Disclaimer: All Dogs go to Heaven doesn't belong to me.

A.N. This was inspired by a recent segment on 'Anderson' about a Pit Bull that took a bullet to the head protecting his family.

As humans migrated around the planet, a variety of dog forms migrated with them. – Wikipedia

What the hell was wrong with him? This wasn't him, this wasn't Charlie Barkin. Charlie Barkin was a slick con-dog who always relied on himself or Itchy. If they helped someone, it was only to get something out of it.

Somehow, that had all changed with Squeaker. And for the second-life of him he couldn't figure out why.

The agricultural revolution and subsequent urban revolution led to an increase in the dog population and a demand for specialization. – Wikipedia

Why did he care so much for the little human? Humans were and always had been nothing but trouble, especially for him and Itchy. Why, all of a sudden, was he sticking his neck out for this one? It made no sense! He knew why Itchy was doing it, Itchy had a soft spot for the down-on-their-luck type. Squeaker had definitely fallen into that category.

In Europe during the 1800s, attempts were being made to standardize breeds. Dogs were bred to preserve traits that assisted in their job of herding sheep and protecting flocks from predators. – Wikipedia

So why did he care about her? Why could he not simply forget about Anne Marie after he'd dropped her off with the Bakers?

Within their family a German Shepherd will usually form a close bond with one person. – Most German Shepherd owners

Now look at him. Wet, cold and dying again because he'd grabbed Squeaker and let his watch sink to the murky bottom of the bayou. He could feel his heart slow down as the timepiece flooded and the gears slowed.

25,000 years of domestication geared toward protection is not something a dog can simply ignore. It's no wonder that, through the ages, dogs have died protecting people. After all this time, the desire is in their blood. – Kara Crane

The watch stopped.