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Naruto was bored. It was 3 hours after Umino Iruka had left the classroom, informing the last remaining students that their sensei, Hatake Kakashi, would arrive somewhere around this time. Each of the copy-nin's prospective students had spent the last few hours doing their own things.

Haruno Sakura had spent the time pestering the 'last' Uchiha. A phrase Naruto still got a kick out of. He wasn't the only one left, the eldest brother was still alive, out there somewhere. And if you knew what Naruto knew, witch little if anyone did, there was another one or two out there as well maybe more.

Speaking of the Uchihas, Sasuke, the resident duck-head, had spent the entirety of the time thinking about hatred, his brother, and revenge. Personally Naruto believed to be an arrogant prick. The kid was also jealous of Naruto. When Sasuke left the academy for a few weeks after the genocide of his clan Naruto had, almost out of nowhere, gone from being the Dobe to Top of Class. And only in book work and written testing did the young Uchiha surpass Naruto. Not that they mattered in the real world, maybe in round one of Konoha's Chunin Exams, but that was just one of the many things Naruto wasn't supposed to know about that. To bad for them but his Sensei had drilled into his head one thing above the rest. Information is worth more than a hundred times it's weight in gold, and Naruto always followed that ideal as if it was a religion.

Speaking of Naruto, he himself had spent the time working, he had spent about two hours sharpening his equipment, an old ninjato that his sensei had given him, along with his kunai and shuriken. After he had all his blades sharp and put away in his holsters, his scabbard went diagonally across his back the handle of his ninjato coming up over his right shoulder showing of that Naruto was left handed. The scabbard was held in place by a chain instead of a strap, dual pouches sat on each side of his upper legs. His duo kunai holsters were under them. Crimson colored bandages were the only thing keeping the various holsters from coming in contact with his pants. Naruto had on metal plated geta saddles, black pants and a crimson kimono-style shirt with black trim, without sleeves. The shirt was held closed with a grey ob. Underneath he had on a mesh shirt, also without sleeves. His hitai-ate was tied around left arm, the dark blue cloth replaced with a dark grey band. His left eye was covered with his signature eye patch, black with the Uzumaki clan emblem in its center.

The last hour, Naruto had spent going over a scroll he had taken from the shinobi library, a technique made famous by the Snake Sannin, Orochimaru. The Kanashibari no justu (Temporary Paralysis Technique), which was quite powerful. The ability to paralysis an enemy with just a few hand signs and eye contact, as if they had been tied up with steel cable, would be quite useful. The surprise that a mere 'Genin' knew it would have a lot to do with the successful use of it. Seeing as that it was simple to break out of, if you knew what had happened to you. Some of the stronger ninja throughout the world could just shrug it off as if the attack had never happened.

This was the scene that Hatake Kakashi had walked into, a fan girl pestering the emo, and his supposed mini-me poring over a scroll. He noticed that only Naruto had reacted to his presence. He had slightly moved his hand, almost unnoticed due to his speed. If the scarecrow look alike hadn't been briefed by the Sandaime before, he would have been surprised by what Naruto had just done. Which was basicly saying, 'What are your orders' in the basic form of ANBU sign language. The style was taught to the rookies to get then accustomed to the vast array of combinations that allowed ANBU to converse in complete silence. Now while he wasn't surprised he was impressed.

In order to not be bothered by the council and the Hokage as well Naruto had agreed to write down most of what he knew, what ended up on the Hokage's desk was a medium sized scroll with a list of village secrets, all below A-rank ones, like the status of Yakumo Kurama, and a heavily detailed copy of the evacuation plans of the village. Added to the list was about 10 different Ninjustu, a few more in Genjustu, a Kenjutsu/Taijutsu hybrid, and basic Fuinjutsu skills.

But that was before Naruto's sensei had left his departing gift, almost everything that belonged to Naruto's mother, Kushina Uzumaki. Except things that could relate her to the Yondaime and some of the higher class scrolls and items. Meaning Naruto now had access to the best reservoir of Fuinjutsu and to a much lesser extent the other popular shinobi branches, it wasn't as grand as the Sarutobi, Uchiha, or even the Hatake's library. But it was more than enough for Naruto's formation years. Naruto, as of now, was on the path to becoming a very well versed and powerful shinobi. Once again Kakashi was impressed. Maybe there was a little more truth to the whole mini-me idea after all.

