"GUESS WHO?" Cat squeaked coming up behind Andre covering his MOUTH and not his eyes.

"Cat!" He got out his voice muffled, since the girl REALLY had a good grip, loosening it he turned towards her.

"Darn, foiled again" Cat pouted with a sad face.

Andre shook his head and laughed it off, pulling her into a hug, not letting go after the embrace, hands placed firmly 'round her waist. "To what do I owe this wonderful visit?" He asked with a smile.

"Weeeeeeeeel..I really want the super mega gigantic jumbo extradionair lollipop from the Extreme candy store that just opened up, but I couldn't fit one into my bra" Cat answered with a frown.

Andre's eyes widened a little, and he said "After summer jam, how about we go get us one of those suckers then, I'm sure we can make room in my trunk"

"REALLY? YAY! You're THE BESTTTT!" Cat screamed, pulling him in for a kiss, he grinned into it and when they pulled away he said "So I bet you can't wait to her my new song I made.."

"Is it about Pixies?" Cat exclaimed excitedly?

"Uh..no. Not exactly" Andre replied. Or at all. He thought to himself.

"Oh. Then. I can wait" She spoke in a solemn tone.

Andre decided not to even contemplate it, and only chuckled. Cat began to giggle too, and they became a couple of cackling fools that is into Cat stopped and said "What's so funny?"

"Nothing, Nothing" He told her, leaning in to catch her lips.

"Andre!" He heard his name being called, JUST before he could.

"WHAT-Oh hey Alicia" He stated, remotely irritated til he saw who it was.

"Hi, Sasha made some changes to the outfit, I wanted to run it by you and see if it was okay" Alicia twirled around in her newly-altered costume.

"Ohhhhhh! Sparklys and sequins!" Cat squeaked, immediately loving what she saw.

Alicia gave her a quick glare before turning back to Andre. "So what do you think?" She asked.

"Well..there is..Certainely less of it" Andre observed, Not sure if Hollywood arts would even allow the length of the skirt that was now on her skin. Hollywood arts was the LEAST bit strict, and the freedom to express yourself was important there, but, he was sure there were one or two rules in there about dress code, there had to be something about not showing your UNDERWEAR practically.

"So, you like it?" Alica questioned.

"Uh..It will definitely add a new effect to my song and appeal to some of the audience" Andre came up with his words, picking carefully, the look she was giving him, made him a little bit uneasy.

"Oh, you know Sasha always has to give the guys something to look at" Alicia said in a seductive voice, way deeper then the one she spoke in before, she had placed her hand on his shoulder and she winked and kissed his cheek before leaving, walking in a…(whorish) unusual way, she never seemed to do in the past.

"Did you see that?" Andre asked cat still a little in shock. EVERYONE knew he and cat were dating, and when he DID try to talk to Alicia a few months back-She wouldn't give him the time of day. Literally. He asked for the time of day and she turned away and acted as if he were invisible.

"See what?" Cat questioned. "Her outfit? Because that was reaaaaaaaaly tight"

Andre gave her a look of perplextion and she caught it this time and said "Whatty?" While playing with a piece of her fire red hair.

"Nothing..I just.." He took her hand in his "I just feel I have a feeling I might win this year"

"Why?" Cat questioned, giggling a little at their hand contact.

"Being with a girl like you, I think I can do just about anything, you know?" Andre stated whole-heartedly. It wasn't dropping a line like he did with most girls, he honestly felt it. Freshman year, he didn't do the jam because he chickened out. Sophomore year he played but he just didn't feel it-even if he placed fourth. This year, he knew he had a reason to perform-to make his little red proud of him.

"Aww Andre" Cat shrieked then she gasped… "Could you find a Pixie and teach it how to follow her dreams of becoming a famous jazz singer in the busy streets of LA?"

"CAT!" He couldn't help but exclaim…they were kinda having a moment there, ya know?

"WHAT? You said anything!" She squeaked back.

"Yes I know" He touched her shoulder to calm down what he knew would be an outburst. "It's just that, I don't think her pixie friends would be so happy about her leaving. I know I'd miss you if you went to Pixie hollow"

"Oh hahah..that makes sense. I'd miss you too! Hmm…I'll just take you with me!" Cat cheered.

"You'll what now?" Andre raised his eyebrow.

"Ohhhhh pretty cannon!" Cat screeched, skittering away.

"Yeah, I love you too" Andre said to himself.

