My Little Pony: Friendship is Love

Chapter 3

"I must hurry back- Angel will be waiting." Fluttershy said to herself as she cantered through town. Her bags swayed from side to side as she passed through all the other bustling ponies. In her haste to make it through town she managed to bump right into another pony. She slammed hard into his side flank and then fell rump first on the ground, "Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going."

She looked upward into the green eyes of a green stallion. His mane tussled in the wind as he peered at her, but then, he did something she didn't expect, he knelt beside her and helped her to her hooves. A faint blush glimmered on her cheeks, "I believe I should apologize also. It may sound cheesy but I was so taken by your appearance, I just had to stop and stare." his curly, white and green tail twitching, "My name is Winter Savory, but you can call me Winter for short."

Before he even finished the sentence he realized that Fluttershy had left a short time after he began speaking. A tinge of embarrassment stained his cheeks as he quickly retired from the marketplace, Soo knew how shy she is.. Why did you have to blow it by being so forward with her?

Sun shone high in the sky as Applejack and Tornado worked the field. They worked in the south field while big Macintosh and Applebloom worked in the north field. It seemed for every row she worked he'd already worked twice that. His brow shining with sweat as he past her for what seemed like the millionth time. An ugly feeling of jealousy rose in her throat she stared at the tireless work horse. She narrowed her eyes, Who does he think he is? I've never seen any pony work so fast in my life. Maybe he feels like he needs to prove himself...

"Hey Tornado, how about we head inside and take a break f'rm all this tilling?" Applejack politely asked.

He rose his head to look at her, eyes calculating, seemingly peering into her heart. She was taken aback a moment, as he stared at her leeringly- almost, "If you say so. You're my boss just as much as Granny Smith is." He paused his steps for moment, "Shouldn't we ask Macintosh and Applebloom also?"

"Nah, they never takes a break when I do." She spoke quickly, her lips pursing close as she turned away briskly.

As the two made it over the hill, he kept pace with her, "You're lying." he told her sharply, "you guys don't take breaks do you?"

"What? Why would I-" she flustered at being caught in her own lie by somepony who didn't know anything about her.

"You're jealous of me- jealous of how fast I can work. But you shouldn't be, you haven't had the life I've had." and without another word he returned his work. Taking only a moment to wipe his brow with his hoof.

Embarrassed, and frustrated at being caught in a lie, Why did I lie like that? What's wrong with me? She scolded herself as she cantered up the estate hill so that she could work in the north field with Macintosh and Applebloom.

Rarity was busy working on her new line of winter dresses, while customers pursued her current selection of clothing. A voice beckoned her from behind her workshop curtain, "Cominnnngg!" she pleasantly replied, parting the curtains, "And how may help you today?" She said without looking up from her clipboard.

The customer cleared his throat which in turn caused her to look up at him, "Oh my, well, hello Silver Hooves. How may I help you today?" She put her clipboard down.

He shuffled his hooves as he spoke, "I was hoping that I could take you out to dinner sometime? That is if you weren't too busy." He grinned at her.

She pursed her lips for moment furring her brows, contemplating what he was asking, "Well I would have to give it a little more thought, considering how tied up I am in my new winter clothing line..." she turned to one side and looked out into her shop corridor.

"I feel awful for not getting to take you out the other day when I was working on the Cake's equipment." he shuffled once more feeling awkward, "but I'd really like to make that up to you. And if you want to you should bring your friend Pinkie pie along also. Brewster has been talking about her nonstop."

Rarity turned to face him gave him a charming look, "Well, I'll see if I can work you and my schedule, say tonight around six o'clock? I'll bring Pinkie Pie."

"Sounds great!" he happliy replied, "And I'll bring Brewster with me so we can escort you properly."

"What's wrong with me? Why do I have to be so shy? He was only being nice..." Fluttershy spoke quietly to herself with all of our animal friends gathered around. Angel patted her head gave her a sympathetic look. A couple of the animals chattered to her to which she replied, "I know its my personality but sometimes I just don't like it..."

A sudden rap on her door, shook her out of her contemplative thought, "Coming." She floated over to her door and opened it up. There was no pony there, but when she looked at her doorstep a bouquet of rainbow flowers laying there with a note attached:

Dear Fluttershy,

It's me Winter. I'd really like to see you again.

If you're wondering how I found your house,

and ran into some of your friends Twilight and Pinkie Pie.

Please meet meet tomorrow morning at the corner bistro

if you're interested in seeing me again.

If you don't show up tomorrow, I'll take the hint

and never bother you again.

Sincerely, Winter Savory

A burst of sheer happiness shot through her, the yellow pegasus shot into the air holding the note. She quickly landed on the ground blushing furiously. Her animal friends stared at her curiously, "I have a date tomorrow." she grinned, and clicked her hooves.

