Chapter 2

Training Sessions

Cato's POV

We arrived in the capitol, did our tribute parade, and now we're getting ready for training.

Clove and I think we did great, until we saw the District 12 tributes.

They were on fire, and we were super jealous.

Now it's our time to shine.

We will show everyone how menacing the District 2 tributes really are.

"You ready for training Clove?" I said.

She gave me a smirk, "Yes we will show everyone what District 2 is made of."

"That's exactly what I was thinking." I said.

We took the elevator down to the training center and we were the first ones to arrive.

Then district 1 came down.

They saw us and waved at us.

They introduced themselves.

"My name is Marvel, nice to meet you."

He is a tall, muscular, fit boy.

"I'm Glimmer", she said in a sweet seductive tone.

She has blonde hair, she's beautiful, and she is pretty strong and fit.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Cato and this is Clove."

"Nice to meet you to", they said.

Finally everyone had arrived.

The Women Atala was done speaking and we could go train.

I went to the sword station and started stabbing, slashing, shanking, and skewering the dummies.

Clove POV

I went to the knife throwing section.

I grabbed some knives that looked similar to the ones back home.

I threw five of them all hitting the dummies straight in its heart.

I looked around and saw everyone's eyes trained on me.

I smirked, pressed the button that cause the dummies to move.

I threw ten knives all hitting them in the perfect dead center of the bull's eye.

I finished the knife throwing session.

I bet everyone's thinking "Keep that girl away from throwing knives."

I was observing what could be my future allies.

The two from District 4 are good with tridents.

Marvel is really good at spear throwing so he will be in mind.

Glimmer… she is an all rounder.

She goes to the bows, knives, axes, spears, swords just to flirt with Cato.

I don't like her; I can tell she likes Cato though.

"Cato come and look at me shoot" says Glimmer.

"Ok?" says Cato.

She shoots and hits the third circle with the arrow.

Not that impressive.

"Did you see that? Look how good I am."

"Yah, you're great."

Cato was being sarcastic and she was totally oblivious to it.

She's the first I kill once our career alliance is over.

"Cato, come over here" I said.

"Ok I'm coming" said Cato.

"Me too" said glimmer.

"No it's alright I need to train with him alone." I said

She walked away looking sad.

"Why didn't you let her train with us?" said Cato.

"I don't know, I just don't like her."

"Jealous" he said with a smug grin.

"Haha no I'm not, she's just such a flirt."

"What?" he said confused.

"She's been flirting with you nonstop since she met you."

"Really? I haven't noticed."

"Wow! Let's just train, ill show you how to throw a knife."

"I'll show you how to use the sword." He said kindly.

"Really? That's nice of you."

Cato wasn't really good at knife throwing but I still encouraged him to keep trying.

"Man knife throwing is hard; I don't know how you're so good at it."

"It just takes practice Cato."

Cato's POV

"I guess so since you're so good at it", I say sweetly.

She blushed.

"Thanks, now let's get this sword session started."


We walked to the sword session area and I taught her how to properly hold the sword and were to hit to make a critical hit.

"Wow you're such a good teacher, no wonder you're so good at this." She said.

I feel as if were connecting more then we have in the years I've know her.

My heart is beating so fast.

"Thank you Clove, let's go back up its almost time for dinner."

"Ok lets go."