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Faeral: Part Twenty-Two

By: The Rainbowwriters.

Sleep had been something that didn't seem to want to arrive in the master bedroom of the clubhouse. Bo had gone through two meditations; neither of which had done anything to help her. The only saving grace she had was that Lauren at least had drifted off, cuddled against her though Bo knew her own state of uneasiness had made their position on the bed less relaxed then usual.

One saving grace was that in her time between meditation attempts, Bo had mapped out a half dozen weapons that were in the room. It wasn't that she believed that Hale wouldn't do 'everything' now to keep the wolf from escaping again, including she guess a boatload more of sedation. Or that she didn't have faith in Lauren's diagnosis and that things were on their way to being okay again for the wolf, for everyone. It was just that she couldn't clear the intense feeling of panic she had experienced, looking out the doorway at the Dal to realize in a heartbeat she'd gone from being in control to chaos.

She could only guess how Lauren was feeling, without the internal backup of the blue banshee to rely on herself. Yes, Bo believed that Lauren believed she would never let anything happen to her. But this education on the realities of 'safety', taught by one of the most dangerous creatures in the county, had made her more aware than she'd ever been of how precious Lauren was and how she could never bare to let anything happen to her again.

It was almost surreal for her to remind herself of how the Garuda had in fact ended Lauren's life, and it was only through the intervention of the Blood King that she lived again. All of that again in jeopardy, from a source she had been forced, like a cold shower, to not only accept but to deliver the ass kicking of the wolf's life in the hopes to stop it.

As Bo lay there the body against her tensed and literally Bo noticed, chilled slightly. The blonde's breathing speeding up, her head twitching against Bo's side.

"Lauren, Lauren." Bo used a soft but loud enough voice and one soft shake to the arm she had around the blonde's body to ensure whatever 'bad' dream that was starting ended quickly.

The blonde made a soft noise of comfort and seemed to relax only to moments later jump awake, her whole body shifting against Bo's.

"Oh Bo, sorry." Lauren apologized softly, thinking that she had woken the succubus up.

"I was awake, you seemed upset." Bo shook her head, her voice soft not wanting to break the silence of the house. "Bad dream?" She left the avenue open to talk or not talk.

"My subconscious trying to purge itself." Lauren nodded as she shifted away from Bo sitting up. "You should be sleeping." She added turning to look at Bo with a frown.

"Does your subconscious have bulimia?" Bo quirked an eyebrow, a soft smile accompanying the look. "I sometimes have trouble sleeping, it's okay you can go back to sleep."

"Actually I think I need a drink." The blonde eased out of the bed. "Can I get you something?"

"I can get it for you." Bo slipped off the bed to shadow her. "Do you want some toast too?"

"Bo really it's fine, after all the energy you exerted today you need to rest more than I do." Lauren put her hands up to stop Bo from following her.

"Actually you experienced a head injury..." Bo hated to point it out but if Lauren wanted this to be a battle of logical facts she had the ace up her sleeve for once. "So you shouldn't be getting up." She reminded her. "What can I get you?"

"Hanging out with a doctor is bad for you." Lauren turned around and moved to where Bo was standing. "I think there is a saying about a little knowledge being a bad thing." She stopped just in front of the brunette and looked at her with a soft smile, the frown behind it obvious though. The blonde reached out and tucked dark hair behind Bo's ear. "Why can't you sleep?" She asked, her voice soft.

"Because I'm anxious." Bo decided that the only real choice she had right now was to be honest, especially if she expected to get any insight into her lover's state of mind. "And despite what you just said being true, I feel overcharged not tired."

"We still don't know what effect events like yesterday have on you." Lauren felt herself slipping into 'doctor' mode. Instantly wanting to understand everything that was going on with her lover, in order to be prepared to help her.

"It scared the hell out of me, when I realized Dyson was attacking again." Bo tried immediately to push past the 'doctor' obvious. "I thought he was going to hurt you and I was losing my mind, I almost tried to go right through the wall."

"Did you hurt yourself? Bo, did you?" Lauren frowned hard realizing that she hadn't really checked earlier in the shower, that had been more of a moment of emotional connection.

"I'm fine, I didn't hurt myself... I just..." Bo shook here head, her tongue slipping out to lick over her lips as the tried to figure out how to express what she was feeling. "I know all of this has been a nightmare, especially for you, I just want you to know its okay to be freaked out right now."

"It has been..." Lauren swallowed and stopped as something crossed her mind that made her shiver. "Bo are we talking about me right now or is it you that's freaked out?" She frowned and looked away from the brunette. "About what happened tonight? About what you did?"

"Yes, but no, I want to talk about you." Bo tried to make her confused thoughts make sense. "To make sure that you know I did what I did to prove to him what I could do, not to accept some pack order he was imposing on us. I look at you as my equal Lauren."

"But you blame me for having to do it?" Lauren concentrated on the one thing she could, her breathing trying to make it even.