It was at this moment that the other two noticed that their sensei had arrived. And just before Sakura could prove that she was indeed a Haruno and not just a girl with pink hair, two sebon needles went flying across the room. They lodged themselves in just the right spot on Sakura's neck to silence but other wise not harm the girl. Did Kakashi mention that he was impressed with his blonde student? If not well, color him impressed. Sasuke must have seen Naruto throw the needles for he didn't look too shocked, but if you looked closely enough and knew what to look for, the boy was relieved, almost thankful.

In Sasuke's eyes, he now had a use for Naruto, get him to teach him how he just silenced the fan girl. Too bad his arrogance would never allow him to ask someone for help who he thought was below him, which was almost everyone. After all no one could be equal to the noble and divine… yes the divine Uchiha clan, the closest anyone could ever come to being a god was to be an Uchiha, No one else could come even remotely as close. Such were the thoughts of the Uchiha avenger.

"Thanks for saving our hearing, but please take the sebon needles out of her neck so we can get a move on. Now normally we would move somewhere for this, but hey, why not save some time and just do it here. And would you look at that everyone left already, how convenient." Kakashi said, complete with a signature eye smile.

Naruto didn't bother to get up, sending out a pair of chakra strings, helpful for all ninja to know even though most Genin thought that they only had a use in Suna's puppet corps. A common misconception and yet another thing Kakashi would have been surprised about the chibi-copy nin, a name Kakashi liked more and more now that he was being to get to know the blonde, being able to use.

Sebon needles back on Naruto's person, the elder Cyclops begin the customary meet and great, some evasion and dramatic pauses later, and you had two Genin prospects only knowing the guy's name and the other learning nothing new, that being said he knew exactly who this man was.

His sensei had a lot of sayings, the play that the man had just put on reminded the blonde of just how he knew about the elder of the two Cyclopses of Konoha; "the chances of running into strong opponents was very high in the field, and most of the best can be found in the wonderful book of secrets and knowledge know as the bingo book, with such a goldmine of information, why not take advantage of it eh, Naruto?" not something special but important none the less. His sensei's words had led to Naruto reading and self testing himself on the bingo book trying to remember enough to get by as well as keeping an up to date book on him in one of the many seals on his person, either on his body, his clothing or pouches.

It had seemed that by the time Naruto had come back down to earth, the other two were done, he didn't really remember what they said but his subconscious had picked up enough to know that they were still the same as they always had been, the fan girl and the emo. It seemed it was his turn. 'Well time to make a good impression on a man who could take him places no one else could.' Speaking out just before Sakura got the chance to activate her 'screech release' as our blonde hero had so aptly named it.

"My name is Uzumaki Naruto, my likes are Fuuinjutsu, swords, and learning all things ninja. My dislikes are any waste of talent and potential as well as the majority of this village. My hope is to grow to my full potential, and then surpass that limit time and time again. As for my dream, my dream is to become one of Konoha's top ninja."

No one made a comment on it seeing as Naruto's teammates didn't really pay attention to him. Sasuke not caring on his inferior male teammate, and Sakura not caring about anything that wasn't Uchiha Sasuke. But Kakashi was listening and the seeds had been planted. Kakashi would help Naruto out, instead of ignoring him for the Uchiha, that kid wasn't Obito's heir, The second most famous Hatake could already tell that to be the case, the heir of his friends will, the person he was looking for these past 10 years to teach was right here in front of him. And hey, who knows? Maybe there was a sharingan under that patch of his to really cement him as Kakashi's mini-me.

Actually now that he thought about it, not even the Sandaime had ask about what was under there. Saving the question for later, he informed the three kids about the bell test. The no eating breakfast rule, the 66% failure rate, where to be and at what time, so on and so forth. Then in a swirl of leaves that came from nowhere, he left to make his preliminary report to the Hokage, and to see if he could dig up any other information on the blonde gaki.


The meeting went by fast, some of the Jounin complained about depressed fan girls, some were happy about who they had, none more so than the new Jounin, Yuhi Kurenai. People were impressed when he arrived on time, and more so when he said that his team would be a good one, especially one of them in particular. Most people thought it was Sasuke, but some thought Naruto… sadly most thought in a negative light, including yet again, Yuhi Kurenai. It was easy to see why, her father had died during the kyuubi's attack. And even though she didn't see Naruto as the fox, she hated the boy with a passion. Only her motherly affection of Hinata kept her from being more active. If he was a hyperactive, orange wearing idiot without a hope of becoming a threat anytime soon, maybe she could change. But the boy was powerful, and if the fox ever took over it wouldn't be easy to take out a super strong ninja going on a rampage with the power of the fox at his disposal.

