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Cat clapped her hands loudly when her name was called, sitting cross-legged in her pink floral skort she just got for her birthday a week ago. "YAY!" She squeaked to which Jade replied

"Just spin the damn bottle"

"Kaykay!" Was cat's response and she spun the empty coke bottle rather hard and watched it go around moving her head in the same motion it was going, getting kind of dizzy, luckily it stopped before she got to loopy from the rotations.

"CAT" Robbie snapped her out of her craziness. "Look who you got" he stared over at the bottle's landing target, hurt, and disappointed.

"Got who?" Cat repeated in confusion following his Gaze to Andre, who had a slightly uncomfortable, but happy smile on his face. He was glad he didn't get stuck with COURTNEY. Once you played , you could get outta there, and he was ready to so he could work on more of his tunes for the competition jam that summer.

"Him, in the closet" Jade remarked annoyed that she was being forced to play a game in a stupid circle that contained her elvis-looking ex in it. Cat just had to use the damn TEARS on her.

"whatty?" Cat looked at her group of friends, perplexed.

"You're telling me you manipulated me into playing a game, and you didn't even know what it was yourself!" Jade yelled.

"But..trina said it'd be fun" Cat looked down, and muttered her reply with a half-frown on her face.

"Just go you two!" Trina, finally undistracted by her new Pear phone, yelled, annoyed quickly.

"I don't wanna go, it's fun here!" Cat pouted sadly.

Andre snickered a little, got up hesitantly, and took her hand, getting her up.

"Oooo an adventure!" She squeaked as he led her to their destination. Beck closed the door behind them.

"I'm in a closest!" Cat stated the obvious, reaching for the first thing she saw on a chelf. It was a shiny silver iron. She wanted it.

"Well..technically this is a pantry, but, It's the closest thing we had unless we wanted to go In tori's room..and she's sick, that ain't cool for Andre. I cannot not get sick because of the jam"

Andre began to rant, the very thought of catching a cold bothering him extremely. He stopped when Cat near killed herself finally getting a grip on the iron but losing it. He caught it before it fell on her head and hurt her, because iron wasn't soft.

She gasped and yelled, "You saved me!"

"It's what I do" He replied setting it back where it belonged, then looking down at his eccentric redheaded friend. He hadn't realized how close they were, and he froze for a second, Her eyes beaming up at him.

"Cat..you know, in this game we're suppose to.." He hesitated on the last word, she was eagerly staring and listening. "kiss"

Cat paused for a moment then yelled "I wanna win" And before Andre knew it, her lips were on his, moving in a rhymic pattern.

"Come on Andre" She pulled away. "You gotta do better then that if ya wanna win"

Apparently, she had figured the best kissers won somewhere in her delusional mind of Unicorns and Hyper pop music.

He couldn't react she was kissing him again and her arms were now around his neck pulling him closer. He tried to clear his shocked mind, and forced himself to kiss back, ignoring the electric coursing through his body, he moved his hands to go around her, losing balance a little her back crashed into the wall when he put all his weight on her.

He grunted involuntarily at the hard contact his hips made with hers and deepened the kiss. Cat moaned softly not use to being kissed so roughly….(the guys she kissed treated her like fragile china rightfully so..) Cat decided she liked it better this way..

Andre tried to control himself, reminding himself that this was CAT but somehow his hands were running up and down her side and his tongue had slipped inside of her mouth in a flash.

Her tongue tasted legit like cherries and bananas. A mix of her two favorite types of twizzlers (The one's that peel, the only kind she likes). Andre decided he wanted more of it, and he overtook her in the tongue wrestling match, his tongue so deep inside her mouth it made her jerk slightly.

He was near gone, he knew, and his hands had found their way up the back of her shirt. He ran his hands up and down her spine, restraining himself with everything he had not to unclasps her bra, releasing the kiss since he needed air, in a frenzy he pecked at her neck, and even Cat realized that this had lingered past 'game zone' then.

His lips traveled down to her collarbone and he began to suck at it, she whimpered a little and gripped tight to his back, nails digging in a slight bit. When he began to bite, she gasped and that made him pull away and look at her..the look on her face was a mix of astonishment, and a goofy daze.

Silence surrounded them quickly as both of them breathed heavily, the only noise being made.

"We are so gonna win" She finally spoke. And that.

That made Andre burst out into laughter. "Whatty?" She asked, but before he could answer the door opened.

"Times up Guys" Trina announced, immediately noticed their less than straight clothes. She nodded in approval as they passed her hand-in-hand.

Andre guided cat away from everyone else " Where are we going?" She finally asked in a perky, confused way.

"Just to embark on the second part of our adventure" He replied.

Summer jam..it could wait.

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