A/N: I know I said I wouldn't do this, but I have found myself unable to live without doing it. This is the story of the Fallen Hero. I do not know how long this will be, though it is unlikely to be very long.

The Legend of Zelda: Hero Rising

"Ho, men survey the area, find any survivors," the patrol captain yelled.

The train of wagons was a complete mess. Supplies and items strewn and destroyed. Corpses half rotted in the heat of Hyrule's sun. The bodies of women and children piled in heaps, while the men were torn apart.

One of the soldiers retched up his stomach contents upon seeing the sight, "Sir," he said between gasps, "what could be capable of this?"

The captain shook his head. Every one of the men he had under his command were recruits, barely out of training. None of them had ever seen the blood and gore that the evils of the world could produce.

"I do not know. It may have been some raiders. Maybe even Gerudo, they have been known to come this far into hyrule."

The wail of an infant snapped the captain's head towards one of the middle wagons. Walking his horse alongside it he saw a small bolt of fabric covering a small shape. Removing the cloth he saw the child. Gathering it in his arms he hushed it.

"Are there any survivors?"

One of the men came up to the officer and shook his head, "No sir, that child is the only living thing besides us. I don't understand how he was missed though. Infants cry a good deal."

Nodding the Captain motioned to the men to gather up, "We will be returning to Castle Town now. Mark the area down on a map and we will send a detail out to gather the dead for burial."

"No survivors except for this infant boy?"

"No, my lord," The captain informed the King.

The King looked at the young form his wife held in her arms. He did not understand why all others had been slaughtered, yet this child had escaped the same fate. The only explanation was that he was marked by the Goddesses for a great purpose.

"I thank you for making this report in person, so many of my officers find it easier on themselves to write a report out. However they usually forget to write down an important point, and I rather dislike reading all of them. You are dismissed."

After the captain had left the King turned to his wife, "He is so young and innocent, it does not seem fair for him to start in the world an orphan."

"No, it does not. What shall we do with him," she asked.

"I don't know. The orphanages will not take him this young, and it is doubtful that we could find a wet nurse to take him."

The Queen suddenly brightened, "We could keep him, Zelda was born but three days ago, and I am fully capable of nursing two children."

The King felt that it would be the proper course of action. The boy had survived against overwhelming odds by what could only be the grace of the Golden Goddesses. He nodded his agreement. A shrill cry echoed throughout the hall signifying that their own child needed attention.

"This shall be something to see as time goes on. You do know he will never have claim to royal blood. The most he could hope foris a high military position," The king informed his wife as they walked towards their daughter's nursery.

"I know, but he deserves the best to make up for this tragedy."

"Aye, that he does."