Theme #1: Introduction

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It was always that first day.

It was that day that I will never forget.

I hadn't ever really met other people my age. It wasn't as if my parents kept me sheltered or anything, but with my father's power on the mainland and Lost Ground, I just wasn't able to meet other kids.

However that all changed when my dad had a party at the estate. So many people. I didn't know all of them. I remembered feeling awkward around all those people – they all knew my name and I hadn't ever met them before.

It's time, Ryuhou. The guests are ready to start the party, so it's time we let it begin. Come with me, okay?

I remember feeling very nervous as I followed my father. I was just a kid then, just only ten years old. My mom had always told me to step up, to be more positive and outgoing...but I couldn't. I was different than other people. All these people in this room were different than me.

I had alter power and they didn't.

My father showed me out to the balcony which overlooked the grand hall. I nearly felt like I wasn't in my own house anymore. I looked down into the large room and nearly choked on my own breath. In the hall, standing a little closer to the back, was a girl. A girl my own age. I hadn't seen anyone else my age in my house in a long time. She stood about my height, in a very beautiful pink dress. Her black hair was perfectly straightened. She stood next to several men and disappeared behind the crowd. My father pulled me back to the sitting area and told me I should probably just stay with him for the night. I agreed.

Excuse me...

I turned around. It was her. The girl. It's like she knew I had seen her.

Good evening, my name's Mimori. I'm the daughter of Tadanori Kiryu.

She was so elegant in the way she spoke. So formal and yet so casual at the same time. Her smile, I remember, was so genuine. I hadn't remembered seeing anyone be so honest before.

Very nice to meet you, Mimori. My name is Ryu Tairen. And this is my son.

I didn't expect my father to introduce me so quickly. I wasn't sure how to respond or anything. It was like my body tensed up.

Hello my name is Ryuhou.

'That was totally awful' was all I could think. My arms were at my side, like I was talking to one of my father's business partners. She's not going to think anything of me now.

I figured since there was no one else my own age here...I thought maybe we could keep each other company.

Her voice was so innocent sounding. I really wanted to get to know her. I turned to my father for approval and he nodded. I turned back to her and smiled, showing her out to the terrace on the opposite side of the balcony.

Even though I had no idea what the future would hold, I knew she would be in it, all because of that introduction.

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