just barely brushing hers, and his tail swept the ground at her hooves as he sauntered away, "Good day."

"Well, that was odd." Spike remarked, his lip curling.

"Let's finish shopping Spike." Twilight, shaking off her strange new feelings, cantered onward through the village market.

"Finally we're finished with that list!" Spike cheered, his stomach growled at that moment, "Twilight, can we stop to get a soda and some fries at the restaurant?"

"But Spike, we have to get this stuff home." Twilight was cut off by her stomach growling loudly, "Hehe, I suppose we have time for a snack."

The two walked into the Village Restaurant and the waiter took them to an outdoor patio table. The waitress walked up to them shortly afterward, "Sorry there might be a slight delay, we are a bit short staffed today."

"Why is that? Everything okay, Minty Breeze?" Twilight asked with genuine concern.

"Well I wish everything were." Her face saddened, "Cherrywood fell and broke her ankle so she has to stay at the hospital for awhile. The doctor says she'll probably have to stay off her hooves for three months or more."

"Well I hope she feels better soon. But don't worry about us, we aren't in a rush."

"Thanks for understanding Twilight. Can I get you guys something to drink?"

"Root beer!" Spike chimed in quickly.

"Spike!" Twilight laughed while scolding him, "Be more patient. I'd like a Wheatberry Tea please."

Spike rolled his eyes, but smiled at his companion. Minty Breeze dashed off to put in their order. While they chatted, Minty Breeze sauntered back through the dining room and out into the patio. Before she had a chance to place the drinks on the table, another pony bumped into her and knocked the drinks on the floor.

"No!" Spike cried out, wanting to leap at the spilled drinks, but instead he folded his arms and glared at the offending pony.

"I'm so sorry, miss." the unicorn said, helping Minty to her hooves, "Allow me to clean up this mess." he turned his slate green gaze upon Twilight, "And to you two, allow me to pay for your bill."

Twilight was genuinely impressed, despite his clumsiness, he seemed to have it together, "Hey, you're the one I ran into earlier." she noticed his dark muzzle then. His stark cobalt blue coat, yellow horn, and a light blue mane. Yup, he was definitely the same unicorn, "I think we would like very much to have your company."

Spike looked at her curiously but said nothing.

"My name is Rocket. What's yours?" he asked curiously as he sauntered into the seat next to the purple mare.

"Twilight, and this is Spike," she replied, fighting down a blush. What was wrong with her? What was it about this stallion? "What brings you to Ponyville?"

Rocket fidgeted uncomfortably, "I'm just in town on some business with my brothers."

"Oh, wow! What kind of business? I have an older brother too." Suddenly all the words came out at one time. She couldn't contain her excitement.

"Twi, are you okay?" Spike's lip quirked as he spoke.

"Fine Spike," she replied evenly, "Traveling for business must be so exciting."

"You could say that." he replied, a flustered stiffness holding him in place, "Enough about me. Let's talk about you. Why are you in Ponyville?"

Twilight went into a bit explanation of how she was Princess Celestia's student, and how she had moved here to learn about the magic of friendship. She also continued on explaining about the trouble with Nightmare Moon, the dragon, Discord, and all the way up to her brother's wedding to Princess Cadence. By the time she'd finished speaking she realized that her hooves had taken them to her house, "Well now," a strong flush stained her cheeks, "That's quite enough out of me."

Rocket chuckled, and shone his gentle green gaze upon her. It was just something about his eyes that had a way of bemusing her stomach into fits like a thunderous rainstorm of birds crashing into her heart and threatening to take her clear off her feet. She also noticed that Spike had already carried on into the house and was probably fast asleep by now. She shuffled her hooves awkwardly as the sun's last rays glistened in the distance. Peach and purple hues turning the field to dusk.

"May I come inside?" Rocket asked politely.

"Oh yes, of course," she was yanked out of her flustered stupor, "It's not much, but its home."

The two ponies walked into Twilight's grand library. Rocket then noticed her cutie mark, "If you don't mind me asking, what's your cutie mark?"

"It's magic. My talent is magic." she replied happily, "And you have a broken beaker. So you must love science."

"That's correct." he puffed out his chest, "And to be honest, I don't believe in magic." his face then flat.

The purple mare's face exploded into shock, "But you're a unicorn! How can you not believe in magic?"

Rocket shrugged, "I just don't." noticing that his companion then seemed uneasy, "I didn't mean to diss what you love. I'm glad I met you Twilight Sparkle. You're definitely the best company I've had in awhile." he flashed her a genuine smile, "Maybe I could see you tomorrow? I could introduce you to my brothers."

She shifted her hooves in nervousness, and her tail twitched. Sensing that she wasn't complete comfortable with him anymore, he continued on, "I'd really love to see you tomorrow." he stood a mere breath from her with a friendly stance, the blush on her face seemed caught in his eyes as she looked up at his dreamy form.

"Me too- I'd love to see you tomorrow." she shifted back a pace and he walked past her and out the door.

"I'll come pick you up around ten, and take you to lunch if you want."

Twilight nodded in approval, and shut the door behind him.

My it's late. Rocket thought as he cantered through Ponyville. As he arrived at a house and clopped inside, he was greeted by one of his brothers.

"Hey Rocket, did you find anyone today?" a smirk played on his muzzle.

"In fact, I did." he smirked back, shoving past him, "And she has plenty of friends. This will be over before you know it."

"I'm sure Rocket.." the stallion replied, "I'm sure..."

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