Authors Note : This story was initially going to be 'Faery Tale' and deal with Kenzi's 'Norn' issue - however - as we began writing it, Kenzi wanted her story written a different way - being the sole focus and not sharing the limelight - which she would have in this one! and so 'Faery Tale' is story 3 in the series. Let it be said though Kenzi's voice in this one is not to be ignored! That's a spoiler folks!

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Pairings: Bo/Lauren Set directly after our story "Faethful"

Rating: M (Contains scenes of violence, sexuality and nudity)

Faeral: Part One

The Rainbowwriters

With more confusion than anything, Bo rolled over from her stomach and moved up to sit cross legged on the bed. She had been feeling as relaxed as the red leggings and loose black t-shirt she was wearing with her hair tied back in a lazy single braid but that was changing as she watched Lauren. The blonde had already made three passes from one side of the room to the other within the last few moments, and from what Bo could appraise she was making a pile of her clothes on the top of the side dresser. Slowly deconstructing the sprawl of her belongings through the room.

"What are you doing?" Bo enquired finally confused as to what was going on. She had grown accustomed to the bedroom being theirs; a constant intermingling of clothes, objects and of course bodies in the intimate area.

The days after the Garuda had passed mostly with the world flowing them by. The three of them had been happy just ordering in their favourite foods, watching movies and an entire three seasons of an off beat comedy Kenzi had stolen from online, fulfilled in the fact they had stopped the end of the world.

"It's been an amazing few days Bo." Lauren paused on her way back to try and pluck a button down that for some reason was hanging from the top of one of the bed post. "But I think it's probably time I went home." She gave the succubus a soft smile as she managed to free her shirt and began folding it up.

"Home?" Bo felt a slight sting from the word. "But I thought..." She slid her body over to move her legs off the bed. "I thought you'd be staying here."

"I have been staying here Bo." Lauren pointed out the truth. "But this is your home, yours and Kenzi's, and I think that Kenzi for one is getting a little tired of my company." She moved over to the succubus and put her hand lightly on her cheek before leaning in and kissing her briefly on the lips. "You get your room back." She moved away to put the shirt on the pile. "No one messing with your mess, isn't that what Kenzi called it?"

"Yes, but I didn't mind you messing with my mess, I was enjoying you messing with my mess." Bo was up to follow Lauren across the room. "Is this really about Kenzi because I will go talk to her? Or is this about you needing your space? That say... has walls." She frowned softly.

"Bo..." Lauren frowned at Bo's reaction. "Where as I may never have chosen somewhere like this myself, I love this place." She underlined gently. "But I have a condo, that I should go back to." She took a breath that was harder to manage than she had expected it to be. "And the longer I stay away from it, the harder it is going to be to go back to it." She admitted the simple fact. "And I have things to do Bo." She added the reminder. "It's been nice to not do things, but, I have your test results to add to your file, and tests to do on the blood samples I've been taking from you." She began to list the tasks she did have to do.

Bo looked at Lauren for a long silent moment. Trying to pull apart her response to all of this, having had no chance or idea of preparing ahead of time.

"Can I sleep over at your house tonight?" The question was asked very softly, as Bo tried to understand what it was Lauren needed at this moment. The doctor did thrive on order and there was little of that at the clubhouse.

"I think maybe no." Lauren didn't know where she found the strength to even say the words, she knew that she didn't want to be saying them, it was just that she felt like she should be. After all she really didn't know how it was going to be just going back to her apartment, and she needed to do it her way, not with Bo there to soften the blow.

"No?" Bo could hardly believe the word and she just looked at Lauren clearly shocked and disappointed. "Oh." The small noise escaped her lips.

"Bo, it's not that I don't want you." Lauren breathed out and looked at the brunette breathing slowly as she kept her eyes on the succubus. "I do." She tried to explain but knew that she wasn't doing a very good job as she hadn't even verbalized the issues. "I have to face things alone Bo, because you won't be there all the time." She tried to make it a little clearer. Instead of making things clearer from Bo's face it apparently made things worse. "You know obviously I'm not making any sense." She pushed her hand up through her hair. "How about I just go do what I need to do and call you later about coming back when I'm done? After all I am running out of your things that I can wear." She smiled at the succubus.

