A/N: I had a review asking me to clarify the Link involved. I stick with the child time-line. Wind Waker never occurred. The only reason the Wind Waker Link exists in my world is that I envision the Afterlife of Hero's (A.K.A. The Hall of Hero's) as being beyond dimension. This goes through with Twilight Princess.

The Legend of Zelda: Hero Rising

The boy crept silently along the shadowy wall. No person noticed him because they did not expect anyone to be there. He was one with the dark.

When the wall would sprout a torch he would stop just outside its sphere of light and check the progress of anyone moving through the corridor. He would then become a gray blur as he sped across to the other side and its concealing shadows.

He knew these hallways and passages better than any guard, than even the Sheikah of ages past had. There were so many secret ways to the persons destination that there was no way that he could be trapped. He was truly untouchable in this place.

Soon his goal came into view. The Grand Library. Though a book was not his intended target. Quietly he peeked around the half opened door. He took note of the shadows and he slunk in, no-one the wiser.

It did not take him long to locate the young girl he was stalking this day. She commonly came here and sat at the same table to study.

Lightly jumping between the bookcases he made it to the top of the one that was next to her table. Slinking to a position from which he could launch himself and land right behind her he stopped to observe everyone else in the large room. Satisfied that there was nobody that could reveal his presence he gathered himself for a strong leap.

"Link would you look at the shelf below you and bring me the volume relating to the Third Labrynnian Incursion. I need it to finish this paper," The girl asked calmly.

Grabbing the book Link leapt gracefully from his position thirty feet above the marble floor, his soft leather boots making no sound as he landed.

"How did you know I was up there, Zelda. I have restrained myself for weeks, and yet I still cannot catch you offguard," Link complained as he handed the rather heafty volume over to his adopted sister.

She giggled lightly and looked at him kindly, "Blame the Triforce of Wisdom. It has allowed me to understand almost everyone in the castle."

Grumbling something about her being no fun he walked away, intent on pestering one of the guard captains into helping him with his sword forms. Zelda quietly smirked as she thought, 'You could have also noticed that the table held your reflection.'

The King watched his adopted son on the practice grounds. Despite him not having any claim to royal lineage, many of the nobles favored him for ascension to the throne over the Princess. While it had always relieved him to think that the young boy was well liked by all, he had always dreaded telling him what he planned to tell him know.

"Link, would you come here for a moment," he called as the boy finished a really good overhand swing.

Confidently striding over the thirteen year old boy was all smiles. Rarely was he seen in a sour mood, except when busted by someone as he stalked his sister. His cerulean eyes showed a spark of curiosity as to why his training had been interrupted.

"Is something wrong father," Link asked, slightly out of breath.

"No, nothing wrong," the King steeled himself, " It is time I tell you something. How you came to be my son."

"Your family was part of a merchant caravan coming up from Martal loaded with cloth, silk, and some metal work when it was ambushed by an unknown force. Captain Koenig found you among the wares of a cloth merchants wagon, the only survivor. Koenig brought you before me himself when he gave me his report. Your mother, the Queen, decided that you should become our adopted son because of this tragedy. I thought it was time you knew."

Link looked at the man who had raised him, "That was the past, I know that you are not my birth parents, but you are the ones that raised me. I could not ask for anymore than I have already. I have two parents who love me unconditionally and a sister that defies logic."

The King was stunned by the words that came from the young boy. For thirteen years he had accepted the life he had been given. He never acted selfish, he was never spoiled, his only problem was his mischievous streak that had lead him to stalk everyone in the castle and never get caught except by Zelda. He could understand why he would have no feeling of loss when he was not even old enough to have developed memories of the time. But he half expected the child to give some sign of grief for the family he had never known.

"A double edged sword is like life, it can hurt and it can help. I may have misjudged your resolve Link," the King said with a note of pride in his voice. Standing he left the courtyard to his adopted... no, his son.

Link watched the man leave. As the King left his sight the tears slowly crept from his eyes. Thirteen years of never truly knowing what had happened to his birth parents came to the fore. He had never cried much, not even as an infant. Many had thought him a mute.

"Sweet Nayru, only you know the reason you took them from me, I only wish that you had given me some time with them."

Unknown to him Nayru was listening to his words.

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