Love Came Quick


Logan's heart sped up. It always did when Ororo was near, even if she was going twenty miles per hour above the speed limit. It had been months since he'd had to pull her over and he was surprised that he'd have to today. He was tempted to cross the grassy median in an attempt to pursue the speed demon on the opposite side of the natural barrier. But it rained a day before and he knew his bike would get stuck in the softness of the ground. There was a proper crossover within the next one hundred yards. He threw the switch to flash the bike's blue lights…just long enough for the cars ahead to move to the far lane. If he hurried he would be able to catch the tiny two-seater rocket.

Finally on the other side, the car was almost out of sight, a dot on the horizon. Logan swiftly maneuvered through the evening traffic quickly gaining ground on the object of his pursuit and affection. He was sure she could see him in her rearview mirror but she made no indication that she was going to stop.

Logan cursed under his breath as he once again flipped on the lights in an effort to get the last few cars between them out of his way. "What are you doing, darlin'?" he mumbled.

Once he was behind her Ororo slowed but didn't stop. She took the exit to the hospital. Logan knew immediately there was some kind of emergency and raced to get in front of her. He sounded his siren to clear the traffic and give her a fast clear path to the hospital. Even though Ororo was a bit of a heavy foot she would have stopped if there were nothing wrong. He'd pulled her over a couple of times since they'd begun dating. She loved that car and she loved to drive it…fast.

Only a few minutes later they were pulling into the hospital's breezeway directly in front of a row of double doors. He jumped off his bike and met Ororo as she awkwardly slid out of the low sports car.

"Ro, is everything all right?" He asked. Worry laced his voice.

"My water broke."

Logan's eyes stretched open. The baby wasn't due for another twelve days. He thought he'd well into his time off before the baby would come. 'She's going to be fast like her mother,' Logan mused. 'God help me.'

"Has the contractions started yet?" He asked as he pulled her overnight bag from its lodged position behind the driver's seat.

"They're really far apart and infrequent," she said as she hobbled her way to the automatic doors.

He slammed the car door. "Why didn't you call me?" He asked more than annoyed.

"You were almost done with your shift," she paused then had the audacity to look sheepish once he approached her, "and I wanted to drive my car," she finished in an incredibly sweet guilty voice. He gaped down at her not knowing how to respond. "I won't be able to drive it for a while if at all. It only has two seats and if you have your way I'll be driving a minivan," she defended.

Logan laughed as he slung her bag over his shoulder and grabbed her hand. She was right. Even though it took them some time to make a connection, once it happened their relationship quickly progressed and they didn't look back. It'd only been a little over year and she was about to have his baby. She'd all but moved into his house within a few weeks of their initial date. Her family had become his and his friends had become hers. They all knew the story of how the two met almost verbatim. But Logan and Ororo loved telling it anyway…about how their love came quick.

"By the way, babe, thanks for letting me blow through those red lights. I've always wanted to do that."

Red Light.

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