"You promise you'll call later?" Bo asked the question knowing how desperate it sounded but she wanted to be sure she understood what she could from what Lauren was saying. After all, she wasn't stupid, she knew there was a lot of things the blonde had to deal with. Both psychological and literal. The truth was she thought that no matter how fragile it may have been, Lauren and her had created a barrier of 'us' around themselves and now that it was breaking she felt derailed.

It wasn't that Bo didn't understand that they would have to spend time apart, but Bo still felt selfish since she'd saved the world and didn't see why her extended Lauren vacation had to end already.

"Yes, and if I haven't called by ten, call me." Lauren offered the back up plan. "You know how carried away I can get with a microscope and a to do list."

Bo gave a soft nod as she crossed back over to the bed, picking up her dragon kimono from near the pillow and carried it back adding it to Lauren's pile.

"One minute after ten." Bo smiled at her, hoping that she was reading the other woman the right way and not making a mistake by not pushing her to stay.

"My new lab coat?" Lauren immediately reached out and rubbed her fingers over the silk of the kimono.

"Exactly." Bo nodded and reached out to put her hand over Lauren's. "I don't want you to go, but I know... you have to deal with certain things your way. I want to support you in any way I can."

"Thank you." Lauren breathed out softly, pleased that the Succubus was at least trying to understand.

"Let me get you my duffel bag for you." Bo said she was doing one thing, but she did the exact opposite as she moved closer to the blonde and kissed her with all the love she felt. If there was one thing she had promised herself since the Garuda, she wasn't going to hide her feelings for the blonde anymore.


Since Lauren had left to get back to normal life, Bo had felt like her life was anything but. To be honest it had only been a few hours, but since they'd been so focused on the Garuda, they didn't have any other cases on the go. Which meant Kenzi and her were experiencing one of the great hallmarks of being your own boss; when there's no work you had time on your hands.

"Has no one done a dish since the apocalypse started?" Bo groaned having started the chore a half hour before, but despite all that time it barely looked like the large pile of assorted 'stolen' restaurant dishes had gotten any smaller.

"You and the good doctor have been using all the hot water for other things." Kenzi teased as she balanced four glasses that she had carried down from her room, on the top of the dishes pile. "I threw all the empty take out containers in the trash when I found a furry friend in one earlier." She gave Bo a bright smile.

"We have roommates of the furry variety? No wonder she went back to her condo." Bo grumbled as she tried to scrub some dried melted cheese off a plate, giving up she let it fall back into the water to soak with a large splash.

"No, frosted flakes now come with tiny raisins and ventilation holes in the bottom of the boxes." Kenzi walked over and held up the cereal box with four noticeable nibble holes. "We should go out and steal a cat." She put the box down again. "Fill the house with pussies."

"Kenzi." Bo shot her a warning glance pulling off one of the pink gloves she was wearing. "Did you hear me? Lauren went back to her condo, to stay." She stared at her best friend.

"You broke up already?" Kenzi did a double take. "Wow Bo-Bo, what did you do?" She leaned back against the work surface. "Wait, were you even dating?"

"Yes, we were and are dating." Bo reached and filled her fingers with bubbles before she flicked them at Kenzi. "I think she needs to deal more with Lauren specific things." She gave a gentle sigh. "Which I get... but... it sucks, I liked having her here."

"Well that make one of us." Kenzi rolled her eyes and rubbed the soap bubbles off her sleeve as she turned and moved off towards the fridge. "Serious babe, ease off a little, you saved the world, you love her, it's all good, but brace yourself, it's fall out time." She pulled open the glass fronted monstrosity they called a fridge and grabbed the orange juice. "In this huge adventure you turned her girlfriend into a kebab." She stopped as she spat out a mouthful of juice. "I have no idea why I said that." She held her one hand up in surrendered apology.

"Kenzi, it's okay I know what you mean." Bo gave her a soft nod. "Though never say that again." She frowned at her best friend. "Lauren has a lot to deal with for the long term, Nadia is gone and that has huge fallout for her."

"That's what I meant." Kenzi nodded still trying to figure out how her self editing had failed so badly. "So she's gone? As in it's just you and me again in our little crack shack?"