If only she knew how close to the truth that statement would become in the coming months.


Naruto showed up at training ground 7, home of team 7, since the founding of the academy until today. Training ground seven had been the birthplace of the Densetus no Sannin, where Namikaze Minato and Kakashi himself became a ninja, and now it was Naruto's turn.

At 5 am, 2 hours before the scheduled time to arrive, as well as a full 5 hours before Kakashi was due to arrive, he knew that and came early so that he could get some training in.

He proceeded to set up seals around the training ground. The seal was a unique fuuinjutsu created by the Uzumaki clan some ages ago and updated by his mother. It included anti-chakra sensory, silencing, blinding, and various other seals made to trick someone into thinking no one was there. The first layer was a perimeter, about 100 yards out, that just told you that something was passing through it via a soft glowing of a corresponding seal. The second one, 50 yards out from the center, had all the other effects, including negating the presence while actively using the Kyuubi's chakra up until the first tailed state was unleashed. At that point, Naruto couldn't cover up the sheer presence of the Kyuubi's chakra. He was good at Fuuinjutsu, he had the Uzumaki affinity for it and all, but he was no super genius… by his standards at least. If the mass's standards said something, their great was his not so bad, their amazing was a decent, and their genius was his good. It was a mindset that drove him to be greater, stronger, better, and improve himself in any and every way, that was his goal. If he completed it, he would be a good contender for the Hokage position but he knew that many things would have to change if that were to be a possibility.

It was once his dream as a child and he still held onto that hope in the back of his heart and mind. But as he grew up he took on a more realistic mind set, and the truth was while he had the support of a few clans, most of the elite ninja and obviously the Sandaime. His choices were limited, and with the Sandaime only having at most 10 years left in him before he couldn't be the Hokage anymore and add that to Naruto not knowing any high powered ninja on a direct level and you had a very limited chance of that particular dream coming true.

Getting back into focus, Naruto drew his ninjato, and began to go through the Kata he was working on mastering. It was part of the Uzumaki Royal family style: Arashinome no Mai( Dance of the Storm's Eye). It was a sword style based off deception. As the scroll had stated, remembering the words that had guided him during the last few months.

'As a storm's eye is not truly the peace, the calm, the end. So too should your dance be. The storms strongest point leads off at the edge of the eye, strong, ferocious, powerful cuts, stabs, and swings.

As the eye arrives you moves are calm and fluid, your goal is not to strike but to tire out your opponent. Fast and quick you strike at your foe's body, keeping him from controlling the fight, but allowing him to use up his power.

And then as the eye passes, the fire is relit, back to its full glory and power, you go from trickery and evasion into an even stronger assault than before. The blade seems to be coming in form all directions at once.'

Naruto's own mother was a master at this dance, it was what placed her in the bingo book, a bounty of 45 million ryo straight out of Kumogakure no Sato's treasury. And that was without using the Kyuubi's chakra for more than its passive abilities; such as healing, expanding the Uzumaki's already larger than average reserves, improving the jinchuriki's senses, and Naruto's personal favorite, access to Kyuubi's menacing killing intent (KI). The latter 3 all took training, obviously, but that was just an enhancement to 'human' stuff and things in it's most basic form.

For 3 hours, Naruto worked on his sword play. When he was pleased by his labor he took down the seals he had set up, taking another 15 minutes up before heading to the next clearing over. This clearing had three larges logs impregnated into the ground and sitting at the base of two of them were Naruto's prospective teammates. Naruto jumped and landed on the third log and began to meditate.


Just under two hours later Kakashi arrived. Naruto exited his meditative state when Sakura once again proved her Haruno heritage informing Kakashi of his tardiness. Said man went over the test rules and when Sasuke and Sakura's stomachs rumbled, Naruto was glad that he had missed the advice to not eat breakfast. Not that he would have taken that advice anyway. Breakfast was the most important meal of the day and he was no fangirl on a diet, no he most certainly was not.

The test began and the two Genin hopefuls that had names starting with the letter S ran for cover, the 3rd one however merely drew his ninjato and dropped into a stance.

