Six sets of eyes wandered around in amazement. This was the moment they had been waiting for, the moment that was going to start their lives as young adults. All stood with smiles in the spacious entryway, bags at their feet and more to be brought in from outside. This was it. This was their time.

"Rent is due at the first of the month, you won't get your security deposit back, and don't make me regret renting this to you delinquents," the landlord said in a thick foreign accent as he handed them each a key to the apartment. He gave them one final look-over before shaking his head and leaving.

Santana smiled to her girlfriend Brittany, taking a moment to let it all settle in. Not only did they get the chance to live together during their college years, but they were far away from their parents and all of their rules. They were in the land of possibilities, New York City.

"San we have to go look for that man that plays guitar in his underwear," Brittany, her girlfriend for an undetermined amount of years said, dragging her to the open window overlooking the city.

Santana laughed, wrapping her in hug.

"Well I think the first thing we should decide on is who gets what room." Santana never expected in a million years that she would be bunking with Rachel Berry. When the idea was brought to her, it took her fifteen minutes to calm herself from laughter. After their duet in Glee club last year things have been more civil between the two. One might even call their relationship friends. Santana even liked to think of her digs at Rachel as 'friendly' now.

"Rach let's just enjoy this for one more minute before we get to all your rules." Finn Hudson, fiancé to Rachel Berry and undecided major at NYCNU. Again, Santana would have rather pulled all her toenails off then live with Lurch and Smurfette, but the rent in New York City was high and her parents would only pay so much before they considered it spoiling.

"Finn I for one would like to get settled. We only have a week before school starts. We have so much to do. You need to find a job," she continued on, but Santana stopped listening. She turned to the other couple in the room, the couple she was more than excited to be sharing a living space with.

"Let's grab the best room before she finishes her paragraph of a sentence," Puck whispered to his girlfriend Quinn. Santana couldn't be more than happy for the couple for finally getting their act together. After Quinn's accident, things between them got serious and he was with her every step of the way to recuperation.

Quinn smiled, before shaking her head. "Trust me; she won't go down without a battle." It didn't go unnoticed how grateful Quinn looked with every step she took. No one was more surprised than her when she danced her way through Nationals for their Glee Club competition.

Santana let the banter continue on for a few minutes before raising her voice. "Look people, grab a room because I wants to get me and Britts stuff unpacked," she said silencing the room.

Everyone locked eyes before racing out of the main room and down the hallway where the rooms were located. Finn being dumb but quick managed to snag him and Rachel the biggest room. Santana was all for rioting until Brittany sweetly reminded her that the smaller their room was, the more they would need to stick close together. The sweet thought settled Santana until they began unpacking.

"Britt where am I supposed to put my shoes? This closet is a joke," she grumbled from her spot on the floor near the opening of the closet.

Brittany turned from her place on their bed where she was folding their underwear to put in the dresser on the far wall. "We can get one of those bag things you shove under the bed and just put them all in there," she suggested, smiling at the lacy pair of panties of Santana's she came across.

Santana rolled her eyes as she got up from the floor. She lazily collapsed onto their bed, wrecking the neat piles of folded laundry. She lifted her head, wincing at her destruction. "Sorry baby," she said, beginning to fix them.

Brittany only laughed. "You knew we were gonna have to downsize San," she said, playfully tapping her girlfriend on the nose. "Besides would you rather have your spacious closet at home without me or this puny one and me snuggled up to you every night?" she asked.

Santana scrunched up before laying her head in Brittany's Indian style folded lap. "Damn Hudson and his quick reflexes," she mumbled, snuggling her head into a comfortable position.

Brittany smiled as she finished folding the last pair of underwear. She gently placed both hands on the sides of Santana's cheeks before leaning down to peck her lips. "You're cute," she whispered before leaning down to kiss her again.

Santana smiled, happy that she and Brittany were finally how they should be, living together and happier than ever. She knew the only reason their parents were letting them live together was for the fact that they couldn't get pregnant by one another. And both sets of parents were glad for the now peaceful nights they would have not burying their heads under pillows.

"I'm not interrupting am I," Rachel asked as she entered the girl's bedroom.

Santana rolled her eyes before sitting up from her position. "What is it Rachel?" she asked, still getting used to not insulting her every chance she got.