"Yep, just the terrible twosome." Bo managed to smile at her. "What do you want to do?"

"Well you have 34 missed calls, did you not wonder why you cell phone had been miraculously silent?" Kenzi moved towards the coffee table where her own cell phone was.

"Thirty four calls?" Bo looked at her in disbelief. "Anything good?"

"Lots from 'friends' you made at the Dal, trying to get you to make private appointments to share battle stories." Kenzi sniggered at the idea. "Four from Dyson, I called him back, nothing big. The Trickster called you left a sweet message, didn't call him back. And there were a couple of possible cases." She gave the run down. "But nothing that warranted pulling you out of bed."

"Then I'd say we're in line for a trip to the Dal." Bo nodded after her best friend's run down, completely intending on deserting the dishes.


The Dal was back to its bustling nature, the calm after the big fight made even more peaceful by the sword that was now proudly displayed at the back of the bar on its own stand. A new and constant remind to all Fae of the danger that had been breathing down their neck but subsequently had been stopped by the unaligned succubus and her team of heroes.

This fact had made an obvious hush come over the whole bar when Bo and Kenzi had come in. A few fae even pointed and some just stared, as the duo moved to the bar and Trick quickly moved to pour them both a drink.

"Is it likely they'll want autographs?" Bo made the joke to Trick with a slight worry creasing her brow.

"You are some what of the talk of the town as it were." Trick smiled softly as he leaned against the bar.

"I didn't know everyone was really this talkie." Bo glanced back again though most of the patrons had returned to their own business. "I like the new ornament." She smiled at the sword.

"You do?" Trick smiled as his eyes looked up to it. "I didn't know if you wanted to take it home." He added. "Until you made a decision I thought I would take care of it for you."

"Oh come on Trick, we've both seen the museum you have back there, you'll be looking after this puppy for a while." Kenzi laughed, noting to herself that only the bartender could have a mahogany mount made for it in mere days. "But I could get used to this superstar status, I might never have to pay for a drink again."

"Have you ever paid for a drink?" The barkeep teased back chuckling. "So what can I do for you both, I have to say you are looking well rested." He added. "Have you been enjoying some down time?"

"I think everyone has." Bo nodded. "I hope you took some time for you."

"I do have a bar to run." Trick reasoned with a smile. "But there has been less need for constant monitoring and plotting our defence."

"Finally." From behind the new arrivals Dyson's voice spoke brightly as the tall wolf took long strides towards them from the entrance.

"You've been looking for us?" Bo rotated on her stool to watch him approach.

"For a day or so, but I got a not so subtle warning to stay away yesterday." He looked at Kenzi with a smile, who shrugged innocently in return.

"Well we're back on track, so what's up?" Bo questioned wondering if there was a new case on the horizon.

"Actually a few things, which need some talking about." Dyson lowered his voice a little. "Some of which because of who and what you are don't actually affect you, but because of who you are totally do." He somewhat confusingly answered her question.

"And if that was English I need another drink." Kenzi tipped her head looking at him.

"Really Dyson, who what?" Bo backed her appraisal up.

"Trick, can we?" Dyson nodded his eyes towards the back room and received a quick nod from the Blood King. "Bo, Kenzi." He encouraged them. "Bring your drinks."

Bo exchanged a look with Kenzi, before they both picked up their drinks and followed the wolf to the private area.

"So, what exactly is going on?" Bo questioned him as soon as they were in Trick's alcove.

"The light have chosen a new Ash." Dyson revealed his important 'news'.

"What? There was one of those hunt down a criminal things and we missed it?" Kenzi put forward sarcastically.

"Who?" Bo felt her stomach tighten at the idea. Of course she'd known someone would have to take the position that Lachlan had vacated, there was no way it was just going to remain open, but that the world was rolling on was proven to her in this moment.

"To answer your question Kenzi, no you didn't miss a hunt, the Ash was chosen for merit, not his participation and winning the hunt." Dyson clarified. "And to answer your question." He looked at Bo. "Hale." He said with a smile.

"Hale?" Bo looked at the wolf with complete surprise. "As in the siren Hale?" Her face began to slip into a broad smile.