"Man what a day..." Rainbow Dash groaned floating into her house. She heard some cans clang from her kitchen, her ears perked up, and the only words that came to her mind were, "Someone's in my house.." It didn't take much to guess who might be in her house at this hour let alone, "Storm Chaser.." She gritted out the words, "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, hi Rainbow Dash," he said around a mouthful of food, "I wasn't expecting you."

"Wasn't expecting me?" she snorted, "It's my house!"

He swallowed the food and licked his lips, "Well I was expecting you-" he continued before grinning at her, "Well I know you don't care for me too much, and you have every reason to- considering how much I messed things up for you with Wonderbolts." she glared at that, so he quickly continued, "But just hear me out- it's something important that you need to know." His eyes turned serious, and flashed bright amber reflecting the fading sunlight on the horizon.

She stared into his eyes so full of conviction and took a step back, "What do I need to know?"

"Your friends are in great danger."

Her face flashed shock, her wings instantly carried her off the ground at full flap, "What we waiting for! We have to go save them! "

"Just wait- they aren't in danger yet, but they will be. We have to have to explain some things to you first..."

"Granny, do you mean anything from the store? Tornado and I are going to town." Applejack called down the hallway. She trotted into the kitchen with her bag at her flank. A stoic Tornado stood next to her saying nothing and seemed to be lost in thought. Granny Smith came around the corner and smiled at the two younger ponies.

"Glad ta see u'r two get'n 'long so well now." Applejack huffed at this but said nothing as Granny Smith continued on to hand her a list, "These are ta things I need fr'm tha store fer tomorrow's dinner."

Applejack and Tornado headed out to the store. Tornado seemed beyond on edge just walking at her flank and seemed to be glancing around at nothing in particular. The orange pony looked at him and raised a brow, "There something wrong...?"

"It's just getting late and I would like for us to hurry back home from this trip." He replied evenly focusing on the road now.

"What the hay you talking about? It's bar'ly 7 o'clock- the sun hasn't ev'n gone down yet.." She looked at him with confusion written all over her face, but then she thought better of it and decided to tease him instead, "I get it- yer afraid of the dark." A playfulness glinted in her green eyes.

A genuine smile played upon his muzzle, "You could say that."

That statement puzzled her but they said nothing else to each other as they arrived into the town. Applejack pulled out the list and quickly begin narrowing down the groceries that she needed. Tornado stood close to her seemed to watch every single move she made. The strong workhorse looked at her companion, "Yu know I can take care of myself- I don't need ya next to my hoof at ev'ry turn."

And if he hadn't shocked her enough already for that day, he said something else that shocked her further, "Maybe I like being right next to your hoof." his gaze piercing hers.

"I – –" Applejack bumped into some ponies next to her, she looked at them and apologized promptly. They stared at her for a moment. A sudden darkness consumed the two ponies that she'd run into. They turned a grim dark color and seemed to be like phantom ponies their eyes flashing green in the night. They attacked, and completely caught her off guard. One of them knocked her to the ground before Tornado could knock the phantom ponies back. He snorted and reared up driving back the phantom ponies. Kicking and squealing at them as they fled. He snorted as they disappeared into the pavement.

Applejack stood back up brushed herself off, "Let me guess- the reason yo've been watc'n me so closely is 'cause yu knew that was going to happen."

"Let's just say I haven't been completely honest with you and your family." He stared down at the ground, and shuffled hoof in the dirt.

Just then he was about to explain, Twilight and Rocket galloped up, "We came as fast as we could. I was on the other side of the market and I saw what happened. Applejack are you okay?" Twilight asked with concern flashing on her face.

"I'm fine thanks to Tornado here." She gave him a small smile, but on the edge of her eyes a glint of fear remained.

Twilight nodded, "Well I haven't got introduced to to him yet but this is Rocket. Rocket- Applejack."

Applejack nodded, "Nice to meet you. This here is Tornado."

"I already know him." Rocket said a grim tone in his voice, "He's my half brother."

The two mares glanced at each other with shock bemusing their faces before their gazes returned to their companions.

"Yes, and it's about time we had a big family reunion." Tornado added, he swung his head towards Applejack, "I'm sorry I haven't been completely honest with you. I was waiting for the right time to tell you what we needed to tell you, but it's really important that we have all of your friends together."

Applejack and Twilight turned and looked at one another confusion and upset spread on their faces, "Is all of Ponyville in danger?" Twilight asked.

"Everything will be explained once we're all together," Tornado said politely, "now where might the rest of your friends the right now?"

"Oh my, aren't you just charming, darling," Rarity cooed, as she sat at the dinner table with Silver Hooves. He placed his hoof on her hoof and smiled.