Brittany smiled at her before carrying some underwear over to the dresser.

Cleary uncomfortable with seeing her friends' undergarments, Rachel avoided looking Brittany's way and kept her focus on Santana. "Finn was gonna call for a pizza. There's that place right across the street so we figured we'd try it. You guys want anything special on yours?" she asked.

"I'll take gummy bears on mine," Brittany said as she divided the top drawer in half.

Rachel squinted her eyes in confusion at Brittany before looking back to Santana for an explanation. That was usually how it worked.

"Britt this is pizza pizza not dessert pizza," Santana clarified, not at all weirded out at Brittany's response.

"Oh just plain then," she said, giving her well organized drawer the once over before shutting it.

Rachel nodded slowly, still not understanding how Brittany could eat gummy bears on pizza.

Santana saw her confusion and while she normally could care less what Rachel thought, they were turning a new leaf. "Sometimes Britt and I make huge sugar cookies and pile tons of junk food on top like gummy bears, Hersey's syrup, sprinkles. We call them dessert pizzas," she said.

Rachel smiled. "That's cute," she said.

Santana rolled her eyes. The last thing she needed was Rachel thinking she was cute. "We'll just take plain," she said, walking over to their desk. She grabbed her purse and pulled out a twenty. "Here," she said, handing it to Rachel.

Rachel shook her head. "We got this. You get next time," she said sweetly.

Santana nodded. "Thank you," she said lowly.

Rachel nodded back before turning to leave. "I'll get you when it's here," she said as she made her way out the door.

"Yeah and knock next time," Santana called out to the closing door.

Brittany smiled, walking over to wrap Santana in a hug. They gently rocked back and forth taking in the mess before them. "We're never gonna be done are we?" Santana asked miserably, squeezing onto Brittany tighter.

"Well I got the underwear put away," Brittany answered proudly making Santana chuckle.

"Best pizza ever," Puck commented through a mouthful of sauce and cheese.

The couples sat around the table that was furnished with the apartment. It was nearing seven o'clock and the only couple that was close to being done with their rooms was Quinn and Puck. Believe or not, Puck was good with household chores.

"Puck we need to get a fan for our room. I don't know about your guys' rooms, but ours is like a freaking inferno," Quinn said before taking her napkin to wipe sauce off of Puck's chin.

Smiling, he batted her hand away. "That is definitely on the top of our list babe," he answered. "No way are me and my fellows sweating it out all night," he added, making the entire table grimace.

"Well we need a whole other room for our clothes. I cannot get over how small these closets are," Rachel complained, earning her a glare from Santana. "What?" she asked.

"Your closet is huge compared to mine and Britts. We can barely fit anything into it. I have no idea what we're gonna do with all our clothes," Santana said as she grabbed another slice from the box.

"You're probably gonna have to ship some back home," Finn pointed out, not only to Santana but also directed towards his girlfriend.

Both girls looked appalled. "Yeah right," they mumbled under their breath.

Brittany laughed at how similar Santana and Rachel were. That's probably why they didn't get along for so many years. "We'll figure it out San." She placed her hand on Santana's thigh, gently rubbing it with soothing circles.

"Brittany's right. I mean people have lived here before us and worked it out right? We just gotta get in the groove of things," Finn encouraged.

"Speaking of getting in the groove of things, how are we gonna handle the whole cleaning, food, rules stuff," Quinn asked while gesturing her hand around the apartment.

Before Rachel could speak, Santana jumped in. "Easy, we all clean our own rooms and bathrooms. We alternate the rest of the apartment between couples. As for food, label what you want as yours the rest is up for grabs," she said, earning a mixture of expressions from the peanut gallery.

"Well them someone is spending more money than the rest Santana. If we have bottled waters in the refrigerator that me and Finn bought and they're gone three days later. Don't you think it's a little unfair for us to have to replace that," Rachel asked.

"What about if we all chip in every week for the necessities. I mean we're all going to drink water and use milk and napkins. We should have a set budget for that stuff and each week a couple has to go and get it. We could put an envelope on the refrigerator and each week everyone puts forty dollars or so in it," Quinn suggested.

The group nodded, liking the idea. "Yeah, we'll just take things on as they come. I mean obviously we have to be respectful of one another. No loud music late at night or having people over," Puck said.

