Theme #2: Complicated

Scheris could never explain her feelings for Ryuhou. Any time she tried it always came out, "It's complicated."

I remember when I first met you.

I was in Mizuki's chamber; that asshole always put us girls in there when we misbehaved. He knew I had an alter power, but I wasn't strong enough to use it.

Mizuki never liked me. The other guys in the group, Kai and Shinai, weren't as controlling as Mizuki – I could actually enjoy hanging around them. They acted as my friends. I wanted to partially feel like I belonged to somewhere. I was always wanted to be free to be a human but because of Mizuki, I couldn't do that.

He beat me.

If I did something he didn't enjoy, he'd slap and punch me for hours until I begged him to stop. And then he'd hug me and tell me he was sorry.

I didn't understand it. I never understood.

One night, Mizuki wanted me to rob this one store near the edge of the city. It was behind a major store and no one really paid much mind to it. I was to take as much money I could carry and kill the owner with my alter power. Apparently Mizuki had done business with him once before and the owner betrayed him. This was Mizuki's revenge.

I didn't want to do this. I didn't want to kill another human.

That day, Mizuki dropped me off just near the store. It was midday. I couldn't believe he wanted me to do this in broad daylight. He told me where the money was and where to meet him after the deed was done. I played along; I was going to steal the money and let the owner go, only tell Mizuki I had killed him.

Everything went perfect.

I took the money, told the owner to flee the building and hide himself until I came to tell him it was safe. I met Mizuki at the designated meeting point and gave him the money, telling him the owner was dead and wouldn't be found. At first, I was sure he believed me. Then all I could remember was darkness.

I'm now sitting in the torture room. Mizuki had been watching me. He knew I had lied.

Now here I am; in a room where several girls had died. Mizuki was knelt down in front of me, carving my name into the wood. Other female names were also carved into the wood floor, sliced through with giant line...because they were dead. Mizuki had personally killed them.

"Now that you've betrayed you'll see what happens." Mizuki walked into the glass room in front of me, spinning his knife around his finger.

It's my turn. It's my fault really...I watched so many others die in here, it's only right I die here too. I closed my eyes and pulled my legs closer to me.


Suddenly I heard a large explosion. I opened my eyes to see the glass room gone and a large gaping hole in the ceiling.

"Are you okay? We've taken all the people here into custody." I heard a voice from above. The sunlight from above was nearly too bright. I couldn't see the man too clearly but my eyes suddenly adjusted to see a very nice looking man with green hair smiling down at me. "You're free to leave if you want."

I was so startled. I can leave...? I'm free?

"I can go wherever I want...?" Before I realized it, my eyes were filled with tears, creating rivers down my face.

The man smiled. "Of course you can, that's what it means to be free."

I'll never forget how I felt that day. I was so grateful to you; You had saved me from the hell I had gotten myself into.

I started to admire you from afar.

After learning you were apart of HOLY, I turned myself into them. I wanted to be closer to you. By working at HOLY, I learned more about you and I realized I wanted to know more. I want to know more about why you strived to help others. As I worked with you, I began to develop feelings for you.

But no matter what I said...

No matter what I tried...

You never seemed to care. I was just your partner. I was just another tool by your side. Even though you never needed the help.

You pushed everyone away, including me.

That's when I decided to change myself. I was no longer that weak girl from the streets. I cut my long blue hair. I dressed more like a girl choosing to change from the male uniform to the frilly girl uniform. I wasn't going to be that weak girl who just let everyone push her down.

As for Ryuhou...the man who saved my life that day, I love him. It's hard for me to explain my feelings for him.

Or our relationship.

I want to think he cares about me.

I want to think if something happened to me, he would avenge me.

I want to think...if I died...

He'd cry for me.

Because I know in a heartbeat, if it were the other way around, I'd do anything for him.

Please stay tuned for Theme #3: Making History!

- MK