Brewster and Pinkie Pie sat next to them, caught up in their own conversation about what was better; cotton candy or cupcakes. Pinkie pie smiled broadly at the orange stallion, she was so excited she couldn't believe it she actually was getting over this fear of talking to this dreamy pony.

"Rarity! Pinkie Pie!"

The two mares turned to see Twilight and Applejack galloping up to the cafe's corner. Rocket and Tornado only a few hooves behind them. Worry flashed in Silver's eyes, he knew what this could only mean, "Is it time already?" Silver asked with a sad pang in his voice.

"Unfortunately, they've made their move. And we have to act fast." Rocket replied evenly.

"They attacked Applejack." Tornado growled stamping the ground.

Twilight and Applejack turned to look at the boys, "You know each other too?"

"Let's just say that I have a lot of siblings." Rocket answered.

"What's going on Twilight." Rarity asked quietly, somewhat disappointed that her date was ending earlier.

"It's the end of the world! Run for your lives!" Pinkie suddenly burst out, and attempted to make a mad dash away only to crash into Twilight who blocked her escape, "Not the time Pinkie." she said evenly. The pink pony grinned at her friend.

"Come on girls, we have to get Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy," the purple mare said with a determined tone.

"Just Fluttershy," a voice called from above, a blue pegasus and her companion hovering above, "Storm already briefed me." a flash of lightning glinted in the pegasai's eyes.

It took a lot to make Rainbow angry, so for her to be angry meant that the situation was at a critical level. It weighed on the group like a ton of bricks, "Let's go." a chorus of ponies rung out as they galloped toward the yellow pegasai's house.

"Fluttershy!" Twilight burst open the door first. She halted in her steps while the others crashed into her making a pile of ponies stuck in the doorway. Stunned by the scene before them. Fluttershy and a green stallion sat at the table sharing a quiet dinner in candlelight. Fluttershy wore the brightest rosy blush, "Oh hi everypony..." she smiled brightly.

"Guyss," the green pony seemed to be a mix of embarrassed and angry, "What's up?"

"It's time." Storm said evenly.

The collection of ponies sat around the table, with cups of tea and hot chocolate in hoof. The stallions stood in front of the girls. Glancing at one another, they nodded towards Rocket. He stood up, "First I'd like to apologize for all of us not being completely honest but it was critical that we got to know you first-"

"It's fine we forgive you." Rarity piped in.

He took a deep breath, "As you all know, I'm Rocket and these are my brothers and half-brothers. We come from Fillydelphia on the far side of Equestria. We've traveled a long way to get here. We came here because," he sighed deeply, "We heard that you possess the Elements of Harmony."

"We needed you to come with us," Storm broke in, a genuine worry on his muzzle, "Whenever Princess Cadence and Shining Armor defeated Chrysalis in Canterlot, she set up camp and took over Fillydelphia."

"That's impossible!" Rainbow Dash cut in, "Princess Celestia wouldn't let that happen."

"That's just the problem," Silver spoke up, "Princess Celestia has no idea that they've infiltrated our homes. The changelings took forms of ponies, and Chrysalis promised to cut down anypony who tried to escape." he hung his head, "We were able to escape because of Brewster's ability to make us look like changelings but it was risky at best."

"Everypony there is miserable," Brewster chimed in, his voice sad for the first time, "There's a strict curfew and everypony has to work for Chrysalis and pay her tribute. Ponies are starving- the changelings abduct ponies at random and nopony knows what's happened to them..."

"Our next door neighbor is under the love spell of some changelings," Winter interjected, "She's a horrible mess. I'm sure she won't last much longer as a real pony, he's taking all the life out of her."

The ponies reflected in silence for some time, before Fluttershy spoke, "But what I don't understand, is how is she able to maintain control. She must have some sort of help."

"You're right Fluttershy," Storm answered, "there is another beneficiary who aids her, but nopony knows who he or she is. And if that wasn't bad enough, she has her own royal guard of those Phantom ponies. She aims to claim all of Equestria one town at a time until she has every inch of ground. She's going to suck all of the love out of everypony." he stomped his hoof on the ground.

"That's why we had to find you," Rocket finished, "We knew she had plans to get rid of you guys first. The Elements of Harmony are the only things that stand in her way. She's become so powerful that even Princess Cadence and Shining Armor won't be enough. And Princess Celestia's powers wane for everypony that she converts into a changeling."

"Well girls," Applejack spoke, "What do y'u think?"

"We have to help them." Twilight spoke quickly.

"We'll have to travel a long distance." Rainbow Dash added, "But we have no choice. If that stupid Chrysalis thinks she can take over Equestria she has another thing coming!"

"Yeah!" the ponies shouted in unison.

"Then it's settled. We leave at dawn." Silver smiled.

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