"Score." Kenzi grinned brightly. "That's fricking awesome."

"He's a little less enthusiastic than you." Dyson admitted the reality of the situation. "I have something for you." He added reaching into his jacket he pulled out two white envelopes with gold embellishments; he passed one to Bo and the other to Kenzi.

Bo didn't ask what it was, she just looked at the very formal gold lettering of her name on the front before she broke the gold seal, taking out and looking over the very ornate invitation.

"We're invited to a party." She looked at Kenzi who was also opening hers and smiled. "Wow, Hale is the Ash."

"He is." Dyson confirmed the fact. "Though it's William Haley Francois Santiago now, or The Ash." He pointed out specifically to Kenzi.

"I'm not revising any of my Ash-hole jokes." Kenzi put forward instantly.

"Is there anything else he needs but for us to show up and look good?" Bo questioned still smiling at the idea that the intelligent and sensitive fae was now the man in charge of the light fae. In her mind he was as good a choice as any, but she did hope the position wouldn't change the Siren that she had come to love and trust.

"Actually Bo, he asked if you could fit in a visit before the coronation he would appreciate it, and Kenzi..." Dyson looked at the younger woman. "The invitation doesn't mention it specifically because he didn't want you to feel that you couldn't go if you didn't agree, but The Ash would be honoured if you would be his guest of honour for the evening." The wolf smiled as he told the woman the specific instructions Hale had asked of him.

"He's trying to make up for the last time I was his guest of honour." Kenzi grinned and tapped the card to her cheek. "I guess I can manage, does it mean I get a dress bought by the Ash?"

"There will be fittings arranged for you at the compound should you agree." Dyson nodded with a soft shake of his head, he had assured Hale that Kenzi would accept the chance to be the belle of the ball.

"I have friends in high places." Kenzi sang as she began to swig her beer.

"And what else does the new Ash have you doing?" Bo questioned.

"I have to deliver invitations to some other distinguished guests and I also have to visit Lauren." Dyson ran though his itinerary.

"Lauren? What does Hale want with Lauren?" Bo's body instantly went taut with worry. After all if Hale was an Ash now... well that was something she would have to deal with a soon as possible.

"Bo that's between The Ash and the doctor." His voice dropped a little.

"What has he said to you about her?" Bo challenged softly, knowing her next stop was the new Ash to discuss this with him directly.

"Nothing, he just asked me to deliver her invitation and to give her a formal letter, which she must sign for." Dyson took a slight breath and eased his hand under Bo's arm leading her a little away from Kenzi. "You cannot expect Hale to be the same Siren that he was before towards you Bo. He is the Ash now the leader of the Light fae, you are the unaligned." He said needlessly. "I don't have to point out the clash of interests there."

"You mean Lauren being treated like a slave." Bo pointed out directly.

"No." Dyson hissed in a whisper. "If you must know the letter gives Lauren a chance at precisely the opposite."

"What do you mean?" Bo leaned closer to him.

"Hale has plans to instigate a full investigation into Lauren's history and treatment over the last five years." Dyson began to explain. "In it he intends to examine all of the original documents of her exposure to and pact with the Light Fae, including all of the original Ash's journals and Lachlan's most recent handling of her." The wolf continued. "Which he explains to her in this letter." For the first time he pulled out a thick dark blue envelope from his jacket. Unlike the other ones, this was sealed with a more personal seal, that was obviously Hale's own. "In it he also advises her to leave."

"Advises her to leave?" All of Bo's features frowned at him. "What just pack a bag and run away before he does this examination?"

"If he can't prove mistreatment or indiscretion Bo, she will become his slave." Dyson breathed out. "You know Hale could not stand that."

"And going with this troll logic, she runs and becomes a fugitive?" Bo narrowed her eyes. "Give me the letters, I'm going to talk to our new Ash. Our interests may clash way before anyone thought they would." She held out her hand.

"You know I'm not going to do that." Dyson quickly put the letter back in his jacket. "And don't go to the compound, Hale isn't there, he is with his family."

Bo stared at him for a moment before she looked at Kenzi, the younger woman instantly cluing into the unspoken instruction. Kenzi chugged the rest of her beer as she headed out the door with her best friend in the lead.