"I don't think anyone should be allowed over. There's enough people in this place already," Rachel argued then added, "Well except Kurt. He should be allowed over whenever he wants," she said causing everyone to nod in agreement. He was just across town in a dormitory for his school.

"Well I'll be the one to say it because I know no one else will, but our rooms are fairly close to one another so keep the bumping and the grinding to yourselves. No one needs to hear that shit," Santana said, scrunching her face in disgust at the thought of Finn and Rachel get the nasty on.

"Well you two especially. You go at it like rabbits," Quinn laughed, making the pair blush.

"I never got that expression," Finn said making everyone look at him with disbelief, even Brittany. "What?" he asked embarrassed.

"It means," Puck started but Santana held up her hand.

"Let's just keep it on the down low people. We don't need to be involved in one another's love life's. Just keep 'it' to yourselves," she said, getting agreeing nods from Quinn, Rachel, and Brittany.

"Alright well does someone want to go to the store now and get some stuff? Because we're gonna need drinks and cleaning stuff," Quinn said.

"Don't worry about cleaning stuff. My dads packed us a whole supply plus sponges and dry clothes, and some other stuff," Rachel noted, making her way over to one of the boxes in the kitchen.

Quinn nodded impressed with her friend's parents. She grabbed a piece of paper and pen from the counter and held them up to her friends. "Me and Puck will go since we need a fan anyway. Everyone write what you want and leave some money and we'll head out in a few," she said, handing the pen to Santana.

Puck frowned. "You mean we have to carry groceries and fan back here babe?" he complained, not used to not having a car to take him places.

Quinn smiled while rolling her eyes. "You're a strong guy," she teased.

Santana contemplated what she wanted. She and Brittany could do some shopping of their own for toiletries and what not, but right now they just needed some drinks and breakfast food. The rest could be handled tomorrow. "You want anything special Britt?" she asked, as she finished up her list of items.

Brittany looked at the ceiling in concentration, trying to think if she needed anything in particular. "Ummm maybe just some fruit for the morning or something. And yogurt," she said, making her girlfriend's face scrunch up in disgust. She laughed, never understanding Santana's phobia of yogurt.

Santana finished up before handing the pen to Finn. She gently grabbed Brittany's hand and began leading her back to their bedroom so they could finish unpacking. "Thanks guys," she said as they were leaving.

Rachel watched as the two made their way out of the room, leaving a mess at the kitchen table. "Yeah don't worry, we'll clean up," she shouted sarcastically, shaking her head in disbelief.

"Thanks," she heard making her even more angered.

"Okay so you have lecture classes Tuesday Thursday, and dance Monday to Friday?" Santana confirmed as her and Brittany sat in bed trying to figure out their schedules for the upcoming semester. They had given up on unpacking, deciding they'll have a fresh start in the morning. "What kind of lectures are there for dancing majors?" Santana asked confused.

Brittany laughed. "No I'm a dancing minor, member. I chose journalism for my major," she reminded, playful tapping Santana on the nose.

Santana smiled, shaking her head. "Right, I forgot miss overachiever," she teased, but really was extremely proud of Brittany for her choice. She knew Brittany had all the confidence in the world when it came to dancing, but anything else put extreme insecurity into her girlfriend. She secretly made it her mission before they left to keep encouraging Brittany about her other skills.

Brittany leaned over Santana, reading what her girlfriend was typing on her laptop. The heading read, "Brittany and Santana's Ridiculously Crazy Schedules Fall 2012." She laughed before laying her head against Santana's shoulder.

"Alright, I have my pre law classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and my performing arts classes Tuesday, Thursday. That's awesome Britt cause then we have the weekends to do whatever," she smiled, as she typed in her schedule.

Brittany smiled. "Yeah but I'm sure we'll have to do something for school on the weekends," she said, rubbing her hand up and down Santana's side.

"Yeah but since both our parents aren't making us work the first semester, we'll still have plenty of time together baby," she encouraged, maybe more for her own comfort than Brittany.

It was going to be a lot different than high school where they spent the majority of their days together. Now they were taking classes that specified each of their interests and they were literally going to be separated most of the day. That was something they were going to need to get used to.

"You ordered your books and everything right?" Santana asked as she put her laptop on the nightstand next to her. Brittany nodded tiredly while Santana situated herself, turning off the lights before laying back down, taking Brittany with her so her head was lying on her chest. She ran her fingers through Brittany's soft locks as they continued to talk.