Knees bent, left side forward, and his weight transferred onto his back foot. He was perpendicular to his opponent with his left arm outstretched palm facing away from him. His sword was held in his right hand, elbow pointed behind him and the tip of his sword pointed at the back of his right hand. Kakashi drew a kunai, reinforcing it with some chakra so Naruto didn't slash it in half with one swing, they began the match, raging on in a battle of sparks, slashes, cuts, and stabs until the 'eye's arrival' Kata first of the middle part of Naruto's Arashinome no Mai( Dance of the Storm's Eye) style began. Naruto flipped back and a few hand seals later used the Kanashibari no justu.

The newest in his collection playing a pivotal role in his plan, he rushed in full speed and slashed at Kakashi's hip, actually managing to cut the bell's off the man's pants. But it was not enough and Kakashi grabbed the boy before the boy got more than his blade on the bells and sent him flying into the woods.

Kakashi spent the next ten or so minutes to drag the duck into the ground and scare the girl into unconsciousness with illusions. The Copy-nin then returned to his clearing, but sent a shadow clone to find Naruto. When it dispelled, he found out said blonde had gathered his teammates for a group attack using a simple plan; Naruto cuts the bells, Sakura grabs the bells, and Sasuke covers the retreat. They then moved out.

A few moments later and they sprung into action, Naruto rushed in sword in hand for round two, and Sakura prepared for an opening. Kakashi let it happen wanting to see this play out. The bells were cut for the second time that day and Sakura went to move in and Sasuke went in too. But just as the pinkette was going to grab the bells, the raven haired boy shoved her forwarded, straight into the copy-nin and grabbed the two bells. But that was before Naruto appeared with Sakura under one arm, he grabbed the other boy with his left and used a sealless Shunshin no justu. Retreating with the two into the woods, but more importantly, away from their prospective sensei.

The bells jingled a little as they hit the ground.


"What the hell was that!" screamed the blonde pissed off wasn't nearly strong enough to describe what he was feeling at the moment. The entire plan was just ruined.

"I don't need any help getting those bells, so why don't you just get out of my way," Sasuke stated arrogantly.


This would have gone on if not for the sound of an alarm clock going off. Only one word came to mind in Naruto's head, Fuck.

A few moment later, the three moved back into the clearing and there stood the scarecrow, looking disappointingly at the trio.

"Well that was just sad. Be back here in three hours, I need to speak with the Hokage about something," Kakashi said disappointment in his voice and with that he was gone. Soon Sasuke left with the fangirl fallowing him in hopes of getting a date.

Naruto settled into training once again, settling into work with the Arashinome no Mai, a set of movements that had nearly become meditative to the blonde. It wasn't too long until the duo of Sasuke and Sakura had returned, almost at the same time… as if they hadn't separated. It had been two and a half hours in all actuality, this kind of thing had happened a lot to Naruto. He was always losing track of time which resulted in him setting the academy record for tardiness since Uchiha Obitio was a student. Which was yet another similarity on the long list of traits shared between the two Cyclopses of the Leaf.

A half an hour later, the elder of that pair arrived. Taking in his students' appearances, he noticed how his mini-me had spent the time training, evident by the sheen of sweat on the boy's skin. Probably had been the entire time if he guessed correctly, opposed to the other two students who obviously had done next to, if not nothing, the entire time. It was the drive missing, lack of teamwork, and various other thing that had influenced his latest decision.


(earlier at the Hokage's office, 2nd test Jounin report/review)

After writing down that team ten had passed, Hiruzen Sarutobi was about to dismiss the nine Jounin gathered in his office, not wanting to keep them for the next few hours. But surprisingly in one of the rare moments that Kakashi was on time for something, the man appeared in a poof of smoke. A round of ninjas saying a quiet "kai!" and flaring their chakra but only seeing a serious looking Kakashi did things settle down. The Third Hokage ordered the report to be given. After running through an overview of the test he had given to the prospective team 7 where afterwards the Hokage asked for his conclusion, and was surprised with the reply.

"As a team, they fail. I don't see the three of them ever getting teamwork down and together as they are now, but I don't want them all gone."

"So you want to request an apprentice?"

"Yeah, at least until the next academy round sends out two different Genin or we have some new Genin before that."

" Very well, you have your wish." said the old monkey preparing to start up the paperwork for Kakashi to fill out, it was at this moment that one of the Jounin spoke out.