"Really Andre? I always knew you had a thing for me, but, I'm a one man guy, besides you have someone too" A boy from the quartet said, popping up seemingly out of nowhere.

"Uh…darn?" Andre said, shaking his head and walking away.

"Come on man, you don't have to take the rejection to heart!" The guy yelled after him.

"Hey" Beck stated startling Courtney who yelped VERY loudly and turned some heads.

"No need to stare, I just said hey" Beck told them, putting his arms up as a way to say I'm-not-raping-anyone.

They seemed to listen and Courtney's heart stopped pounding fast, and she smiled and waved a little.

"So, is this your normal paranoia or is this nervousness beck senses?" Beck questioned, guiding her over to a few chairs, he rotated his to face her, and they took both took a seat.

"Well, I guess you could say a little bit of both..but if people didn't sneak up on others like that, then I wouldn't have to be paranoid" Courtney noted, her tone indicating nothing but lightness.

Beck smiled at her lightly "Ah, I see, harsh words there court" He touched his heart, as if he were hurt emotionally by it. "I might shed a tear"

She C-chuckled-her signature laugh that consisted of sounding like a pig mixed with a ran over cow-duck.

Beck remembered the first time he heard her do that, when she was sitting in his room, on their first day of Jam rehearsing.

Courtney followed behind Beck, and the look of happiness on her face couldn't even be hidden if she tried. She was in beck's house-Super hot Beck's house, and it wasn't a normal house, no, It was an RV.

"Take a seat" He told her, reaching in his mini-fridge and grabbing two refreshements.

She gingerly looked around, then sat on the floor figuring her butt was not worthy of Oliver's furniture.

He stared down at her for a second, utterly confused as to why she didn't sit on the sofa or something then he shrugged and lowered himself to the ground with her.

"You know" He began. "My bed is right there, we could use that"

Her eyes widened her mind automatically went to the freaky in the gutter place she knew so well. Tame! Tame! She tried to control herself-but he was Beck and he offered to USE the bed with her.

"I meant, use as in sit on it" Beck clarified, for some reason, he felt his cheeks heat up…And he thought to himself. Real men don't blush, DO they? What the chizz.

"Yeah, I know" She replied, because she did know, but that didn't stop her stomach from doing backward flips.

Trying to ease up the tension Beck said "Well, unless you wanna.."

Her eyes might of fallen out of her sockets then!

"Use the couch" He finished and then he busted out laughing at the expression that crossed her face-He knew teasing was mean, but- "YOU SHOULD SEE YOUR FACE!" He got out holding his ribs, and then she did in the mirror behind Beck and she too started to laugh, and laugh, and laugh like she had never done before. She was still laughing when Beck stopped and started to gaze at her, surprise etched on his face.

When she saw him she immediately gained control and asked "What?"

"Your laugh…" He said..

She immediately covered her mouth-it was automatic even though she had stopped already.. "Oh..um, I'm sorry" She apologized, feeling that she needed to, a mini Courtney bashing section going on in her head.

"No, No it's cool. I liked it. Just caught me off guard" Beck stated.

"You LIKED it?" She repeated. She use to be a giggly, happy girl, despite the bullying, However when the people at her elementary school criticized her for her laugh, she made it a mission NOT to show joy like that in front of anyone but her family.

"Yeah..it's cute" He admitted. "You should do it more"

"Oh..well okay…" She mumbled, her heart skipping beats.

"You should ALWAYS be yourself around me Court" Beck added. "Nobody likes fakers, and I don't think you're one of them"

"Well..okay then. I will try"


"Promise" Courtney gave her word.

"Good, now let's get on the bed and start working"

Courtney paused and only stared.

"You know, work on the songs" Beck corrected himself again standing up. "Unless….."

And she tackled him to his surprise and they play-wrestled for a long time…..Girl really did adjust quick.

Beck was glad she did too. Looking at her now, he could see the progress. It only took a month and a half , and she was already improving with her anxiety and confidence issues. He liked to think he was becoming a changing factor in her life, if only a tiny one.

Courtney thought of him as her hero, even if she knew they wouldn't turn out to be that boys like girls song..

What she had with him, was enough to make her happy and FINALLY content with her life.

"Attention Hollywood art students!" A voice called out. "Get ready, the summer Jam is about to begin! We need all contestants to come backstage" The principal stated.

"You ready?" Beck questioned Courtney.

She shook her head, but still took his hand and let him guide her away. Oh boy. She thought to herself.

This is going to be a catastrophe.

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