"Do you think we're gonna be okay San," Brittany whispered, knowing that they would either succeed together or fail in the city.

Santana took a moment to think before replying. Of course she dreamed of them both succeeding in their chosen fields, her a top entertainment lawyer, Brittany a successful dancer turned host of her own talk show. But she couldn't say for sure that everything would turn out okay. It wasn't a sure thing and that scared her. But she would never tell Brittany that.

"We're gonna be awesome Britt," she whispered into the darkness hoping fate would take her words in hand.

It only felt like minutes later, but in reality morning had arose. Santana buried her head into her pillow, trying to block out the noise circulating throughout the apartment. She knew without even opening her eyes that Brittany was up and about due to the coldness the bed pervaded. She tiredly rubbed her head into her pillow, wanting more sleep but the voices only seemed to get louder as everyone got up. Sighing, she grabbed for her phone on the nightstand to read the time. 8:00AM.

"Great," she whispered to herself, hoping everyday wouldn't be like this. She scheduled later classes on purpose. She sat up, leaning against the headboard to wake up. She was more than ecstatic when Brittany walked in with a cup of coffee. "Is that for me?" she asked like a little child awaiting a present.

Brittany laughed, shutting the door with her foot before approaching the bed. She sat on Santana's side before holding out the mug for her girlfriend. "Yes it is honey buns," she joked, knowing Santana hated cheesy pet names like that.

But Santana was too distracted by the offering to notice. She took the mug and winked at Brittany before taking a big gulp. "Mmm that's so good," she complimented, loving how Brittany always made her coffee just right.

Brittany smiled while leaning back on Santana. Santana wrapped one arm around Brittany's front while using the other hand to take sips of her morning brew. "You ready to finish up the room babe?" Santana asked, laughing a little at the mess in front of them. Boxes were literally piled to the ceiling and the floor was covered with clothes that hadn't hung up or put away in dressers.

Brittany rolled her eyes at the thought. "Don't remind me. I wish I could close my eyes, open them, and everything would be in place. Too bad we couldn't bring Tubs. He's a great organizer. He helped my mom with the pantry once," she said rubbing her head back and forth on Santana, trying to find a comfortable spot for her head to rest.

Santana smiled knowing that's what Mrs. Pierce had told Brittany. Her girlfriend took things too literal sometimes. What really had happened was Lord Tubbington was scouting for food in the pantry closet and his weight took down a whole self therefore making Mrs. Pierce have to reorganize it.

"Britt did you wake San," Quinn interrupted as she made her way into their room without knocking. She's walked in on them in weird situations plenty of times to be embarrassed now.

Santana tilted her head towards Quinn. "Q why do you have flour all over you?" she said too tired to even laugh.

Quinn stood in front of her friends covered in pancake batter. "It's pancake batter. Puck decided to be cute," she said sarcastically. "So I withheld sex from him for a week so now he's in the kitchen cleaning," she laughed.

Santana smiled. "That's harsh. Are there any pancakes left?" she asked, dodging a slap from Brittany as her stomach began to grumble. "What?" she asked her girlfriend.

Quinn sighed. "They're on the counter. I'm going in the shower," she said leaving a trail of powder on her way out.

Brittany laughed before getting up from the bed. "San there's a gym up the street that I'm gonna join tomorrow. It's where all the dancers train and stuff so I get a free membership with the school," Brittany said and began twirling around the messy room.

Santana chuckled at her energy, placing her coffee cup on the nightstand. "Maybe I'll join with you. Now that I don't have the cheerios, I'm gonna get out of shape," she said while getting out of bed.

Brittany stopped mid twirl. "Santana you're gorgeous. But if you wanna join, go for it. We can go together in the mornings or something," Brittany suggested, secretly loving the idea because she was sort of afraid to go on her own.

Santana smiled. "Come on, I need a shower before we start," she said, gesturing for Brittany to follow her into their bathroom.

"I already showered," Brittany said, not picking up on Santana's intentions.

Santana smiled. "I know," she said, raising her finger to beckon Brittany forward.

Brittany smiled. "I guess I can use another one," she laughed, slapping Santana on the bottom as she followed her into the bathroom.