"Blame you? No... no... No." Bo had been so blindsided by the idea her expression of her disagreement was slow but grew in conviction. "I blame Dyson for what I had to do, I blame him for not accepting that my choices, are my choices. I blame the damn fact he's a wolf, for all the craziness it's brought into this. I don't blame you Lauren, I don't blame you for any of it, I just... I know you must blame me, and it is my fault. I brought all of this on you by having a crazy wolf ex boyfriend."

"Didn't we clear that one up in the shower?" Lauren asked her frown turning into a softer smile.

"We did, but you have to believe I don't blame you for any of this." Bo stepped closer to her putting her hand out to rest on Lauren's arm. "Which is why I want you to know that I don't want you working on Dyson's case while this is sorted out."

"You don't?" Lauren blinked a soft sigh that Bo could have sworn was relief, eased from her lover's lips.

"I don't, I already talked to Hale about it and he agrees." Bo remembered how Kenzi had spelled out this should be one of those 'couple' things that just was accepted. After all telling your lover she couldn't work on a fae's case who had been hunting her down shouldn't be a negative.

"But..." The blonde began as a list of very 'professional' objections began to form in her mind. However they got a swift shut down when the very human and very fragile side of her won out. She looked at Bo and blinked slowly. "Thank you." She said the words as the smile pulled a little more at her lips.

"You're welcome." Bo answered simply. "Do you want to get a drink and talk about what happened tonight?" She made the 'grown up' offer for her. "I mean... talk about it without blame and without all the stuff we've already sorted."

"I don't know." Lauren shook her head and reached out to take one of Bo's hands. "A part of me wants to, a part of me says I probably should, probably need to." She rolled her eyes at the so typically clinical appraisal of the situation. "But then I look at you and I feel your hand in mine..." She glanced down at where their bodies connected. "And I want to focus on us and not the bad." She admitted with a soft eye roll. "Who'd have guessed escapism was something I looked too."

"Escapism is sometimes way more valuable then people give it credit for." Bo breathed out and slid closer to her, now completely inside Lauren's most personal area of space. "And if both people know that everything they are escaping is there but not something that can change right now, doesn't that just make it damage control?"

Lauren chuckled softly moving her free hand to rub lightly over Bo's arm.

"Is this when I admit I want to touch you, kiss every inch of you to make sure it's okay?" Bo smiled back at her, feeling the edge come off the internal upheaval she was feeling.

"I have a few bruises." Lauren's smile turned a little goofy and then dissipated slightly a frown creasing at the very bridge of her nose. "Bo I want you to touch me, I do..." She bit the edge of her lip. "I just don't know if..." She suddenly pulled her hand off Bo's arm and pushed it through her hair. "This is stupid I'm sorry." She released Bo's hand with her other hand and fluffed with the tank top she'd put on for bed.

"It's not stupid and it's okay." Bo's voice was tender. "A lot has happened, a lot more could have happened." She hated having to stress that but it was true. "Nothing that you're feeling is stupid."

"I need that drink." The blonde took a step back and turned her head away from the succubus.

Bo for the moment had to concede that she wasn't sure how to proceed, so instead of arguing she just led Lauren downstairs to the kitchen. Bending down she reached to the back area of one of the lower cabinets and brought up a very old looking bottle of whiskey.

"Trick left this here at my birthday party, if anytime deserves the good stuff it's tonight." Bo admitted moving to get two glasses for them. She even made sure to put two ice cubes in Lauren's while leaving hers dry. She poured them both a generous shot and drank hers in one go, smiling at the blonde with the bottle in her hand ready to pour a second one.

"I'd been going for milk..." Lauren looked at the glass as she picked it up, before sipping it with a smile. "But thank you." She added easing herself up onto a stool at the island watching as Bo poured herself a second and then moved around to sit next to her, putting the bottle down between them. "You know having a grandfather who owns a way station could be bad for Kenzi's health." She made the comment with an increasing smile as she let the whiskey in her glass chase the ice cubes around for a long moment before taking another sip.

"When we get you your new unaligned hospital, I hope you'll consider making one of your side projects finding a suitable fae liver transplant for her." Bo let the light banter replace the seriousness of their words upstairs.

"I'd be worried that she'd work through a fae liver just as fast." Lauren teased softly relaxing more and more in the soft comfort that came so easily between them.

"The only reason she hasn't tried every fae drug on the market is that I warned her they were all lethal to humans, facts from you, so please don't contradict me." Bo chuckled draining her second glass.

"Most of them are." Lauren backed up Bo's uneducated threat. "And I wouldn't recommend any that aren't." She added honestly thinking of the short list of 'nonlethal' but damaging drugs. "I shudder to think what that girl has done to her body." The blonde admitted shaking her head. "You're very good for her." She reached out and patted Bo's knee.

"Nah, Kenzi's good for me." Bo admitted what she truly believed. "Did I ever tell you how when we first met, she wrote are you an alien are you a demon with check boxes on a napkin to try to ask me what I was?"

"I hope you kept the napkin." Lauren smiled brightly. "When she's old and grey you can show it to her grandchildren, whilst frisking them to see if they've stolen any loose change or your wallet."