"Wait Kakashi is taking the Uchiha on as a student, right? I mean, he is the only choice, there is only the Haruno, who is a lost cause by what you said and the de-" he would have contained to say this but a look from the third, almost daring him to say it, stopped him, "excuses me, the other boy is someone no one wants to be around."

"Actually, you're wrong. Lets make this formal, I, Hatake Kakashi, hereby request Uzumaki Naruto to be placed as my apprentice."

Some of the Jounin were indifferent to this. There were even less that were glad the kid had a chance to get out of the academy, but just under half were mad. The Demon was getting placed over who could very well be 'Konoha's prince'. Add to the fact that the demon would be getting individual training from the strongest ninja currently in the Leaf village that didn't wear a big white pointy hat. They felt things were not right with this picture and they planned to speak up about but the Third spoke first.

"Request accepted, and I will not be having any counter arguments. I agree wholeheartedly on this and my word is law. You may go Kakashi. Please inform the two academy students that remedial classes start on Monday and that they must improve before Konoha as a whole, and I as an individual will except them into Konoha's shinobi force. Everyone else dismissed!"

And with that, the room was cleared a second later while the Third prepared to get started on his paperwork… make that reading some Icha Icha. He had a long night ahead of him and might as well get some quality reading time in.

'… oh Yugi-chan you naughty, naughty girl hehehe…'

The Anbu hidden in the Hokage's office could only sigh, why did their comrades get to go on exciting missions while they were stuck in uncomfortable positions all day; watching an old man read porn?


Kakashi had just arrived and called his charges into formation. Informing the three of the situation was gonna be a bitch but, hey not his fault.

"The test I gave you was based on teamwork, Naruto knew this and acted on it while you two did not act on or even know this fact. Usually this means all three of you are going back to the academy but there is one student I want to keep." The Genin looked on, all thinking of who would be staying.

"Sakura, you're going back for remedial classes starting Monday. The shinobi world is no place for fan girls. You have talent and potential, and I hope to see you unlock the full level somewhere down the line, but for now, I'm sorry, not this time. Better luck next graduation."

"Sasuke, you to will be returning to the academy as well. Yo-" "WHAT!" that was stopped by the black haired boy, obviously not wanting to hear this. His argument would have continued, but Kakashi unleashed some of his KI, this being the boy's first taste of the stuff, he was scared into silence.

"As I was saying, your lack teamwork, that you don't trust your comrades, and are much too arrogant for your own good. And I for one will not deal with that, not now, not ever. Report for remedial classes at the Academy on Monday. If you don't show, well not my issue," Kakashi finished relieved.

"That leaves you Naruto. Welcome to the world of shinobi, training starts tomorrow at 6 am. Don't be late!" and with that he was gone and not wanting to deal with the other two. Naruto fallowed his example and deployed the same justu, the Shunshin no justu, to escape the wrath of the two returning Academy students.


Naruto reappeared at his home, the 4 story apartment building that had been bought and remade into 5 floors of Naruto world. Naruto had always lived on the top floor and that still held true, floors 2 and 3 were big open spaces, his personal training area. The ground floor was a small maze, set up with traps and dead ends. It work as a training ground for infiltration as well as a deterrent for any would be assassins, angry mob of drunks, etc. There was only an 'event' of such actions once or twice in the years he owned this building but the case still held. The fifth floor was actually the roof, it was a green roof meaning it was basically a garden, there was a whole bunch of rocks and trees, nothing huge but it worked and Naruto was happy about that.

It also had a koi pond, a slab of slate was placed on one side and on the other a small shrine to Inari. A stone fox with a red votive bib sitting underneath a single, small, red Torii. This was his place of mediation. Call him cliché but he hoped that praying to the goddess of foxes amongst other things would help him in regards to the Kyuubi.

He sat down on the slate slab and making himself comfortable, he began reviewing the day before entering into formal meditation. He was a Genin now, and that was truly an accomplishment. All the years of hard work had paid off. It was enough that he didn't get dragged back down because of his teammates unwillingness to work together. He finally could say that Sensei would be proud of him; and not have to finish that statement with a 'for now.'

It was position that Naruto stayed in all night. The right mediation could take the place of sleep, especially for a ninja; for whom the line between sleep and mediation was a fine line indeed.

It was also the same picture that Kakashi found his new student. Once acknowledged by the blonde he said "Follow me" and with that the Two Cyclopses of Konoha left to start their first day of training as sensei and student.


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