"Kenzi with kids?" Bo had to shake her head and laugh. "I think we'll have to get her to grow up first."

"Then I guess it's back to training rat like underfae." Lauren sipped her drink seeming to think about the idea for a moment then laughed softly.

"Speaking of which..." Bo did laugh with her at the comment, after all Kenzi probably already had a list of names for her rat friends already. "The chicken wire must have worked, we haven't had anymore headless friends."

"Another skill to add to your list." Lauren rubbed her hand in its place on Bo's leg, her psyche being calmed by the contact between them. "I'll make the necessary adjustment to your medical file."

"Do you really have a file on me?" Bo poured herself another drink smirking.

"Of course I do." Lauren laughed as she finished her glass and held it out to Bo so she could pour her another without putting the bottle down. "Bo, the work we've done together is very important to the fae community as a whole. And wow that just made it sound so impersonal and that's not what I meant." The blonde blushed slightly. "What I meant was that Bo, you are amazing, and to not have a file on you would be criminal of me." She tried to encapsulate how important she felt Bo was.

"It's okay, even if the file itself is impersonal, I just... it's weird to think I'm important enough to need a file on." Bo admitted the real reason for her hesitance.

"The file is important, you are vital." Lauren squeezed her hand on Bo's leg, looking into her lover's eyes. "And don't worry it's very impersonal." She gave a secret smile. "My journal on the other hand..." She arched her eyebrow.

"So it's the journals I really want to read then." Bo continued to smile at her truly wondering how Lauren would describe their lovemaking. "I have my undies collection." She admitted with a wink.

"What?" Lauren queried, having been derailed from telling Bo how uncensored her personal journal was because it wasn't for medical purposes.

"You mean you've never noticed a correlation between us having sex and your underwear going missing?" Bo quirked bringing her drink up to her lips to finish the splash she'd put in the glass. "Sneakier than I thought." She poured herself another drink as a reward.

"I don't know whether to make that an entry in the medical or the personal file." Lauren laughed brightly, shaking her head.

"Succubi have a perchance for stealing undies." Bo grinned at her, putting her hand over Lauren's. "One day I even might show you where I hide them."

Lauren looked at the brunette for a moment and shook her head, a bright smile on her face. It was one of those times when it was hard to tell if Bo was telling the truth or just teasing her.

"How did I live without you?" Lauren asked the soft reflective question.

"I had a body count so everyone knows I needed you." Bo winked at her.

"Bo..." Lauren lost her smile for a moment and glanced across at the stairs. "Do you think..." She stopped and then shook her head. "No, it's okay."

"What?" Bo urged her threading their fingers together on her thigh. Right now she would be willing to put together a plan to do just about anything if it meant that it would make the blonde happy.

"Do you think Kenzi would be okay on her own for a few days?" The blonde asked looking across at Bo, blinking slowly.

"Yeah, she loves taking over the place." Bo smiled getting an idea of what Lauren was hinting at immediately. Everything that had been going on, was centred in the city, in the places they normally frequented. "And even though I know Hale is personally watching him, if no one knows where we are we can just chill for a bit." She threw in the added benefit knowing she'd be more relaxed if there was some distance between them and the wolf just until it was known if the fight and the hormones were going to work.

"Kenzi could come if you'd rather..." Something inside Lauren panicked, not wanting Bo to think that she was excluding her best friend or making it seem like the latest crisis hadn't effected her. The doctor wasn't so naive to believe that everyone close to the wolf and Bo hadn't been traumatized by recent events.

"Lauren..." Bo made her stop, bringing up the blonde's hand to kiss her knuckles. "As long as we're not going to Wonderland theme park or something, I can promise she doesn't want to spend a few days ignoring the fact we're not leaving the hotel room." She smiled at the blonde genuinely meaning what she was saying. "But this plan of ours will require a few hours sleep and packing in the morning."

"And no more whiskey." The blonde put down her more or less untouched third glass. "That was a message for you more than me." She teased as she slipped off her stool and leaned towards the succubus and pressed her lips onto her cheek. "I love you Bo." She said softly before pulling back and taking a full deep relaxed breath, only to lean forward and brush their lips together.

"I love you too Lauren, so much." Bo couldn't keep the smile back that crept over her features as she watched the blonde move back towards the staircase. While Bo knew that it would take some time, she felt more confident that they would overcome even this test of faith. After all, the way she scored it: Dyson had been stopped, without having to be bound or killed; Lauren had been saved from Dyson's hormonally imbalanced destructive plans; Bo had gone blue again without the world ending before her; and Kenzi, well she had proven that when it counted as always she had Bo's back and Lauren's for that matter.

Finishing Lauren's drink, Bo took a deep breath and looked around at the clubhouse with a smile, believing with the new plan for the morning they both should be able to finally get some sleep.

"Thanks for the drink grandfather." She said softly to the silence around her as she turned out the light and headed to the stairs.

The end... for now.